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  1. For all wondering, have been using it on 1.12.2 since release, works fine. Since its only visual effect, no big issueas are to be expected since the visual engine hasnt changed drastically.
  2. Ahem, Moho? Looks awesome for sure! Edit for shame: Just watched you commenting on Moho in the video, my bad
  3. Well, not quite, but you are giving me an idea... How deep do the oceans go? Hmm... My thoughts with this base was more of a sheltered outpost with living quarters, isru section and science station. It also features a power plant section, quadcopter scouting vessel and a ramp to unload a small skiff. It has an underwater viewing deck aswell with and airlock to go swimming. Landing was fine, launching not so much...
  4. Found a murderous bug today. First time exploring Beyond Home and I love it. Slowly working my up, besides vanshing flags on Hydrus I havent found bugs until today. I landed my trusted and proven lander on Vasto's lowlands. Did my science and moved Bob down the ladder and.... poof he died before I let go of the ladder. Bill came next, also poof. Reload quicksave, made a small hop a few 100 meters away. Again Bon comes down the ladder and goes poof. Jebediah also. Quit game, reload, same situation. Haven't gotten back into orbit yet, will try tomorrow.
  5. Thank you, I was not aware of this thread. Perhaps some people here have some insights. Edit: With a quick readthrough I see its a common occurence, so I'll start reading up!
  6. I confess to the part count part... Anyway, perhaps its best to wait for the new gen cards or better yet for KSP2
  7. I've been eyeing a RX5700 as an upgrade. I knew it was an oldie but since KSP isnt a cutting edge engine id figure it will be fine. Hmm, new generation cards you say...
  8. I have a Ryzen 5 with 32 gb ram and KSP runs on my NVME. Cpu load is never more then 20%.
  9. So currently I have a GTX960 card, my KSP runs the Spectra visual among other assorted companion visual mods. Im getting 100% GPU usage just sitting around in the space center, my CPU is at around 20%. My question(s): Can I improve alot by upgrading to lets say a RX5700 card? My framerate sometimes are pretty low and I wonder if im limited by my GPU now. Any insights are much appreciated.
  10. Well if you dont know you probably didnt since its a manual fix for the old version to get the fairings working. Did you update ksp to the latest version? The new version contains specific fixed for the latest ksp version. Anyway, if its still not working then id suggest removing it again and reinstalling, otherwise see if any other mods interfere.
  11. No problems here. Did you perhaps whitelast and/or patched them before the update? (Assuming you did update to the latest Restock version, because that was an issue in the previous version)
  12. Well, I checked my Life on Laythe recreation with all of Matt Lowne's craft all in 1 place I usually run very choppy, so its more of a museum on Laythe, lol. But my main point is that switching vessels and moving the camera around is much smoother. Furthermore i got around a 2 fps increase, I went from 9 fps to 11 fps. Same feeling I have on other heavy load places.
  13. Did a quick tour, everything look good. My performance with my Eve Ocean base has certainly improved!
  14. Yesterday I was having the funny Kerbin again in mapview, I was planning my capture trajectory. When I switched back and timewarped to my node Kerbin looked good. Will look I'll be on the lookout. Havent noticed a pattern so far. Im prototyping my Eve lander so ill be going back and forth alot tonight, well see.
  15. Im getting some weird effect the last couple of days, not all the time. After restarting game its gone until it pops up again. Eve can do weird stuff too. https://imgur.com/a/5MhRd04 Anyone have a clue?
  16. Got it fixed, somehow verifying my game files via Steam somehow fixed it.
  17. Take your time with it, love the mod. You cant please everyone so there is hardly any point in reacting to the whiners, however it can be satisfying
  18. Anyone else has a missing magnetometer now? I have Restock and previously whitelisted it and it worked fine, now its missing from my craft and from the partlist in the VAB. Got it fixed, verified game files via Steam and its back now, strange stuff.
  19. Since the new patch the Magnetometer is missing from my crafts and causing them to vanish from the game. Its also missing from the partslist in the VAB. Anyone else has this problem. I started a new sandbox save and its also missing, so its not a problem with my saves.
  20. Cool! In map view the visibility is even better. So planning a landing site is at least doable by eye and ofc with Trajectories for an estimated spot.
  21. Thanks for the excellent info!! Been looking through Eve's and Scatterers info but it is hard to get insight in which option provides what kind of effect. I will tinker with it tonight, ill make some before and after screenshots. Edit: Ok, couldnt wait. There are EveGlowGreen, EveAurora, EveBands, EveMain, EveLightning, EveDark, EveDust. I assume only EveMain deals with the cloud layers and the others are seperate effects? Another Edit: https://imgur.com/a/wUGobEj I reduced EveMain and EveDark to 75 where it was 255 and EveBands to 100 were the default was 300. Dont know if i shouldnt have change all three where I had the option, but at least i can see the ground features now.
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