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  1. Right-click on your game and select "properties" > "local files" > "browse" . You land a "Kerbal Space Program" folder. Then follow the installation instructions mentioned in the first post (in short merge the folders contained in the mod).
  2. Hello @bwied4, thanks for the mention but everytime you change your patch I have a "somebody quoted your post" notification... Can you either remove the mention (remove the @ and the quote) or put your patch in another post? Thanks
  3. I still didn't find the problem on my side but, I might have found something else: the config of existing parts (ore tanks,...) was persistent, I fixed this in my next version, can you take a look? (unfortunately it doesn't fix the "cursed jetpacks" problem described before, you still need to manually in the save change the reinit... field). New release v0.4.0.0 Remove energy from crafted electrical parts (thank to Github user MSchmoecker, more info) Field non-persistance Added a whitelist to the scrap module, leave "all" to scrap everything, or comma separated parts. Added a "forceRefuel" for the EVA refueler module to roleplay resource drain if the EVA parts are somewhat already full Okay more details (and the wiki will be updated) In the patches folder there is a "oretotanksEvaOverride.txt" file. Rename it to cfg and it will add a scrap module and craft module to command pods but only for jetpacks and evacylinders. This will allow to "replace" EVA tanks with monoprop. The ratio can of course be changed in the cfg file and I'd appreciate feedback if a better ratio is more interesting. The "forceRefuel" in the EVARefueler module to true is a little tricky. What it does is it attemps to refuel ALL EVA parts in the inventory system (and kerbal inventory) with the available resource of the main part, even if the EVA parts are full . Think of this as emptying completely your jetpack and refueling it.
  4. Where was it? That's the problem with mini-biomes, sometimes you need to touch the buildings to enter this kind of biome, like the R&D ones.
  5. Great! What you can do now is change in the savefile all the reinitResourcesOnStoreInVessel to False so you won't have to send "uncursed" jetpacks to your kerbals After looking at the KSP.log I find contradictory elements, sometimes it says the ModuleEvaRefueler doesn't have a RESOURCES_NEEDED node, sometimes it works... Can you put the content of the GameData/OreToParts/Patches/oretanks.cfg file here so I can see if there is something missing ?(I know there is a typo "}1" but it doesn't seem to block...) I'm preparing a debug heavy update so we can see what's wrong... EDIT : here it is : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oJg6_IxxKCEUw6dphv-pnUeoLWYSjSmA/view?usp=sharing replace the OreToParts.dll in the GameData/OreToParts/Plugins/ folder pop the console (Alt-F12) do the "refuel EVA fuel" either put a screenshot of the console or a KSP.log after the refuel EVA action
  6. ROC sounds like a mini-biome. Do you have mods that add buildings to the KSC?
  7. @Cannon Hello, thanks for the info and the testbench! You have a lot of mods but I managed to reproduce the refueling behavior on the OLD save only with my mod (and interestingly without Module Manager since I made a clean install to test ). This is due to the fact that the savefile persisted the "reinitResourcesOnStoreInVessel" field on existing parts. What's wierd is that it happens on a brand new ship in the old save (even after completely replacing the jetpack in the VAB). I'm looking into this... I didn't have any problems pumping monoprop in the NEW save tho... Maybe it's a mod conflict (I see in the log you have KIS/KAS and your kerbals in the OLD save had electric charge). Can you put a readable mod list and eventually clone your KSP install and remove progressively "obvious" resource changing mods so we can find the culprit ? I'll test with KIS/KAS on my side.
  8. Can you provide more informations for me to investigate : - where did you put the evafix.cfg file ? (it must be in the GameData folder) - on which gamemode are you playing (sandbox,...) ? - on which version are you playing and do you have the DLCs ? - can you provide the KSP.log and a savefile (a quicksave is fine). My mod doesn't refuel automatically, you need to click on "Refuel EVA fuel" in the command pod's PAW. Automatic refueling was made in the EVA Fuel mod (which is not up to date with 1.11) Thanks.
  9. The ScienceDefs.cfg file. Caution: if you want to tweak them use Module Manager so you won't alter the original file. The evaScience experiment is a little special since the situation mask is in its own cfg file (KerbalEVA.cfg).
  10. According to the KerbalEVA.cfg file, EVA experiments (as evaScience) have a situation mask of 1 for the Banana and Golf (which means Landed, not Splashed) and 48 for the Dzhanibekov experiment (which mean Low and High Space). It looks like the general situationMask in ScienceDefs.cfg (63, any situation) is ignored. So yes, no flying! You should wait for a fix, or else copy an existing evaScience experiment and change the situation (BACKUP FIRST) : Science { id = [email protected] title = Flying low EVA kit dsc = 1 scv = 0 sbv = 0.300000012 sci = 7.50000048 asc = True cap = 7.50000048 } Science { id = [email protected] title = Flying high EVA kit dsc = 1 scv = 0 sbv = 0.300000012 sci = 7.50000048 asc = True cap = 7.50000048 }
  11. I made an external tool which parses a savefile and puts it in a friendly form : https://github.com/Goufalite/kerbalscience#Kerbal-Science You can use the demo website or host it yourself (in PHP). But ingame, the "here and now" window is very useful!
  12. Ore To Parts is now available on CKAN! When testing the integration of the mod, there's a strange behavior with the MonoProp EVA refueler. An issue has been opened I'm looking into it.Fixed, you need to set the inventory to persistent in the difficulty settings.
  13. The Full reward mod uses this patch, the older version even excluded deployed items
  14. Not sure this has been posted yet: give all your kerbals the ability to parachute independently of class or level (and since parachutes are cargo items now why not use an item you already carry...) @EXPERIENCE_TRAIT[*] { @EFFECT[EVAChuteSkill] { @level = 0 } }
  15. Hi, It appears World Stabilizer doesn't work well with the new ground anchor since it floats. You need to change the WorldStabilizer.cfg and add the ground anchor's module name to the last line : ModuleGroundPart excludePartModules = LaunchClamp,FlagSite,ModuleRestockLaunchClamp,ModuleGroundExperiment,ModuleGroundExpControl,ModuleGroundSciencePart,ModuleGroundCommsPart,ModuleGroundPart
  16. This might work......... first install the Part Volumes mod add the Mk1pod to the part list (using the add part example cfg file) then tweak the cfg files to change the volumes so they can fit these parts You'll run into a special problem tho: KSP doesn't allow to store parts which have inventories because it will obviously lead to an inventory cascade (like chests in chests in minecraft) so I suppose your mk1pod won't have an inventory.
  17. Hello, While working my OreToParts mod I managed to succesfully refuel kerbal jetpacks using stock or custom resources! It works but is a little downgraded compared to EVA Fuel : Not automatic, you need to push a button to refuel stuff Kerbal inventory must be persistent in the difficulty settings Uses only the resources of the part where the kerbals are sitting Needs a MM patch to force jetpacks and eva cylinder to not refuel More info (at the bottom)
  18. Ok it was actually quite easy New release : v0.3.1.0 Kerbals in the part containing the EVA refueler will have their jetpacks refueled too! Partial EVA parts refueling
  19. New release : v0.3.0.0 Code refactoring Better syntax for resources Scrap parts into ore, or simply get rid of an inventory item Refuel EVA jetpacks or cylinders The syntax for resources is now RESOURCESLIST { RESOURCE_NEEDED { name = Ore ratio = 1 } RESOURCE_NEEDED { name = Hydrogen ratio = 0.5 } } The Scrap module and EVA refueler modules are independant (but still need OreToParts.dll), meaning you can put them anywhere having an inventory slot. More info in the wiki! Unfortunately, the EVA refueler only works by putting the parts to refill in the inventory slots of the converter, and they need ore to be completely refueled. I'll look into the later in the next release.
  20. Self answering, again Source : if (part.partInfo != null) { node = GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigs("PART") .Single(c => part.partInfo.name == c.name.Replace('_', '.')) .config.GetNodes("MODULE") .Single(n => n.GetValue("name") == moduleName); } Copy the code above in your OnAwake.
  21. Hi, I need a little help on how to access a ConfigNode in a module when a ship is loaded Here's my module description @PART[stuff] { @MODULE[myModule] { field = myField TABLE { ITEM { name = myName1 ratio = 1 } ITEM { name = myName2 ratio = 2 } } } } I'm using this code to access the nodes in the override onLoad(ConfigNode) of my module base.onLoad(node); var nodesResource = node.GetNode("TABLE"); if (nodesResource == null) { UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.print("No TABLE node"); throw new Exception("No TABLE node"); } var resources = nodesResource.GetNodes("ITEM"); UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.print("Found resources : " + resources.Length); for (int i = 0; i < resources.Length; i++) { resourcesDict.Add(resources[i].GetValue("name"), float.Parse(resources[i].GetValue("ratio"))); } I've put some logs and when the game loads there's no problem (I can see "Found resources..."), but when I focus on a ship it throws "No TABLE node"... TABLE is not intented to be persistent. How can I access this table at flight? Thanks!
  22. Make a non movable part movable in EVA construction @PART[myPart] { %MODULE[ModuleCargoPart] { packedVolume = -1 } }
  23. @theJesuit @mikerl I have some good news . Multiple resource work with CRP and Simplex Resources !! And now starts the tidious task of balancing and choosing the appropriate resources... Simplex and CRP examples are provided, but are not balanced so use with caution! For Simplex I unfortunately cannot mix resources yet because I still don't know how to get the whole resources of a ship. Oh and I might try to i18n the resources but it looks touchy... New release v0.2.0.0 Added Eva cylinders Multiple resources with ratios New friendly slider to select a craft part
  24. Thanks for the feeback! Weird... EVA jetpacks are in the list. I'll add EVA Cylinders in the next one . You can add them yourself while waiting for my release, Eva Cylinders are called "evaCylinder" When I created this mod I tried to Google Ore to Parts to see if this was already done and found nothing. But by searching something else I've found the Sandcastle mod which is an enhanced version of my mod (made in March) but with all you list : electricity and time processing, a single part (the lab) which manages all, GUI,...). As you said my mod is very simplistic and niche so I'll continue maintaining it, but not transforming it into that mod... I'll take a look in the next release, by allowing patching my MM file with a resource field. Yeah I don't like my part switch button I'll take another approach : a left/right selector like fireworks selectors or Bon Voyage's rotation selector. Apparently is possible to do it with the UI_ChooseOption
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