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  1. Which file do I have to import into the gamedata folder? WildBlueIndustries or Mk-33? or anything else?
  2. Yes, I do. Am I right with my assumption that I have to get the GUI config? Because I actually have a GUIconfig, but it's an XML...
  3. I am unable to open CKAN, error: Unhandled exception: CKAN.Kraken: Fehler beim Versuch, "D:/SteamLibrary2/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/CKAN\GUIConfig.xml": Das Stammelement ist nicht vorhanden. zu parsen. Versuche es aus dem Ordner zu verschieben und CKAN neu zu starten. bei CKAN.GUIConfiguration.LoadConfiguration(String path) bei CKAN.GUIConfiguration.LoadOrCreateConfiguration(String path) bei CKAN.Main..ctor(String[] cmdlineArgs, KSPManager mgr, Boolean showConsole) bei CKAN.GUI.Main_(String[] args, KSPManager manager, Boolean showConsole) bei CKAN.CmdL
  4. Exactly why we need stuff like Glass in stock, I mostly rely on mods, but this here is of great importance. We need it for a lot of builds, since other stuff might be too heavy. Tho Restock gives it a nice touch
  5. I have the error log from the previous playing, its long.. but.. if you wanna go for it..? Well I tried to... but my browser crashed
  6. I am just guessing, But do I have to use action groups forever now..? ... a log file... Mhh... can't I just use a command in the console to unlock it? I do not even know how to get a log file, I am a regular ( and terrible ) Ksp player I am going to try my best I am searching through the sheer 200GB on my PC
  7. Well, I've talked about a "dead" mod, its exactly this one.
  8. It is problematic, I locked staging, But I didnt press the button nor anything else to lock it, I cant launch stuff anymore, I want a quick reply please. And also, The button doesnt work.
  9. I have only used one thing to ever program, which was Roblox studio. But, Yeah I'd like such a mod.
  10. As if didnt to that already.... I have to cheat it to the run way via Hyperedit, and then the wings break off.
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