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  1. I did, but I hadn't unlocked the large ore container yet. I adapted with a dozen small ones around the fuel tank in a ring, but to keep the weight down, I don't have a converted included in the lander itself. I think my lander is just too small and low powered. How much weight can landing legs support? I've heard people suggest just landing the whole ship. If I want to do that, I need a whole new mothership.
  2. Today in Kerbal, I built a Lander with a dozen small ore tanks, and mounted a large convertor on top. I flew it from Kerbal to Duna, and docked the converter onto my 'mothership'. I detatched the lander and flew it down to Ike to start harvesting ore. The problem is, when the storage filled up, I had barely enough Delta-V left to get into Orbit. The fuel I got after redocking was worth about as much fuel as I had just used landing and taking off again in the lander. I'm still relatively new at this game. I need to reassess how to refuel completely when away from Kerbin.
  3. Part of the reason we're all up in arms is because the gaming community in general has been thrown out of whack since 2019. E3 just doesn't happen anymore, neither does a lot of the 'exhibitions' where they usually announce these things. KSP is not exclusive to any platform. Next big 'games event' is Gamescom, in late August. I figure if we don't hear anything by then, assume a 2023 delay.
  4. Well, it's something. If the 'earnings call' means we're expecting news, then adding a countdown to the website is as clear an indication as we can get of a release date. An update to the website is probably a good sign too. You want to roll out a new product, you polish up the 'showroom' first.
  5. Also, I recall hearing Financial Year, 2022, which could take us halfway into next year. Even if it's this year, we've still got more than six months left.
  6. I'm playing Science Mode, and about to build my second interplanetary craft. Thanks to my first one's flight to Duna, I have several new parts unlocked. Including the Mining/Converting parts. What's more efficient to refuel on-mission? 1) Build a Lander that can mine and convert ore into more fuel, and launch it up. 2) Build a large converter into my 'Mothership' and fly the ore up via the Lander, convert it in space. The first option makes my lander heavier, but makes the return flight cheaper, assuming I can carry enough fuel tanks. The second option depends on getting enough ore up to my Mothership, or else I have to make multiple trips. Which is more efficient? Because my Mothership option includes the Engineers, and lets me carry more radial tanks, but if the Lander is all I need to fuel up, then I can keep feeding ore from a small storage, into a larger fuel tank.
  7. Is there an actual schedule, or just 'Maybe this week'? I've never seen an official timetable for updates.
  8. My only real argument for making KSP2 Linux-native is that I use Linux, and prefer it to Windows. Probably most of us who play KSP1 on Linux would say the same. It's just... faster than what Windows can offer, no matter the specs. To be totally honest, this is what I was afraid of when I found out a different studio had taken over development.
  9. Agreed. And if I'm honest, I wish more games had this option. Red Dead Redemption split Single and Online Play into two totally different games years after release, because they were totally different experiences for mostly different audiences.
  10. I kinda hope the animations get released before the game, as a sort of 'Preview Playlist'. For that matter, the tutorials would be good as a Demo. I'd go for that big time.
  11. I think I'm going to, but I haven't left yet. The return window is still 400 days away, and I'm transmitting science in blocks of 40. By the time she makes it back, I'll probably have an upgraded one ready, with the newly unlocked tech. This mission alone might be enough to open up the entire tech tree. Thought I might add a few extra comms, and IR scanners, and refuel the Lewis to orbit Kerbol, watching for asteroids and such, let her live, unmanned, as a relay point for the rest of my game.
  12. None. I emptied the tanks into my drive section before I detached. If you mean how much I had left upon docking, it was about 500 Delta-V, give or take. Waste not, want not.
  13. This is the one that got me playing. Can't guarantee that it's for the most up to date version, but I'm running the current version, and never had a conflict.
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