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  1. Hello all - I thought I would give a short update - thanks for everyone’s help first off! Have no problems with spacecraft rendezvous/ rescue in “Munar orbit”- still hit or miss around Kerbin....I have been trying to get Pe exactly overlayed with target ship - then only have to modify Pa to play with rendezvous markers...”Pushing Retrograde” / “Pulling Prograde” onto target make sense....I can get relative speeds fairly close to 0 and < 200 m - so I just get stranded Kerbin to bail out and EVA / RCS to rescue ship.... While the standard ship axis controls are fine - the RCS one are bothersome - I am looking to find a keymapper so I can use the numeric keypad... I placed a couple satellites into precisely required / bizarre orbits - actually found that rather easy? Doing my 2nd Munar surface landing / rescue (thank goodness for the huge number of game saves allowed!!!).....Important tip: add downward facing lighting for night landing “attempts”.... 2nd Munar rescue also was at a very low latitude: 1st attempt wasted so much fuel making pretty orbits blah blah blah....Reloaded from mid-Kerbin / amun transfer point - just went for straight polar orbit insertion: did most of the orbital insertion with my 2nd ascent / transfer stage.... Still have had to be inventive (ie even using RCS for returns) in fuel management: I think I still burn too much on descent...Landers are also pretty tippy (because I have a 4-passenger module - plus the storage bay (stocked full of goo for reaping science when landed on Mun.... Finally - as far as Mods go...RUN! Do not walk! and install ForScience: From my latest Mun landing trip (hauling 3 tourists and rescuing one stranded) - storage bay besides battery and reaction wheel - had experimental storage unit and 12(!) goo containers....This ONE(1) trip netted me almost 600 science!!
  2. FWIW - I watched Scott Hanleys’ video #s 12 & 13 (13 being the key for getting safely back to Kerbin...I was trying to escape Mun from the “opposite side” - similar to the Kerbin to Mun escape point)....Scott is a bit more focused that Quill too... I’ll check out Mike’s videos off to orbital rendezvous & rescues!!
  3. Thanks SaturnTony - and enjoy it yourself! I found a very helpful video by Quill18 - that clearly describes the Ascending/Descending Nodes - as well as the Closest Approach markers on various maneuver trajectory lines... Quill18 - KSP For Beginners - Part 8
  4. That is a great reference! Thank you!! I was familiar with most of the construction concepts (and a decent, stable jet plane plaform for atmospheric observations)..Really good into on Communications / Telemetry - and especially the heat management concepts....The later pages have me drooling about unlocking future science lab :-) One more quick question - anyone have a good link for explaining the basics of orbit transfer? I had earlier successfully completed a Mun flyby / orbit myself - but when I tried to repeat with a tourist - by the end of the return I run out of fuel / can't deorbit...(make a couple passes down to @ 55,000 m....but too much speed can't aerobrake until I run out of battery charge...(and I have 8x mounted..haven't unlocked solar yet) (I have several of the KSP intro vids by Scott Hanley & Quill18 -so that's how I managed to get out there & back the first time....but I don't remember the Mun escape manuever being so difficult??)
  5. @James Kerman Thanks for the link..I was hoping to get father along in mastering KSP "Vanilla" - but the MechJeb mod definitely is great for long distance flights (had to tweak VertSpeed PID to reduce pitch oscillations for ALtHold - but otherwise great "out of the box" (need to contact MechJeb Devs / see if on issue list - but I get a course hold error (drifts left at @ 1 degree / min) when I accelerate time...Perhaps a "compass precession" error?) @Starhawk I am sure that I'll get up to speed with the acronyms / lingo...I did see there is some in the KSP manual - but it is a shame you cannot print / bookmark individual pages? And no offline PDF version either (I know: version control would be a PITA)... Cheers, Dan
  6. Hello everyone in Kerbalverse! I am a long time astronomy/ aeronautics/ flight simulation enthusiast...Have been enjoying Elite Dangerous for galactic exploration for past year or so....Had seen KSP on my Steam feed and put it on my wishlist....After multiple recommendations- and KSP going on sale - time to take the plunge.... I have just completed the first “Visit the Mun” mission (did an orbit or two - not just a flyby) - so flush with funds - I have upgraded SPH (255), VAB (255), R&D (500) and MC (7)...I have ‘stable’ jet plane, jet/rocket plane, orbital and now Mun capable ships.... So far I’m KSP Vanilla head is spinning from the number of mods available- and acronyms abound...That’s the steepest learning curve right now... Doing a few atmospheric observation missions to restock my science points....It would be nice to get some of those Supersonic aircraft bits to fly halfway around Kerbin to record a pressure /temp (attempting to stack as many missions at once)...but a such long flight (I assume there is an “autopilot” mod so I can use time acceleration?).....but oooooh! I want some 2.5m heavy rocketry... Anyway - look forward to chatting and learning about KSP...Wonderfully engaging so far! Cheers, Dan