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  1. Hi ya 2weeks ago I made a station around MINMUS with capola and lab and space for 5 kerbs, this week after 1.8 none of them not even a request from head office missions asking for labs. BUT 1 hour ago I downloaded planetary base MOD, BINGO alls there, mod update only 2 days ago for 1.8 re done LAB, Capola, plus lots of other capsules. happy days again.
  2. Nice a new Button...Whaaaaaw Iv lost the LAB, Capola< lights on HELMET, Docking camera. with No labs whats the point in science, or jobs to do in space.... cant help thinking the other head lines Is KSP dying, ????
  3. What happened to the ( L ) button/ lights since 1.8 no lights on helmets ?? any one else. will it be fixed or is this the game till KSP 2, I dont mind, the game is not the same since I lost docking camera the only real realistic thing in the hole game, Still seeing real camera footage on the news, of docking to space station, KSP docking from 3rd person view, kills it for me. Still looking forward to ksp 2.
  4. Hi guys thx to the guys that responded to my help, yesterday IT was THE reduction of the NAV ball from 100% to 52% that stopped the Altimeter and the tools for pro & reto grade to the planets from working. a complete new start now as I deleted all other games, for a fresh install. well done guys. Boris
  5. I have just started a new game after re-installed ksp steam 1.8 I now have no altimeter and no tools for retro/pro tools to get to mun, are loads of fancy stuff at the side for boffins, no docking camera, I wish I could go back to 1.3.1, I think I will wait till KSP 2, and hope its all there weather, camera, with out the need to get addons that work only until next update.
  6. Hi guys/ help is there a prob with 1.8 I have no prograde tools for getting to mun or altimeter when re-entry. my KSP has no addons a reinstall yesterday
  7. I have been playing KSP for 5yrs now, and it is the most satisfying game ever. I am in it for realism, I don't want aircraft that fly into space, from the tarmac, the most realistic component as seen on the news and you tube with the latest rockets to the ISS IS the Docking camera. yesterday i watched Scott Manley (again) his 1st recommended addon is the Laser docking camera, alas i went to down load it and a warning stating it does not work with 1.8. just has my docking camera stopped working after 1.4 came along. Dev;s why is the most realistic item of all time, not available. The docking c
  8. Thanks guys, i'll give up on duna for now I'll build space station MUN/MINMUS I have a triangle of relays round Mun. and i'll work on a shuttle...lol
  9. Thanks Guys, I checked last night i have line of sight, Ihave elec,battery power Antena's Fuel. my rescue craft has control (pilot) with 2 RELAYS, POWER, STACK OF BATTS, and is close to Duna but Duna probe is dead, so i will chek the error logs tonight. Thank you all for your thoughts.
  10. Thanks Ill check orbit but i have 2 relays 4 antenas I coppied marcus house build of 2 identical only 1 with landing legs the other was to be a satalite. thanks for your advice.
  11. My problem Guys is that Iv lost confidence with Thruster positioning it seem all thrusters keep correcting at once, Should i use the 4way Ones wich i need for forward & reverse , i only use 2 of them (12 o'clock & 6 o'clock) then the Pod type for left & right Up & down * in total. Is this wrong when we had the docking camera film (realistic docking 1.2) I could dock first tikme every time with this set up...but not Now
  12. Hi Guys , any one help I guess its the new line of sight green line that i can see ( Kerbal to Minmus) where i have a base, I can only orbit Duna with a pilot onboard...lol God knows how i will get Her back.. I sent my own build up to Duna with those big Things that look like Salalite dishes on the side hoping they would relay a signal but..did not work, So i gues its a rescue mission tonight. PS also I down loaded the Docking addon but i get a message Incompatible use 1.3 ???. I do Miss the realistic docking camera the 6.8.1 is ok But its not as good as before the 1.3 patch.
  13. was working fine 2 nights ago ready to go back to minmus after a year off or when ever the 1.3 came out, when all mods stopped working but the only mod i had was Module manager for live docking camera, got right back into it( with out camera) But just Now message on load up asking for 1.3?? any advice guys thx...
  14. All sorted old post !!Uncheck / enable networks..all prob's back on line.....tin- ta net oorrsome...lol
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