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  1. I am going get back to you as soon as possible. Edit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sk3W6Jn19rNkr4LEr_R5bRFH5fD4xjiO/view?usp=sharing
  2. There appears to be a bug with the newest version, causing a fatal error with B9PartSwitch. Quoting the error message: B9PartSwitch has encountered a fatal error and KSP needs to close. No subtypes found ModuleB9PartSwitch (moduleID='FreeIva_fuelSwitch') on part Please see KSP's log for additional details. Reverting to the previous version fixes this. If need be, I can provide my log file.
  3. I'm really happy about this mod now supporting Space Station Parts Expansion Redux. The mod is really great for building modern/futuristic-alike space stations, and I was almost about to suggest this!
  4. I really like these flags and logos. However there's a problem with the KLR logo (German Center for Air- and Space-flight equivalent). It says "Raumfarht", but the actual word should be "Raumfahrt". I know this is a barely relevant mistake, but I think it deserves to be fixed.
  5. I use CKAN and CKAN only, and I installed all dependencies. I really don't know if I did something wrong here though, do you think I should reinstall it?
  6. I don't know, why, but for some reason, the majority of the IVA components do not work. I have a few other IVA mods but Reviva lets me change them, so that can't be the issue. This leads me to belief that this mods' additions are the ones that are broken or glitched out; probably because it's outdated. List: -Any and all switches and their respective covers (abort, staging, et cetera; doesn't show the current stage, but a white box instead -Fuel displays (show that the tanks are empty, don't move at all) -The screens are completely broken (buttons are irresponsive and the screens are black) -More things that I do not know the name of
  7. Which file do I have to import into the gamedata folder? WildBlueIndustries or Mk-33? or anything else?
  8. Yes, I do. Am I right with my assumption that I have to get the GUI config? Because I actually have a GUIconfig, but it's an XML...
  9. I am unable to open CKAN, error: Unhandled exception: CKAN.Kraken: Fehler beim Versuch, "D:/SteamLibrary2/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/CKAN\GUIConfig.xml": Das Stammelement ist nicht vorhanden. zu parsen. Versuche es aus dem Ordner zu verschieben und CKAN neu zu starten. bei CKAN.GUIConfiguration.LoadConfiguration(String path) bei CKAN.GUIConfiguration.LoadOrCreateConfiguration(String path) bei CKAN.Main..ctor(String[] cmdlineArgs, KSPManager mgr, Boolean showConsole) bei CKAN.GUI.Main_(String[] args, KSPManager manager, Boolean showConsole) bei CKAN.CmdLine.MainClass.RunSimpleAction(Options cmdline, CommonOptions options, String[] args, IUser user, KSPManager manager) bei CKAN.CmdLine.MainClass.Execute(KSPManager manager, CommonOptions opts, String[] args) bei CKAN.CmdLine.MainClass.Main(String[] args) As far I know, that means I need the GUI config, may I get a download link for it? Please?
  10. Exactly why we need stuff like Glass in stock, I mostly rely on mods, but this here is of great importance. We need it for a lot of builds, since other stuff might be too heavy. Tho Restock gives it a nice touch
  11. I have the error log from the previous playing, its long.. but.. if you wanna go for it..? Well I tried to... but my browser crashed
  12. I am just guessing, But do I have to use action groups forever now..? ... a log file... Mhh... can't I just use a command in the console to unlock it? I do not even know how to get a log file, I am a regular ( and terrible ) Ksp player I am going to try my best I am searching through the sheer 200GB on my PC
  13. Well, I've talked about a "dead" mod, its exactly this one.
  14. It is problematic, I locked staging, But I didnt press the button nor anything else to lock it, I cant launch stuff anymore, I want a quick reply please. And also, The button doesnt work.
  15. I have only used one thing to ever program, which was Roblox studio. But, Yeah I'd like such a mod.
  16. As if didnt to that already.... I have to cheat it to the run way via Hyperedit, and then the wings break off.
  17. Major Bug Report: If I load the Craft in Orbit (From tracking station) Most parts are off-set but REALLY off-set, so off-set that it cant fly normally in Orbit
  18. Mh... That sounds a bit weird, but I bet it could be helpful at some point!
  19. Ok so, I did, But it didnt work, (also also tried Redirect) None of the mods worked nor showed up any Parts, Except the rainstorm engine, but ehh... SHould I reinstall or just put all the mods into game data manually (Put all mods sperate into it)
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