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  1. It always struck me in a bad way how in KSP 1 Kerbin is an always sunny, dry and life-sustaining planet, because realistically, any planet that can sustain life, especially advanced life, is going to have rains, thunders, snowstorms, etc, but Kerbin doesn't even have seasons, it's always sunny and the perfect weather for playing sports and launching a rocket which I think makes it too easy and boring in my opinion, even if I still like KSP 1. Another thing that would be cool for KSP 2 to have is renderizations of other lifeforms or animals, at least on Kerbin, and I don't mean bird noises at the space center like in KSP 1, I mean animals that you can see while launching a rocket, like birds, insects, carnivores, herbivores, more varied plant life, etc, it certainly would make evolution and life on Kerbin much more interesting, especially if some of these animals could interfere with your perfect launch or reentry, although that is more of an ideal dream of mine, still, even animals that you can phase through would be an improvement compared to the empty, vast grasslands of KSP 1. What do you guys think?
  2. Does anyone know if this works in 1.12? It probably doesn't but if it is just a simple config fix it would be nice to use it, it looks pretty cool and i'm pretty sure this is probably dead forever, so at least if it worked enough to just load in 1.12 it would be nice...
  3. Hey, does this work in 1.12? It looks nice enough but i'm pretty sure it's been broken for a while so yeah, I wanted confirmation if it's broken and i'm too lazy to try to install it to know if it doesn't work...
  4. Hey! This seems like a pretty cool mod! Too bad i can't download it because of license problems... I hope you fix that soon so I can finally test it! Good luck!
  5. @Watermel00nHey, I hope you don't mind me pinging you! And sorry for the late response, i don't log in here too often! But thanks, really! I couldn't have done this on my own without some heavy research into planet modding first, so I appreciate you just giving me the fix! Have a good day!
  6. @Watermel00nThank you! Feel free to post it whenever you wish! I really appreciate your help
  7. @The Minmus Derp Hey, i'm really sorry to bother you, but did you manage to fix the weird Sarvin glitch? And if so, could you please give me the fixed version? I would fix it myself but i have zero experience modding so i don't really know how to, so if you don't mind sharing the fix i would appreciate it! if you can't though, then i understand!
  8. Is this mod dead forever? Or will there still be an update sometime in the future? I know this mod works in the current version of KSP 1 (the last one until KSP2), but i was hoping they'd add Eve's rings back sometime, and it kinda hurts seeing such a lovely mod like this starting to be forgotten, i mean, the last post on this forum was in the beginning of this year, so yeah...
  9. Hi @ColdJ, sorry for the super late answer, i am doing pretty good, i hope you're doing well too!
  10. @ColdJ Late nice day to you too!
  11. @Beamer What's up? Have a nice day everyone!
  12. Hey, no problem! I understand! But, say, if i did some science definitions, and if they were good enough, would you consider plugging them in? Not that i plan on doing them immediately, but i'd love to help you, plus it would improve my experience as well, since i love doing experiments! By the way, since you don't plan on doing science definitions, i wanted to ask, do you plan on updating some low-res textures in the future? Or are those also final? Thank you for your answer, by the way!
  13. Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. I had already heard about it, i guess i might as well add it, but it doesn't change much, the only difference from RSS is that it is much easier, right?
  14. As says the title, i'm only really looking for the best of the best, so i have some requirements that the mods needs to fit in if someone has any suggestions that i haven't documented yet, they are: I would prefer for them to have no space engine textures, since it feels kind of cheap, at least for advanced modders; Most (preferably all) of the textures need to have at least mid or high resolution, because i don't really like looking at pixels or bad looking terrain, however it doesn't need to be 8k resolution or whatever, it just needs to look at least a little bit good; All of the celestial bodies added need to have proper descriptions on the tracking station, by that i mean that when i check the "knowledge base" i don't want to see a blank space with nothing written on it except for the usual stuff like, radius, mass, etc, since that is mandatory for any planet mod to work anyways; And it needs to have proper grammar on the descriptions, i'm fine with a few typos since that is basically unavoidable and i can fix them myself on the configs if i want to anyways, such as switching its with it's, missing periods at the end of a sentence, minor stuff like that is okay, although i would prefer the quantity of typos to be low, however major stuff, like entire sentences written incorrectly or even mixing up the description of one body for another that is in a different place (yes, that happens, although i only saw it once, and the mod was simply too good to not put here, hopefully that gets fixed in the future) kind of annoys me in a game about exploring space, i would at least like to have descriptions i can mostly understand and that keeps typos to a minimum. Here's all of the ones i have found that mostly fit into these criteria: Alternis Kerbol 1.7.3 Asclepius 1.5x Corelian 1.11x Dres moons 1.8.1 Eve moons 1.7.3 Galileo Planet Pack 1.12.1 Gameslinx Planet Overhaul 1.4.3 Ghekta 1.11.2 Heracleitus 1.12.2 Kronkus Planet Pack 1.5x Minor Planets Expansion 1.12.2 New Horizons Outer Planets Mod 1.11x Real Solar System 1.8x Xenonclave's Planet Collection Revived 1.7x After Kerbin 1.7.3 Before Kerbin 1.4.2 JNSQ Planet Pack 1.12.1 Kerbol Origins 1.8.1 Beyond Home 1.9.1-1.10x Blinding Light Levels 1.10x EventHorizon 1.7x Extrasolar: Planets Beyond Kerbol 1.7.3 Galaxies Unbound 1.12x Grannus Expansion Pack 1.12.1 Low Light Levels Blue 1.8.1 Low Light Levels Red 1.8.1 Precursors Planet Pack 1.9x-1.11x Seven Worlds Around Slippist-1 1.7.3 Whirligig World Planetary System 1.11.2 Endless Expanse 1.12.3 Other Worlds Reboot 1.6 Real Exoplanets 1.8.1 Strange New Worlds 1.8x-1.11x Are there any good planet/star pack you guys know that is not in this list? Thanks to whoever read this wall of text and have a good day!
  15. @Beamer Wow, that craft looks pretty nice! The blue "neon" lights make it look futuristic but possible at the same time! I don't know if those parts are all stock since i haven't even seen all stock parts yet because i always create a new save and i have not finished the entire tech tree yet, but either way, good job! Also, if me tagging you makes you annoyed, please tell me, i have a bad habit of tagging people in order to ensure they'll get a notif, but some people don't like being mentioned in a topic too many times, so you, and anyone else of course, are free to tell me i am being annoying and then i won't tag you again lol
  16. @Beamer Thanks for your comment! I do agree they seem to be biologically immortal, especially since they don't die no matter how much time passes, but i don't really think they become "insane" after long trips, i guess you could argue they are already insane by performing some of these missions, at least by our standards, or fearless, in other words, but i always see a Kerbal smiling after staying in a pod for 70 years around the sun, and there is a difference between a happy smile and an insane smile, i guess it makes sense they'd be happy in space, you'd probably be returning happy too if you're exploring new territory for your species and becoming a "hero" and have practically zero chance of dying in the mission as long as you are a good pilot, to someone who doesn't age 70 years would feel like 2 weeks, especially if they could hibernate for long periods, but even if they couldn't Kerbals just love space in general and are happy to be there lol, thanks for sharing your unfortunate but funny failure story, i can guarantee you're already better than me at the game, i never got too close to the sun because i suck at fuel management even with the stock delta-v update, the farthest i've gone up until now is Duna, thankfully i was able to return but i only did this successfully once, i really hope i can do this again soon, this time with scatterer installed for some nice atmospheric visuals on my mid-end potato pc lol
  17. What do you guys think is a Kerbal's individual lifespan? Now, I don't think they only live 70 years on average like humans, considering they seemingly don't need food and can theoretically perform photosynthesis, are immune to space radiation, and can stay 70 years on a cramped space without mental or physical damage, so they seem to be a lot more "durable" than humans, but if you had to attach a value to a Kerbal's average lifespan, if they even are mortal at all and can't die only from explosions, how long would you say they live? A ""little"" bit more than humans, about 150 years? Thousands of years? Or have they discovered the secrets to anti-aging technology like humans hope to do in the future and are actually biologically immortal to diseases and aging, and can only die from serious life-threatening situations? Of course, all of this discussion is pointless, if I had to guess I'd say Kerbals don't age because of game design, game difficulty (making it easier instead of old Kerbals dying on a mission) and maybe limitations, and perhaps this could change and theoretically an individual Kerbal could have a biological age in KSP2, but it is still fun to discuss and guess the reason why this could happen in-game on KSP1, so what do you guys think? Share your opinion below if you feel like it!
  18. {I regret posting this comment, now that i re-read it i was a lot more harsh than i meant to be and the mod is lovely mostly, i know almost nobody saw it but in the off chance that someone actually wastes their time reading this just ignore this since i don't know how to delete comments lol}
  19. Hey, first of all, i just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing pack, honestly i really think this is one of the best star system mods up-to-date, high, HIGH up there on the list (on my list at least) together with Extrasolar, GU, OWR, Precursor's planet pack and the now-unfortunately-dead KSS (now "rebooted" into GU), i mean, it has some amazing textures, some amazing and creative planet descriptions and it is also challenging, but rewarding to get there because of the cool scatters on the surfaces, however i do have 1 request and 1 small criticism, i would like to ask you if you ever plan on doing some custom science configs for the science experiments, since that would also make it even better when i get there and see some cool texts instead of just seeing the (amazing) surfaces and the default "you collected a sample" or whatever, i know that doing custom science configs can be time-consuming, especially when life gets in the way, however i don't expect to see it anytime soon mind you, i am just asking if that is ever planned to happen, it would certainly increase the value of visiting each individual body to perform experiments, especially since the tech tree will be basically unlocked when you get there, unless of course you get some kind of mod, anyways, besides that, the small criticism is that some textures look kinda low-res, most of them are amazing, but the blue lava lakes for example look kinda pixelated from the map view, while the rest of the textures look normal, i don't think it is my computer doing that and i don't know how it looks like up close, but if you ever plan to fix the very few low-res textures (i've only found 2 i think) it would make the mod even more amazing, even if i had to wait months for the update to arrive! Once again congrats on the amazing mod and i'll certainly be following this gem closely!
  20. Hello Everyone! First i wanted to thank you all for the great mod, it is one of my favorite planet packs, way up there in my list along with OPM and such, but anyway... I've recently been having a problem with this mod, and i don't know if it is just my game... For whatever reason, the custom science defs do not appear when performing the experiments, has anyone else been experiencing this in the latest version of the mod? Thanks to whoever replies to this!
  21. Nevermind, i got the link to work, thank you very much.
  22. Could you please put the textures download on mediafire, or some any link besides mega, i'm afraid my computer can't load any mega link at all, so if you could send the textures in some other link, i'd really appreciate it.
  23. Hey i'm sorry if i'm bothersome, i'm kind of new here and I wanted to confirm the link to download the textures really is working, because the mega link for the mod textures doesn't load, am I doing something wrong or is the link really broken?
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