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  1. Sweet! But how about those of us who got lucky enough and managed to buy 128 gigs on sale? I'm looking for one that eats 90 gigs but doesn't melt my 1080 gpu or my 10700k cpu. lmao. In all seriousness that mod sounds freaking awesome for performance. Wish I'd had access to it with the 1.7 release lol.
  2. I didn't notice if it still left a wasteheat management on the solar panels with the cfg edit but it did work. I'll check more in a little bit! Thanks guys for the fix. I only wish I had you alls knowledge!
  3. Thanks, I'll try that! Besides seeing a message warning me, I haven't noticed any odd behavior. I'm no modder or coder so beyond something simple that's explained like you did I would be absolutely lost lol. WOOHOO! Take your time! I'm certainly excited for that though!
  4. Yep, I've had the same error, and it didn't always do this. It started a couple updates ago I guess but I had just noticed it last week lol. I wonder if it's something that happened after the last patch for interstellar extended? Anyway, is there a quick dirty cfg that might force one or the other solar panel codes to sit in the back and play nice when they detect each other? I'm not worried one way or other honestly, as you guys will get it done when you can. Just curious if that might make life easier for you.
  5. You must be an optimization master! No wonder GU doesn't eat up that many resources compared to my stock game. That's awesome!
  6. Oh wow dude. So my question is what are the system specs you're using on not only creation but testing? How system intense will this pack end up being , or do you know yet?
  7. Ok, after the last 2 updates you've made I've had a sudden issue with asteroids. I was getting the normal amount of asteroids in the kerbin system, maybe slightly less? Now, they're showing up............ but get this................... NOT in the kerbin system. They're ONLY showing up in the Galaxies Unbound systems that were added! Around each star to be precise! Awesome, but......... now I can't complete 2 of my missions because they require me finding a class C and dragging it to dres, and an e to laythe. lmao. If I can't complete them I'm not worried, it's too much fun seeing that they suddenly show up in so many places when they were only showing up in Kerbin just prior to the last 2 performance enhanced updates. lmao. You did something right I think, while something else said f off. I don't envy anyone who has that problem. It's exactly why I could never get into coding anything! Though QBasic was far less finiky back in the day it seems. I got pretty good at that at one time.
  8. I noticed a lack of configs for the stock planets with GU. It never dawned on me to let you know because I'm using 1.10.1, which you are still building towards lmao. I don't want you feeling rushed so I figured I would wait till anything official to even mention it. But I'm also running (because of the lack of configs in eve for stock planets) AVP. Nothing on your new planets seem to be broken, but I've painstakingly gone through each planet and made sure they loaded avp for stock and ONLY stock. Ok so it was more just a 5 minute fix than pain......... lol. Point being in 1.10.1 at least, they work together. Nothing strange has happened so far, but that doesn't mean I won't notice some when I finally MAKE IT to one of your planets. I have a ways to go in science in my career save to get there, but am almost out of places to do it in the kerbin system. I do have a plan, however, on how to get a few science probes that far without warp when the time comes......... I have 2 sentinel contracts that are almost half way there, and was able to get a satellite with stock engines and fuel tank to launch that far out.............. I'm hoping it doesn't loose power before it gets to the destination, but.......... I didn't have RTG's at the time and I'm fairly sure there will be too little solar power to do anything (if the math from Kopernicus does as it's supposed to, which RTB has done so well on). This mod seems to work absolutely perfectly. I cheated a vessel from planet to planet, and your clouds and the such work great on them, and no weird visual bugs noticed. I have yet to land on them however. Nor have I gotten close enough to know the safe distance on any of the stars you've made. Anyway, hope this helps you narrow something down on your end later on when you get the chance. Feel free to message me later on when you get to the testing portion for new releases, I'm not great at testing but noticing when something borks makes me crosseyed enough to try and track it down to hopefully reproduce the issue or never have it again. The other thing I have noticed that wasn't there prior to GU, and it goes away without GU installed was a problem in the GUI. When you load up your visual settings, it has a slider for scatters and quality........ anyway it's the very top slider on the left. That one usually says no text, or high. I can put it all the way down, and it does nothing. Up, same thing. lmao. Anyway, nothing I've reported bugs me in the slightest. I'm just thankful it works.
  9. I'm not noticing massive FPS gains, but what I am noticing is my graphics card isn't getting nearly so hot. What big difference I am seeing is how long it takes to exit warp to. I usually have a few seconds that the game stops doing anything on exit from warp and now it's split seconds. Textures when I use hyperedit to test a vessel are also loading correctly nearly every time. Sometimes with hyperedit the planets would behave strangely and textures would be jumbled and jagged. Now they do it a quarter as often. Also, I have noticed significantly more activity in the cloud layers etc. which is awesome. Great work!
  10. YES! I'm actually so far into this career that I'm kind of waiting for a mod or two to make the challenge a little more exciting (not hard, exciting) and catching comets....... already hard, but catching them now that they have tails should be the "ooo" factor I need to play a couple more in game years (or 30). lol
  11. I have yet to reach far enough to make it to the new system, but I am getting close. And every time you post images of new, and old planets and their features I only get that much more excited. This pack is gorgeous. If I could resize Kerbin to be the scaled up size of earth, with an atmosphere and the like to change it to combine with this pack it'd only be that much more fun! The early challenges took a while to get the hang of, now I'm needing new challenges. I have no idea how I would reach this new system with stock parts however lmao. It's a tempting challenge but for now I'll use Interstellar Extended and Near future.
  12. Makes sense! I'm not bugged by it at the moment lol. I just figured an updated report was a good idea at this point lmfao. Seeing as it's been a minute since anyone said anything to you. Thanks again for all your continued hard work btw. I can only imagine how much goes into this.
  13. Not sure if it was intentional or planned, but after a bit of real game play I've come to find several comets. They're extremely rare, but they do show up from time to time with Kopernicus and Galaxies Unbound in 1.10.1! After resolving my blue screen issue it's taken some time to really dig into the game again, but now that it's loading and running stable and I'm not loosing hours of work I've gotten the spark back so I'm back to testing. I am using it on career (with backed up saves every time in case there are issues later with a release) and extensive mods but if you would like a log report or something, I'd be more than happy! The only thing is that comets in map view don't have tails. Oh well, they appear! Release 26. Frame rates are a bit better than they were on prior. I don't have a jump in fps due to panels in or out. Not sure if it's Kopernicus or otherwise but I do notice from time to time my ships will not warp. It will say fuel depleted cannot begin warp. It's rare. Not an issue I'm worried about but I read on a post on another page someone thought it comes back to Kopernicus so wanted to mention it.
  14. It's not officially supported, so if you get bugs don't go to them yet, but I'm playing with Galaxies unbound lately with 0 flaws. There is ONE glitch. The UI graphics setting lol. The top slider doesn't do anything. I'm fairly sure it'll be ironed out when they switch to the new kopernicus however. But the link is Game version 1.10.1 btw
  15. From what I've read comets are on the back burner. Asteroids are working, but comets are not.
  16. Fortunately my ability to use paypal is shot. >.< lol. I have the money but no way to send it If I had the mobo I'd just send it I have a spare 7700k and z270 asrock gaming k6 but I'm planning to give it to my son lmao.
  17. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at this or both. lmao. Anything we can do from our end as users and testers?
  18. I did notice those, but I didn't see anything that really mattered much. Logspam doesn't seem to slow the system down enough on my end (beefy machine though). And yes I'm testing on 1.10.1. lol
  19. Well you've done a couple things that were instantly noticeable. 1, my frame rate on a 500 part ship didn't drop to nill x.x Almost, but it's notably better performing than I expected. 2, EC on a multi star SEEMED to work ok, but I didn't have time to really tinker beyond load it up, take control of a ship and look around. I'll work on taking a hard look tomorrow with my dedicated test save so the logs are nice and clean of any outside potentials. Although I did notice, I have no new asteroids forming again....... I didn't pay attention before but I just realized the only ones I have are the ones that started stock. This may be something to do with GU (again this is my career save, not the tester). I dont' care about asteroids in this play through because I honestly HATE dealing with them. It's fun to mine on them for a time, but it swiftly gets tedious. I like exploring the planets. Over, and over. lol. I'm far enough in my current play through that tech is the only thing holding me back from exploring beyond eve. That's about to get remedied next time I load in for more than 30 minutes. lmao. I'm hoping I might come across something when I get to Jool the hard way in terms of a report. And the next goal to look for is Eloo. If nothing related to Kopernicus pops in the logs.......... wow. Is Kopernicus even working if there isn't a log issue? lmao. It's gotten so clean compared to what it was before already . Anyway, I'm tired and afraid I'll word something badly so goodnight, er day. Whatever it is for you (way too late into the am here).
  20. So far your "tests" have run so well I look forward to each one lmao. Consider it tested!
  21. I would have reported it sooner, but it doesn't always happen. It was common (nearly every test) with Outer Planets mod. With a test without any planet pack, I haven't seen it at all. With GU it's rare, but does happen. Sometimes rather than the locked clicking, when returning to space center view (always from another vessel in orbit somewhere) it will turn the space center black. Again, it's rare, it's random, and I haven't seen anything in the logs that would even hint to it happening. I have no way of reproducing it either because no matter what I try, it only happens once in a while. I can still click on all the buildings, but the screen is completely black besides when you mouse over a building, and the buildings buttons on the left side of the screen. >.< Other than that little bit, everything I have noticed seems to be bug free, or nearly at least. It's stable enough I decided to start a career with it (rough cut, some cheats, set on easy so I can get through it fast except for 40% science gain to make unlocking new tech take forever lol).
  22. I've had the same issue sometimes with warp for some reason. I don't know if it's related to this mod or I'd have mentioned it sooner and done a full test with only mechjeb but it's so rare and spontaneous. Usually it's during short orbit, but during that I can't fire my engines. Nothing happens if I try. I can use RCS and spin, but I can't fire them for anything besides spinning. Shift, and control do nothing, z and x make the thrust bar move, that's it. Then randomly, after a few seconds, minutes, or loading to a new ship then back it will fix itself. Early last week I had it happen during reentry to kerbin. I ALMOST overshot kerbin because it happened during a burn and shut the engines down entirely. No reason, I was at 99k. I had a full fuel tank, full signal, AND a pilot. It hasn't happened since except with a probe, when trying to move it's orbit. Again, it's so random that I can't pin point it, and I have it set to pop code up on the screen when things go wrong. Nothing. Didn't find anything in my logs either, so honestly I figured it was a stock issue. I also had the landing issue however. But it seems that if I remove the new Kopernicus that's in development that landing bug went away as it landed fine on the moon. Heh. I have no idea, and if it is this random I'm just going to wait it out. But if it does get fixed I will be very very happy.
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