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  1. Yes, you can use the rocket equation. The total deltav you can get is deltav = g* Isp*natural log(wet mass/dry mass) Isp is a characteristic of the engine and you can find it in the part description, while the wet and the dry mass are the mass of your vessel before and after the burn, being their difference the total fuel consumed during the burn. So, as you can see, it depends on your payload and on how far you want to go. you can manipulate the above xpression, obtaining that the fuel mass you need is given by fuel mass = dry mass * (exp(deltav/(g*Isp) - 1) you can see that a high deltav would require a high Isp, to limit that exponential. However, the mass of the engine negatively affects the dry mass of your ship. So, it depends... You may also check:
  2. It’s ok, I guess tending this thread (for so long time) is a demanding task, and it's safe to say that I should thank you for your effort regardless how prompt your response is. I hope you don’t mind if I discretely remind you a pending report, when it become apparent to me that you missed it. I KNOW THAT! It is completely spoiling he pathos in Bob's mission. I had this epiphany “hey, wait a min, also a pilot can collect science” just after the submission on the forum, while checking the album. I don’t know why I forgot about this, maybe because of my habit of (over)roleplaying the missions, or just because I always play the game late at night. Please, help yourself Yes, that was my first thought, too. And considering how short Ike’s orbital period is, the two approaches would be almost equivalent in all respects. But then considering the thing in the light of the Oberth effect, when burning directly from Ike (or, generally speaking, from a satellite), the highest velocity your vessel may have in the frame of reference of Duna (of the parent planet) before the burn is the orbital velocity of the satellite plus the orbital velocity of the vessel, that in my case was 300 + 350 = 650 m/s. In the way I did, the burn is split into two parts. The first one is done at a not-so-efficient condition, while the second burn is carried out at the Duna periapsis, where the velocity is much higher (almost 1300 m/s), and this *should* be very efficient. So, I dunno... Anyway, I've got a few questions about the challenge 1) My next two missions, if properly run, could be a valid entry for other challenges in this forum. Would it violate any forum/etiquette rule, or be otherwise unfair if I submit the same mission to different challenges? 2) A more technical question about ISRU and asteroids. I’ve read through the rules, and I found no item explicitly forbidding to harvest an asteroid for fuel. This basically would open to the possibility to leave Kerbin SOI with huge -albeit lightweight- ships, which could get the fuel needed for the mission from an asteroid in Kerbol orbit. Although this opportunity is not completely unrealistic (just google “getting fuel from an asteroid” and see the results, the bare fuel vs equipment weight efficiency could introduce an unbalance in the challenge (who would ever bother with complex gravitational assists to save some fuel, when you can have fuel for free?). Anyway, you are the OP, and yours is the last word about that. 3) General rule #3 in the OP reads: Does this imply that launches from the runway – particularly, spaceplane takeoffs- are not allowed?
  3. @5thHorseman I’m reposting my previous entry, which probably has gone unnoticed and my last mission report, Dunpollo Two more to go, then. The toughest ones. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going
  4. Glad to hear that. I’m rather curious about the new revamps.
  5. Don't worry about that. I need a quick answer, though. Apparently, KSP 1.9 is out there. Can I update my install, or should I stay with the old version?
  6. I'm a complete newbie at video editing, but I think I'm going to invest some time in that. I'm a little bit on the verbose side, and I'm completely terrified when thinking at a Jool mission report on Imgur. Interesting. I'll give that a try the next mission, that is Dunpollo. Now, here is my Mohollo
  7. Uhm, yeah, I found the roller is much easier to steer in this way. And also less prone to nasty explosions. You know, I believe ground operations have become somewhat dangerous since 1.8. Anyway, after some time I have two more mission reports done. (it took me more time to prepare the reports on imgur than the actual missions). -------------------------------- my past entries: Kerpollo Munpollo Minpollo -------------------------------- and the new missions: Dresollo and Eelollo
  8. Yay, thanks for the review. I have the green light for the next mission, then. I think I’ll ho for Dres.
  9. I realized my post sounds a little bit complaining. It was not my intention, sorry about that. Take your time, I can wait. I’m having a lot of fun anyway.
  10. Hi again. I'm posting my third challenge mission, Minpollo. Since I didn't get any feedback from the OP about my first submission, I'm reposting that here, too, just out of convenience. and now, Minpollo. I'm planning now the next mission. Probably the most obvious choice would be Duna. However, my concern is about the science harvest one may obtain from a mission. Given that a single world can be landed just once in the course of the challenge, this means that early landings involve a science loss due to the techologies that are not available yet at that moment. To minimize this loss, the ideal mission target would be a single world (less situations and just one landing, so lesser losses due to the unavailability of gravity and seismic scanners) with no atmosphere (atmospheric scanners are still not available). In this regard, the best choice would be Dres which, among the possible candidates, has the lowest science multipliers.
  11. I see, thanks for the clarification! That's what I thought too.
  12. Uhmm, woudn't that break lander rule #1 "Thou Shalt Not Land Thy Ship Unkerbed"? Anyway, it is intended that the probe can land only on the world(s) being targeted by the mission, right? Otherwise, it would be a totally different game (you could land an ore harvester anywhere for refueling). And also, can a relay that has been deployed on a given mission be used on the following missions? or should any missions be self-contained also in this sense?
  13. Hi. I'm starting here the challenge I run very a lightly modded KSP 1.8.1 with MH & BG DLCs. list of mods: Chatterer alarm clock Transfer Window Planner Game settings are custom, with a 80% science rewards, which I feel is a good compromise between challenge and grind. Quicksaves and reverts are on, as well as parts and Kerbals G-force limits, parts pressure limits, and plasma blackouts Here's the link my first mission (there' also some initial science harvesting aroud KSC) And here is Munpollo. Next stop, Minmus.
  14. Thank you, president, thank you committee members for including me in the K-prize party guest list So proud to be there. After-mission debriefing revealed that the mission itself has been put at risk when Val and Matbrio started quarrelling about who was in charge for landing. In the resulting mess, pilots forgot to swich engines in open cycle mode, and rapiers flamed out a few kilometers away from the runway. Situation was promptly recovered, but responsibles has been assigned to paperwork duty for the next two years. All's well that ends well, anyway...
  15. To K prize committee esteemed president, dear members, please accept the attached mission report, which I am submitting to your attention in the hope of being considered as a candidate for your very valuable prize. The mission purpose is the delivery of a biological research module, together with the assigned scientific personnel, to the LKO (120 km) station "Kerbin Gate". The vehicle assigned to this mission is the medium SSTO airplane Godzilla II serials UX002 which, being powered by 8 rapiers, results a little bit overpowered for a 6 tons payload. Personnel involved: Matrbrio Kerman: pilot and mission commander in charge Barmal Kerman: engineer (passenger to Kerbin Gate) Limnea Kerman: scientist (passenger to Kerbin Gate) Darwino Kerman: scientist (passenger to Kerbin Gate) Valentina Kerman: pilot (passenger, reentering to Kerbin from Kerbin Gate) Ascent Circularization and rendez vous Rendez vous and docking Delivering the payload After docking the biolab, scientists and technical staff are transferred to their final destination. Val boards Godzilla for his return on Kerbin Undocking and reentry And this ends the story. Hope that the documentation I'm providing here is sufficient to make your decision. Regards BT