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  1. More progress in getting the new save for the series is going well, and I've already added some more to the base, along with a new station in low orbit around minmus. At this rate, I might be able to release Part 27 by the end of the week.
  2. I'm glad to say that From Kerbin To Beyond, despite having some problems with the save, will be coming back! The new one will be called From Kerbin To Beyond Continued, and below are some images of the new save that will be used from Part 27 onwards. The New Mun Base Swell: The Jebediah Kerbin Station Mk2:
  3. Well, hopefully I can fix those problems I've been having tomorrow. But if I can't, I will continue the series and release part 27 in from kerbin to beyond continued, a new career.
  4. From Kerbin To Beyond Career Statistics For November 2019 Launches: ≈26 Kerbals Currently In Space: 2 Kerbals KIA Or MIA: 3 Stations: 2 Bases: 1 Landers: 10 Rovers: 2 Probes: 16 Missions Launched To Other Planets: 12 Missions To Moho: 1 (In orbit around Moho) Missions To Eve: 1 (Currently in-transit to its destination) Missions To Duna: 5 (All currently in-transit to their destination) Missions To Dres: 0 Missions To Jool: 3 (All currently in-transit to their destination) Missions To Eeloo: 2 (All currentl
  5. If it turns out that I can't fix the problems I'm having with the save, I might just end up making a new career in 1.8.1 and wait until I have reached where I was in this series in that new career. It would be called From Kerbin To Beyond Continued if I decided to do this.
  6. Weird Problems Are Happening With The Save For This Series So, I was planning on releasing Part 27 today, but when I went into the save I have being using for the series in 1.8.0, some weird problems started happening. First, when I launched a new craft I had made for the mun base, I couldn't switch to the orbital map view! No matter how many times I pressed M, it would not open. I even tried remapping the key but that didn't fix the problem either. When I loaded a different save, I could press M for the map view without any problems, but when I tried doing it in the career series sa
  7. Part 26 - Probes To Eeloo After the arrival of the Moho probes at their destination, the space program started planning its first missions to the kerbol system's outermost planet, Eeloo. A transfer window was coming up, and a pair of spacecraft were prepared. Named Eeloo Exploration Mission 1 (EEM 1) and EEM 2, they would enter into orbit around the small icy world. EEM 2 was not identical to EEM 1, and had several differences from the other probe. The liftoff went off as planned, and EEM 2 was placed into a parking orbit. Unlike
  8. 1952 - Reaching Space After having a rough start in their space program at the end of 1951, the KSEA was ready to continue their attempts to send something beyond the Karman line and reach space. They were hoping 1952 would be a better year, with less problems happening during their flights. The KSEA would continue launching from Vandenburg AFB, though they might move to Cape Kennedy in a few years. The first launch of the year was Skern 1, on January 25, 1952. The liftoff went well, and no engine problems occurred during the flight. Engine shutdown occurred
  9. Part 25 - Arrival At Moho I wanted to make part 25 special, and luckily enough, the Moho probes were arriving at Moho, so enjoy seeing what I decided to do with them! The space program's Moho probes, which were launched around 100 days ago, were finally arriving at their destination, making them the first probes launched to reach another planet! The first one to arrive would be MICRM, launched after Mohon. After checking the amount of delta-v to enter Moho orbit, it was found that MICRM would not have enough! So, an alternate plan for the probe would be done. Instead of ent
  10. I plan on releasing the next part, 1952, soon. I just hope my launches in that year will go better than they did in 1951.
  11. Part 24 - Return To The Mun: This Time For Good! After the return of the JKS crew to kerbin, it was time for kerbals to finally return to The Mun, and this time for good! This would be accomplished through a munar base, which would be made up of several parts, and would always have at least one kerbal onboard. The first part of the base was named Swell, and would be piloted by Saming Kerman. The launch occurred without any problems, and the base was placed into a LKO parking orbit. After waiting in orbit, when The Mun started rising above
  12. 1951 - A Rough Start After being formed in late 1950, the K.S.E.A was ready to begin their attempts to launch something beyond the Karman line (100 km) and reach space. They had recently gotten 150,000 funds from the government to start constructing rockets for their space program. After deciding on a launch site, Vandenberg AFB was chosen. The first rocket, Skight 1, was ready for its flight on March 25, 1951. The liftoff of the rocket went well, at least for the first few seconds... Then, the rocket started tilting over, and the engine was shut down. At T+
  13. I'm glad to say that I have started working on my next mission report series, Beyond The Moon! For those of you interested you can check it out as I will try and make it as great as this series has been so far. Also, I will still continue to make parts for this series, alongside the other one. I plan on making at least 25-30 more parts for From Kerbin To Beyond, so its not ending anytime soon!
  14. Beyond The Moon is my second mission report multi-part series, after From Kerbin To Beyond. It is about my progress through a RSS/RO career in RP-1 as I try to get to The Moon and eventually to other planets such as Venus and Mars. As I make progress, I update this OP with the new parts. Each part is a year, and every launch I do in that year is included in the part (later years will be split up into multiple parts, like Q1, Q2, etc). Unlike in my other series though, the space program in this series has a name! Its called the K.S.E.A. I hope you will like reading the parts, and enjoy this ser
  15. Part 23 - The JKS Crew Returns Home After spending some time onboard the Jebediah Kerbin Station (JKS), the crew was getting a little antsy, so the space program decided it was time for them to come home. A new spacecraft, which had the ability if the parachutes were to fail to propulsively land, had undergone some testing and was now ready to bring them back. The spacecraft sat on the pad, ready for its mission. After liftoff, the ascent to orbit went well, and the craft was put into LKO. A maneuver to encounter the JKS was then
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