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  1. I also enjoy the forums but Reddit just works better on mobile IMO.
  2. Title says it all. https://www.reddit.com/r/notKSPrelatedbut/ is open! The sub was unmoderated for about 3 years so I requested to moderate it and now it's mine. It's open to the public so have fun.
  3. Is Kerbal Konstructs required for the extra Rhode space center (in the mountains near the original space center, I've seen in your earlier videos) and the Lua base? Do they have to be found before using them? Am I missing out on anything else without Kerbal Konstructs? EDIT: Found one answer :
  4. Yeah, I don't know where BoulderCo even came from. One of the older EVE builds I guess. Suppose I need to get a 2080super. Hopefully I won't pull a Gnome.
  5. Okay, fresh install. As in deleted everything except saves and redownloaded 1.8.1 and most mods from CKAN (unavailable ones were manually installed). I installed everything one at a time. It looks like BoulderCo and Trajectories were the biggest drain on GPU and CPU respectively. Also I set textures to 512 (versus my original 2048) and that made a big impact as well. I'm still playing at 4k resolution. Still getting some yellow time bar at launch and above Rhode but not nearly as bad. GPU will jump up to 100% and FPS drop when Rhode fills most of the screen when in orbit. St
  6. Umm. Can't get a rendezvous with a contract Kerbal Recovery. Every time I get close the target separation changes (the imgur quality is REALLY BAD but the separation distance is changing with throttle set to zero). It's not just rendezvous with other ships either. It'll happen with my PE around Lua after I do my transfer burn from Rhode. I haven't seen it on any other planet other then Lua yet (or didn't notice). Does that make sense? If not I'll try uploading a better shot of the rendezvous with the other ship and one with Lua. https://imgur.com/a/fxtgpPH
  7. EVE is really killing my FPS, down to 25 during launches, and turning my mission time yellow any time I'm in Rhode's atmosphere. Not being familiar with EVE settings is there something I can turn down? It's noticeable on Lua as well (and probably other bodies with atmospheres I haven't visited). I have a i5-9600KF (@4800mhz) & RTX2060 Super. Seems I should be getting 60fps all the time not? Also the terrain detail keeps defaulting to "New Text" every time I go into the graphics settings. Thoughts? https://imgur.com/a/6Htd843
  8. That'd be nice. I'm almost at the point of stepping off on another body. If push comes to shove I'll consider them Lua and Armstrong/Ash and I'll have to figure out how to "cheat" them.
  9. What's considered Mun and Minmus for Contract Configurator? https://imgur.com/a/N9eV6vo
  10. I doubt collecting all this science was intentional. https://imgur.com/a/jD4Fcvp Don't know if this is a BH bug or from "ScienceAlert ReAlerted"
  11. Wonky drag in fairings was common in 1.8.0 and resolved with 1.8.1.
  12. Um, did the Mun turn into ice? Originally took this video with some quality of life mods installed. I deleted them all and the same happens. When I switch to this craft (haven't tried others) it just slides across the Mun. This craft is originally from 1.8.1 without any non-stock parts. The slippy side is fun but I couldn't get it under control and ended up in the canyon with no way to get out. The usual fiddling with suspension settings didn't work either. https://imgur.com/a/zxJPJP7 build id = 02781 Win 10 Pro DirectX 12
  13. I ran into this not too long ago. Just peaked out of kirbin SOI and wasn't awarded with a complete. I do believe this was the issue as I headed back to Kirbin and did the same thing again and was awared with that second attempt.
  14. Okay, but thats EXTREMELY useful. I'll report back when I get a chance. I'll also check about setting the manuver up when I leave Kerbin SOI.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/iCzL2r0 Like the title says patched conics going crazy around Jool. I set it to 2 or 6 and still crazy. Its making setting up maneuvers difficult. Its causing lag when calculating. Worst its crashing KSP every time I switch away from a probe with a maneuver node on intercept with Jool. Verified files on Steam. Only have one mod, alarm clock, which I deleted with no improvement. Suggestions?
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