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  1. Stock only. Use 1.0.1 until Beyond Home is updated.
  2. It works fine in 1.10. You just have to rename/delete GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS\Assets\LightGlobe.mu.
  3. Pretty sure you just have to transmit or return it.
  4. Sinthetic

    MKS Guide

    TY! This is good stuff. Have you talked to Roverdude about updating the wiki? It desperately needs this kind of content.
  5. Yeah lol kinda my point. If it takes Manley an hour I doubt anyone can do it in 5 minutes without some hefty cheating.
  6. Thanks Nate. I'm so glad this project was put in your hands in the first place. You obviously would protect it like your own child
  7. They are doing a major overhaul/rewrite of the core code and improvements to modding. I would not expect old mods to be even remotely compatible.
  8. From the release notes: +++ Bugfixes * Fix Deployed Science Log and Message system spam.
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