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  1. So proud to be in winner's list. I enjoyed this challenge a lot, it gave me the reason to travel to every single body in ksp. I mostly play ksp in career mode and I have to admit that after years and years there were still some places I didn't visit.
  2. @Superfluous J Uhm, any update about my Joolollo mission review? I hate to say, but I'm growing curious to know whether I won the challenge or not
  3. Sure. I can confirm. This happened to a spaceplane of mine that was fully functional before 1.12 I think I can do this. I'm uploading craft and savefile on Bug #28069 report @ https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/28069?next_issue_id=28068&prev_issue_id=28070
  4. I can confirm, really annoying. I had to eyeball an SSTO docking last night.
  5. Thank you. Actually, Kerbollo's rules forbid multiple launches and refuelling on bodies other than the intended mission destination(s). So, I though runsacking an asteroid for fuel a very convenient way to overcome these constraints. Peace on you, too, bro.
  6. Wow, so proud of being in the leaderboard. Thank you for reviewing my mission, thanks for the extensive recap you wrote in the leaderboard and, most of all, thank you for your efforts at maintaining this challenge alive. uhm, yes, I like roleplaying my missions a little bit. Kinda dollhouse for nerdy people, if you know what I mean. Me too. I've got an insane passion for spaceplanes, and I liked this one so much that I had to get it back on Kerbin and land it at KSC.
  7. Thank you! I guess I’ve been a little bit on the verbose side, so I hope reviewing the mission won’t be too much of a drag on you. Anyway, I can wait
  8. @JacobJHC Hi, this is my submission to this challenge. Jool 5 The mission is also the last part of my Kerbollo challenge, that is I tried to comply with both the rule sets. I believe this should be a valid entry for the 3rd level. Although I've actually used an ISRU, KSP version 1.8 Mods: Chatterer Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer window planner DLCs: Making History Breaking ground
  9. @Superfluous J Ehm, hi. Here’s my last entry for this challenge, Joolollo. It took me a while. The point is that after evollo I wanted to take a break, and then the virus came and the lockdown, and I was not that willing to play the game. I dunno, I guess it's kinda like captive animals losing their sexual appetites. Then, KSP 1.10 came with a lot of new features, started a new career, and now I’m back to finish my job. I played this mission on ver 1.8, consistently with the other ones. I kept an eye also on the Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge rules, as I’d like this mission to be a valid entry for that challenge as well. Since the OP changed his nick, he may as well have forgotten my previous missions. So, I'm posting here a recap. Kerbollo Munpollo Minpollo Drespollo Eelollo Mohollo Dunpollo Evepollo and finally: Joolollo
  10. Glad it worked out. Actually, I've got the inventory data from the same savefile. I've just sent a couple of kerbals I had in austronaut complex out on the launchpad and back, ensuring that they had their equipment.
  11. Same for me. in my career game I found out that all my brave Kerbals have been stripped off their jetpacks. Which is kinda annoying if yor Jeb and Val are out there in a remote station orbiting around a distant planet. So, I resolved not to comply with my otherwise strict policy of never editing the savefile. After all, this is done with the good intention of restoring the original status after an unphysical change introduced by the upgrade. This is my procedure 1) Backup your game 2) Check you backup your game 3) Did I tell you to backup your game? 4) After backuping your game, open your *.sfs file (usually persistent.sfs, or whatever is the save you want to play with) with your text editor of choice 5) Go to the ROSTER section and search for the kerbonaut(s) you want to equip with a jetpack (Tanger Kerman in the example). KSP saves the Kerbonaut INVENTORY between the EVACHUTE and the CAREER_LOG subsections. The EVACHUTE subsection is always present in my savefile, even if the Kerbal is not equipped with the chute 6) So, locate the end of the EVACHUTE subsection (the last brace before the beginning of the CAREER_LOG subsection) 7) Cut the new INVENTORY subsection below and paste in that position. In my save file, some Kerbals were given an empty INVENTORY. In that case, overwrite the new INVENTORY. The final KERBAL 8) Save the *.sfs file. 9) Load your game and (hopefully) happily buzz around with your jetpack 10) Hope this may help, it worked for me.
  12. You're probably approachin Eve at the wrong time. Not all of the flybys can conveniently be used for lowering your orbit. Conversely, a properly set flyby can lower your orbit without the need of a burn. Just to give you an example, try http://ens-gijs.github.io/ksp/ and look for a transfer to Eve using year 1, day 1 as earliest departure time, and 100 km for initial and final orbits. You will probably obtain a 2,711 m/s optimal transfer to Eve, leaving Kerbin on year 2, day 151, with a flight time of 199 days. Well, that flyby is not a good one, since it is rising the orbit. You can tell it just looking at the resulting orbit (the green one) and the possible encounters afterthe flyby, which are listed in the box below the porkchop (just Kerbin and Piovessa). A different solution, like the one below, is much better.
  13. I'm not sure if it actually deserves to be defined a method, I would call it an incomplete gravity assist. That is, I did it in that way after I got frustrated with not being able to achieve a good gravity assist (i.e. encounters with Moho not requiring an expensive burn at Eve or an insane deltav for inserting into orbit). In that sense, try to plan your Eve flyby as if you would plan a gravity assist to Moho. You should plan the flyby for losing velocity, that is you should be approaching Eve from behind and pass in front of it (see also https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:_Gravity_Assist). I found this tool very useful: http://ens-gijs.github.io/ksp/ It is still a little bit confusing, but you can rouglhy figure out your orbit after the flyby I didn't burn in Eve's SOI. Rather, I tweaked the flyby during the journey to Eve in order to achieve an optimal final orbit, that is, I tryed to minimize the inclination difference with respect to Moho's orbit, and I tryed to set my periapsis as close as possible to Moho's periapsis. I hope this may help you
  14. I admit the lander may look somewhat unconventional, but I wanted the Rhino for the final burn to Eve, so I took it down o Gilly and back. I had 600 m/s to slow down the vehicle before hitting the atmosphere, so the reentry was not that harsh. @5thHorseman was much braver than me, he landed on Kerbin on a lander can without any heatshield (and he didn't even have fuel to burn)
  15. @5thHorseman It took me some time but here is my new entry, Evepollo https://imgur.com/a/PuqBT39 eight down, one to go. Jool, we'll have you soon
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