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  1. Go with 11. I have 16 gigs ram, and it pushes 90% from the moment I fire up KSP till it closes. During launch, I use 97% ram as well as VRAM and I'm running a gtx 1080. My next upgrade will be something with higher vram, because I never max my gpu, but the vram always gets used up. lmao. I'm using heappadder so that may be part of it, but without it my cpu does 10 times the work, and the ram barely moves....... fps drops to unstable levels and I crash a lot........ 151 mods will do that though. I need to get another 16 gigs ram, but I'm waiting till I can build my new pc. Will be all around more powerful and I'm planning to oc the cpu to 5ghz lol.
  2. I saw no one responded. I am not offering support for the issue as I am not a modder but..... to include your logs you need to upload them to a place like google drive where you can provide a link to them. You copy the link, and paste it as a comment here. Hope that helps!
  3. This is why people like you are hero's to people like me. I'm hoping to learn how to code and stuff eventually, but for now.......... I'm just grateful to have the chance to play this awesome game with mods awesome people like you have made. I love how this mod makes some things look. It's too bad more of the mods I use don't integrate it because the look is absolutely stunning.
  4. No offense or arguing intended here, so please do not take it as anything more than a personal opinion. lol. But has anyone realized that almost every major title has major bugs throughout it's history, and only gets ironed out YEARS after it's release (with very few content updates being free these days to top it off)? Fallout 4 is a prime example. Still has a lot of bugs, and it's getting updates consistently. However most of their updates and bug fixes are addressing the store items, not the actual game. I've only been playing KSP since 1.7.3, and it was only a couple months before the release of 1.8. I'm grateful for what they are doing. I hope they don't stop honestly because I'm in love with this game. I've already gotten 789 hours of gameplay in. I have just shy of that on Fallout 4 and I bought that 2 months after the initial release! Constant updates is a hard thing to find in anything but massive multiplayer pay to win games these days. Wow stayed popular for so long because it had so many quality of life updates tossed at it, to keep the crowd buying more. They had to. Kerbal isn't like that. At all, yet they release updates as often as possible with no more than a hope that more people will buy the game. That's, to me, how it should be. That's how it used to be. Modders are doing the same thing. There are more quality mods for Kerbal than I have seen for any game (and they are almost entirely bug free if you don't download a conflicting set of mods). That's impressive. I am grateful for the mods I use, as much as I am for the game and the dlc. Then again maybe it's the era I grew up in. I come from the original NES generation. I bought my first NES with allowance money, when games weren't easy to come by and were still brand new ideas. We didn't know what updates were. Most of us didn't know you could play games on a computer either, nor did most of us OWN a computer yet. I didn't get one in my home until 98. lol. Anyway I know that dated me a little (36 btw, so I'm not that old yet but it sure feels it some days). But the point of the entire thing was that we need to appreciate things more. We need to accept that what we are getting is great, and take responsibility. Play it and be happy, or be happy you had the chance and move on, right? Support the developers. They have skills so many of us will never be capable of achieving. And even if we did, they did it for us. This game is for US as much as as it is for their pocket. That's saying something.
  5. That may be the problem. I DID use tweakscale on that particular part to enlarge it (wanted extra thrust for the rcs as this craft is heavy and hard to maneuver. My FIRST attempt at warp drive isn't going so well lmfao. First, it didn't have enough power, now I can't connect using the docking port sr. to the main warp "station". Too many parts, and is lagging as is, but I'm trying to build something way beyond what I read about Looking for an over the top build, and if I can get this part of things to connect, it will be 3/4 done. Just need a lander and mining rig set up to go full interstellar and finish off some of the career
  6. I came across a minor issue.......................... This is the RCS arcjet and it IS attached to the ship, but it's free floating away.................... while attached...... I thought it was a fluke but reproduced it nearly every time. I put it on the ship, one on top, one on bottom, the bottom is fine, the top.......... well............ Log file located at
  7. I'm trying to track down a potential mod problem, and I doubt it's this one, but I would love some advice. I've rebuilt, and redesigned several craft, then cheated them into space to reenter to test this and almost EVERY craft has the same problem......... During reentry, I'm using only sas and rcs. I turn off all assistance from mechjeb and far. At the first point the atmosphere thickens, sometimes on Kerbin, but WAY worse on Eve the vessel begins to violently spin (counterclockwise in all cases), but not flip. These are not shuttles, they are reentry rockets, with the all points lined up according to many builds I've seen working (with tutorials for FAR). They begin to spin almost as if they hit something, not slowly rotating, and then no amount of rcs thrust will slow them down. If I have it pointed towards retrograde, it will begin spinning even wilder if I decide to do an aerodynamic reentry using only fins to the point parts fling off, as the physics can't handle what is happening (which pushes my cpu to max before it's over and drops frames to about 5 fps or so). Mind you during this, I have usually slowed down to nearly 0 horizontal velocity, and less than 100 vertical sometimes. I can supply logs, but do not know how to take screenshots in game. If it's not this mod, my apologies. I highly doubt it is, but as it's physics related from my guess, I figured where better to start? My logs aren't showing me anything that make sense in my mind, but I'm no coder or modder. Also, when it happens, textures at ground level will shake. Something I didn't experience in 1.7.3 (but I didn't have FAR installed then either). I'm on 1.8.1 on Windows 10. Counter intuitive thought, but has anyone experienced it with a part mod? If so, I've got a lot more digging to do (99 mods). >.< EDIT: I fixed it....... it was my fault. It looked like physics but I didn't factor in that I had tail fins, instead of standard rocket fins. When they adjusted direction to "guide" they created a spinning force........ so it hasn't got anything to do with mods and I feel dumb. lmao
  8. Makes perfect sense. Back in high school (class of 01) I learned q basic. I've forgotten all but if then statements. >.< lmao. It helped I had a commodore 128 that ran off q +. lmao. I have ADD and ADHD so my brain will actually try moving too fast. Please do pm me those youtube's I think I'm going to give it a real go soon. My son is 5, and his birthday is too late for kindergarten this year so not quite ready for that. He still doesn't have the coordination for keyboard and mouse just yet but is slowly getting there. He can handle a touch screen though. lol.
  9. I've used ww3 for basic html. I can design an extremely basic website, and I understand at least most of what I'm looking at concerning it now, but as I go farther than that, my brain fries and I get overwhelmed. I get a plan of what I want in my head, and starting at basics doesn't work for that half the time lmfao. I'm a hardware guy, I can build pc's and repair them in my sleep (many times even hardware issues most people can't fix) because it's all starting at the basics....... unplug it, plug it back in. lmao. But I appreciate it! I may eventually get my head in the game enough to give it a real go. My other issue would be texture creation as I'm far from an artist. I managed a T-shirt and port for sims 3, and then over to sims 4.......... and even that didn't look so good............. But it was symmetrical, and looked like a t-shirt (mostly). Yeah, I want to try, I just don't have the drive to dig in at the moment. Being a dad is full time and this kind of thing breaks my focus on him sometimes more than I want it to. lol.
  10. Give me some time and I will look for some shots. I am due to rewatch season 1 and 2 again soon, so will have ample time to grab a couple screens. I'm sure it'll actually be outside the range of THIS mod, sadly, but I would LOVE if someone either did it........... or taught me how to code so I could do it myself (if I knew how, I wouldn't be asking :P) And those nacelles btw, they look absolutely stunning! I saw that someone had made an entire list of star trek parts if I can ever find the link for it, but it's way outdated. I'm sure the amount of effort that would go into the texturing for what I'm thinking of would take someone with a lot of spare time, knowledge, and be as big of a star trek fan as I am to boot. I love all of the series. I'm actually more fond of Discovery and Enterprise than I thought I would be. If I had the skills needed.......... I have the spare time to do it all and the computer to handle it. I just have no idea where to start and when I do try to learn I end up giving up because without guidance and someone showing me how to actually make something that works, I feel like I'm wasting time and get bored.
  11. Thanks! Actually it isn't this mod, and I figured it out. I was using the wrong configuration. Also had a couple mods that seemed to be overlapping and corrected so everything is working as intended. Btw, I love the warp drive! Actually I just love your mods.
  12. Kudo's on this awesome beauty. Normally I stick to realistic or at least experimental drives, but I've been sad that no one has truly taken the star trek design approach. I am no modder and have no idea how to even consider doing it, but........ possible suggestion for a future release........... Star Trek Discovery Spore Drive................ you know what....... possible future release (begging) for any mod author................ near copyright violation (just shy of for safety sake) star trek parts............... any and all variants if anyone is so inclined and has time..... lmao. I can see myself using this mod a LOT for my longer hauls along side KSPIE, Near Future, etc. Adding in beamed power to the idea of this drive to me just makes sense regardless of realism.
  13. I am having a problem with the Pelican VTO engine. As well as the thermo nozzle. Both engines list what they're capable of before I put them on the plane, but once i do, and I try to switch propellant either in the SPH or on the runway it's the same result. I can't. The button propellant window pulls up a small box with 3 dots but it's empty. Next propellant does nothing. They activate and flame out but there is no message saying flame out. I'm assuming it's a mod interaction issue, so I'm going to try removing all mods except the dependencies for this and double check, however it's done this since 1.7.3 for me when I first installed KSP. (Late to the game I know). I would do a screenshot, but I have yet to figure out how....... lol.
  14. You're insanely awesome man. I'll be sitting here patiently while it takes you however long you need to get things done. I love your work, and I don't think i can play KSP now without Tweakscale as it is......... Even if just for the fact of making parts match size in some cases where things just look strange without rescaling something lmfao. When I first read the description of the mod before downloading it, I was thinking changing sizes would be handy just for aesthetics and potential aerodynamics, but when I saw it changes the tank values etc. I didn't hesitate to download it. Oh, one interesting note I do want to mention that I'm positive you're aware of already..... on many resized parts, things that should "clip" to the surface tend to sink in ever so slightly. Not quite as deep as to the original size, but deep enough to notice. MOSTLY I notice this when I'm putting science experiments on the exteriors of something like my rover after rescaling the rover m8. In fact that's where I first noticed it at all. Not so much a bug or an issue, just something I figured I'd toss your way.
  15. That went right over my head in some places lmao, but I got the gist of it. Thanks for explaining it all a bit more in depth! I think I'm happy with standard capacity and the like honestly lol. I love going into cockpit views to see the interior, and seeing it all weird would take some of the effect away I think. I see a lot of people using IVA mods that make the interiors look so much more realistic and useful, and I would love to get that going someday, but for now my install is all working perfectly, and I figured out (by reading back to what you said and what I did and all) what I was doing wrong getting that one mod to work. Now everything is playing well together. I've got a nice new save started up just because I made too many mistakes in my last career campaign, and want to maintain 100% or at least 99% reputation :P. Anyway, yeah my brain hurts so I'm heading off to bed now lmao. Thanks again for all your help!