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  1. Hi all I keep getting this error with mechjeb "last failure converged optimizer iteration failed" and my rocket keeps pitching down non stop which I don't know if the error was the cause. I hope someone would know what causes this error and if it's related to the rocket non stop pitching
  2. I tried it on 3.2 system and yep! It fits perfectly But since I play on JNSQ (2.7 system) I tried nerfing the rocket and came up with two methods. Either lower the ISP, or increase the dry mass. Do you have any suggestions? (I lean more to the second method since an inefficient NK-15 doesn't make sense )
  3. I'm sorry if this was asked before. I was wondering is it normal for the N-1 to have so much dV even for a scaled system (I play on JNSQ) ?
  4. So... since I already have the BE-4 engine I thought I might as well do Vulcan Vulcan Centaur 2 SRB (GEM63) 12 tons LKO Vulcan Centaur 6 SRB (GEM63) 19 tons LKO Vulcan Centaur Heavy 6 SRB (GEM63XL) 26 tons LKO
  5. Oh I didn't mean to request anyone, sorry if it sounded that way. Anyway after looking at the file from your link and some moments later I managed to add it! Thanks! Here's a methane powered Saturn II using BE-4 engine(The "Buzzard" engine from near future launch vehicle)
  6. Yeah I did that. But it just the fuel switch doesn't apply to bdb tanks, All other tanks has methane as a switchable
  7. Would adding another fuel type be difficult? Because I thought of having methane as another fuel type mostly for near future engines. I liked the idea of methane powered Saturn II. Like a modernized version of it by using E-4 engine and it's a reusable.
  8. Ares V (First time posting in a forum ) I LOVE the new tanks! Max Payload ~ 70 tons LKO (Using Zorg's config for the visual )