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  1. Glad it worked out. Actually, I've got the inventory data from the same savefile. I've just sent a couple of kerbals I had in austronaut complex out on the launchpad and back, ensuring that they had their equipment.
  2. Same for me. in my career game I found out that all my brave Kerbals have been stripped off their jetpacks. Which is kinda annoying if yor Jeb and Val are out there in a remote station orbiting around a distant planet. So, I resolved not to comply with my otherwise strict policy of never editing the savefile. After all, this is done with the good intention of restoring the original status after an unphysical change introduced by the upgrade. This is my procedure 1) Backup your game 2) Check you backup your game 3) Did I tell you to backup your game? 4) After backuping your game, open
  3. You're probably approachin Eve at the wrong time. Not all of the flybys can conveniently be used for lowering your orbit. Conversely, a properly set flyby can lower your orbit without the need of a burn. Just to give you an example, try http://ens-gijs.github.io/ksp/ and look for a transfer to Eve using year 1, day 1 as earliest departure time, and 100 km for initial and final orbits. You will probably obtain a 2,711 m/s optimal transfer to Eve, leaving Kerbin on year 2, day 151, with a flight time of 199 days. Well, that flyby is not a good one, since it is rising the orbit. You can tell
  4. I'm not sure if it actually deserves to be defined a method, I would call it an incomplete gravity assist. That is, I did it in that way after I got frustrated with not being able to achieve a good gravity assist (i.e. encounters with Moho not requiring an expensive burn at Eve or an insane deltav for inserting into orbit). In that sense, try to plan your Eve flyby as if you would plan a gravity assist to Moho. You should plan the flyby for losing velocity, that is you should be approaching Eve from behind and pass in front of it (see also https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:_
  5. I admit the lander may look somewhat unconventional, but I wanted the Rhino for the final burn to Eve, so I took it down o Gilly and back. I had 600 m/s to slow down the vehicle before hitting the atmosphere, so the reentry was not that harsh. @5thHorseman was much braver than me, he landed on Kerbin on a lander can without any heatshield (and he didn't even have fuel to burn)
  6. @5thHorseman It took me some time but here is my new entry, Evepollo https://imgur.com/a/PuqBT39 eight down, one to go. Jool, we'll have you soon
  7. Yes, you can use the rocket equation. The total deltav you can get is deltav = g* Isp*natural log(wet mass/dry mass) Isp is a characteristic of the engine and you can find it in the part description, while the wet and the dry mass are the mass of your vessel before and after the burn, being their difference the total fuel consumed during the burn. So, as you can see, it depends on your payload and on how far you want to go. you can manipulate the above xpression, obtaining that the fuel mass you need is given by fuel mass = dry mass * (exp(deltav/(g*Isp) - 1) you
  8. It’s ok, I guess tending this thread (for so long time) is a demanding task, and it's safe to say that I should thank you for your effort regardless how prompt your response is. I hope you don’t mind if I discretely remind you a pending report, when it become apparent to me that you missed it. I KNOW THAT! It is completely spoiling he pathos in Bob's mission. I had this epiphany “hey, wait a min, also a pilot can collect science” just after the submission on the forum, while checking the album. I don’t know why I forgot about this, maybe because of my habit of (over)roleplaying
  9. @5thHorseman I’m reposting my previous entry, which probably has gone unnoticed and my last mission report, Dunpollo https://imgur.com/a/KwL7GDc Two more to go, then. The toughest ones. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going
  10. Don't worry about that. I need a quick answer, though. Apparently, KSP 1.9 is out there. Can I update my install, or should I stay with the old version?
  11. I'm a complete newbie at video editing, but I think I'm going to invest some time in that. I'm a little bit on the verbose side, and I'm completely terrified when thinking at a Jool mission report on Imgur. Interesting. I'll give that a try the next mission, that is Dunpollo. Now, here is my Mohollo https://imgur.com/a/ALB20Nq
  12. Uhm, yeah, I found the roller is much easier to steer in this way. And also less prone to nasty explosions. You know, I believe ground operations have become somewhat dangerous since 1.8. Anyway, after some time I have two more mission reports done. (it took me more time to prepare the reports on imgur than the actual missions). -------------------------------- my past entries: Kerpollo https://imgur.com/a/08YYoWq Munpollo https://imgur.com/a/PZj99md Minpollo https://imgur.com/a/gQdNdIW -------------------------------- and t
  13. Yay, thanks for the review. I have the green light for the next mission, then. I think I’ll ho for Dres.
  14. I realized my post sounds a little bit complaining. It was not my intention, sorry about that. Take your time, I can wait. I’m having a lot of fun anyway.
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