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  1. Does the latest version work on 1.8 or is it strictly 1.10 thing. (Yeah, I'm a bit slow to get on the update wagon. Slowly dragged my feet from 1.7 to 1.8 not too long ago)
  2. Just wanted to add my two cents to this excellent patch. Using it as is, some of the mods (for example, BDB replicas) are still not able to reach orbit, etc. But increasing the overall numbers makes the stock parts way over-powered, so my solution was to add settings for each mod separately. Here is what I have for BDB, and Chrayol Design. Don't quote me on the numbers, as this can probably still be tweaked for more "realism" individual tastes // Bluedog Design Bureau @PART[bluedog*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:NEEDS[RealSolarSystem&!SSRSS]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @maxThrust *= 1.5 @atmosphereCurve { @key[1, ] *= 1.285 @key,1[1, ] *= 1.285 @key,2[1, ] *= 1.285 } } } // PSLV @PART[CDO_*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:NEEDS[RealSolarSystem&!SSRSS]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @maxThrust *= 1.5 @atmosphereCurve { @key[1, ] *= 1.13 @key,1[1, ] *= 1.13 @key,2[1, ] *= 1.13 } } }
  3. I had something similar happen on real scale RSS, after installing EVE+RSSVE. Deleting current save and starting a new game solved it.
  4. Good to know. Looking forward to all the additions
  5. Does this work in 1.8.1? Thinking about upgrading from 1.7.3 in the near future....
  6. MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel raycastTransformName = sunCatcher secondaryTransformName = sunCatcher pivotName = sunCatcher isBreakable = false retractable = false resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 0.35 panelType = CYLINDRICAL } After playing around a bit - this seems to do the trick. We are now slowly generating EC. Yay!
  7. I have a question about the S4 90F-K Solar Fuel Tank. Can the solar panels on it be used as... well... solar panels? It seems that no matter what kind of orbital dance I perform, they just wont generate a single bit of EC
  8. We have made an overpriced single-occupant Polar Kerbal Lauch Vehicle (images inside spoiler) Just remembered that IRSO does have a manned capsule under development, the Gaganyaan. Any future plans of including it here?
  9. Works like a charm in 1.7.3 if anyone is interested. Not sure if the solid motor plume is supposed to be offset like that though.
  10. Any plans for Mercury/Gemini/Lunar lander/etc IVA replacements in the future? BDB is awesome but their IVA is UGH :(
  11. You can also try https://spacedock.info/mod/1446/Jimbodiah's Simple RSS patch Trouble wit SMURFF is that BDB (and possibly other mods) which I also play with, specifically disables SMURFF compatibility, so you end up with Saturn/Gemini/etc replicas that are still not capable of reaching orbit
  12. Is this one Interstellar Consortium compatible. Will it play nice with other planet packs (Event Horizon, to be more specific)?
  13. Now this might be just what the doctor ordered. Will definitely try out
  14. It seems like the Pluto texture is mirrored the wrong way (using 2k pack)
  15. So after countless launch attempts that ended in suborbital splashdowns (an a few Nedelin-type catastrophes in between) I have my first successful Kerbin Earth orbit. Thank you for such an amazing mod
  16. Edit: I think I found one: SMURFF. Time to go and try it out. Can any pro's please advise - is SMURFF alone enough or do you recommend anything in addition?
  17. Trying to find all these launch towers I see in the pictures. Are they part of BDB or is there a separate mod for them?
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