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  1. Part 17 - Tourists To Jeb's Station A contract to bring two tourists to the Jebediah Kerbin station had been accepted, and would be the first mission to bring tourists to a specific definition. The last tourist to go to space had been Tito Kerman, and it was about time to bring some more to space. The capsule was a three seater which would be piloted by Siwell Kerman, with tourists Neton and Lagerlas Kerman onboard. The launchpad had been upgraded to level 3, which was required for a rocket of this size. The launch was another great one, and the tourists enjoyed the view as they rocketed into orbit. After reaching LKO, they planned a course that would intercept the station, which was in a higher orbit. The burn was done, and the spacecraft was on its way to Jeb's station along with its passengers. Later, the spacecraft arrived at the station and docked with it, and since last time a new science lab module had been added. The tourists spent a few hours on the station, and gazed at kerbin as they orbited around it. When their time was up and they were ready to return to kerbin, the last thing they did was re-positioning the science lab module. When it was originally docked, to the station, it had been docked with the wrong port. Luckily, they were able to successfully re-position it, and still had plenty of fuel left to de-orbit. The tourists and Siwell Kerman then undocked and left the station, and observed it in its new configuration. The de-orbit burn was then done, and they had a splashdown relatively close to the KSC. With the contract now complete, the space program could send more tourists to their space stations in the near future. As they prepared to send a lot of stuff to Duna, there was still uncertainty at how a crewed mission would turn out. Would the crew need to be rescued like with what happened on the first crewed mun landing mission, or could they return home without any problems?
  2. Part 16 - Munar Station It had been some time since the first station was launched, so it was time to launch the next one! A contract to launch a munar space station was accepted, and a rocket to launch it was built. Named the Morben Mun Station, it would launch with 2 kerbals onboard, and would include a mobile processing lab. The launch occurred without any problems, and the station was put into low kerbin orbit. After reaching LKO, a burn to transfer to The Mun was done, and the crew got some great views of Kerbin on their way there. After reaching Munar SOI, the orbital insertion burn was done, and the station was put into munar orbit. For the contract to be complete though, the station would have to be in orbit for two days, so the crew settled in and waited. While they were waiting in orbit, they saw an amazing sight, a Kerbin Solar eclipse. After spending two days in orbit, the time was finally up, and the contract was completed. With a crewed munar station now in orbit around The Mun, it would expand the space program's presence of kerbals from beyond kerbin orbit. Some course corrections were coming up for the Moho probes soon, which would put them on a close flyby of Moho. Also, a Duna transfer window was coming up soon, and some had already started proposing a daring project. Along with sending a fleet of probes to Duna and Ike, they would also try and send a kerbal to duna, and back.
  3. SCANsat Maps Update #3 - Complete Low Resolution Mun Maps On Year 1, Day 188, complete low resolution maps of The Mun were obtained using the Munsat satellite equipped with SCANsat technology. The Munsat satellite, in a polar mun orbit. A complete low resolution map of The Mun. A complete slope map of The Mun. The slope and low resolution Mun maps combined.
  4. Part 15 - The Jool Probes After some preparation, the Jool probes were ready to be sent to Jool and its interesting system of moons. The first one, Jool Exploration Mission 1 (J.E.M 1) was launched, and after a transfer burn was on its way to Jool. The second one, J.E.M 2, was to be launched a few hours after J.E.M 1, but would be set up in a way that it would arrive first and ahead of J.E.M 1. The rocket's first stage put it most of the way into orbit, and the second stage finished the orbital insertion. The payload fairing was seperated to reveal the probe, which had a relay antenna dish, underneath. After reaching orbit, a transfer burn to Jool was planned out, which would be done on the night side of Kerbin to improve efficiency. The second stage started the burn, and the third stage finished it. On the way to Jool, a maneuver was planned to bring J.E.M 2 close to the planet at its periapsis. The probe's speed after the burn made it one of the fastest launched yet, and it passed the orbit of The Mun in less than two hours. J.E.M 2 was trailing J.E.M 1 at the moment, but it would eventually overtake the first probe. With two probes now on their way to Jool, one more was planned to be launched. Named J.E.M.V.L, it would try and land on the moon of Vall. J.E.M 1 would arrive at Jool in 1 year, 52 days, and 4 hours while J.E.M 2 would arrive in 1 year, 52 days, and 0 hours.
  5. Part 14 - The Kerbston Space Telescope After Siwell's return to Kerbin from Minmus, it was decided to launch a telescope. Named the Kerbston Space Telescope, it would look into the sky and try to get high resolution pictures of all the planets in the kerbol system from kerbin orbit. The rocket, carrying the KSS, on the launchpad. Fairing seperation and ignition of second stage. The Kerbston Space Telescope deployed in Kerbin Orbit and ready to start observing planets and their moons. These are the images captured by the KSS of the planets and their moons, in order from closest to furthest from the sun. Below the original picture is a labeled version with zoomed in views. Moho - Closest Planet To Kerbol, Two Missions Currently On Their Way To The Planet Eve - Second Planet In The Kerbol System, Has One Moon, Gilly, Thought To Be A Captured Asteroid Duna - Fourth Planet In The Kerbol System, Has A Large, Close Orbiting Moon, Ike, Which Is Tidally Locked To The Planet Dres - A Small Planet Orbiting Between Duna and Jool, Due To Its Size, It Has Been Referred To As A Dwarf Planet Jool - The Largest Planet In The Kerbol System, Jool Is A Gas Giant And Has A System of Five Moons, Three Of Which Were Imaged. Missions Will Be Sent To The Planet Soon And Eeloo - The Furthest And Most Distant Planet In The Kerbol System, Eeloo, Like Dres, Has Been Called A Dwarf Planet Due To Its Small Size
  6. Part 13 - Siwell's Jaunt On Minmus After Jebediah went to Minmus, Siwell Kerman decided she wanted to be the second one to take a journey to the minty moon. This short part shows what she did on the surface of Minmus, and is also the first part in the series to use the Hullcam VDS Continued mod. Siwell's Minmus mission was different, as she would visit three biomes, using a technique called Biome hopping. She was there to get a lot of science for more new technology, such as better cameras. Her first stop was the Lesser Flats, and she did some exploring around the landing site. After planting a flag, she used her EVA camera and accidentally did a somersault over the lander. Her next stop was the midlands, and she did some exploring after landing for a second time. A flag would be used to mark what biomes she had already visited so future missions would know which ones had already been explored. Her third and final stop was the Lowlands biome, and just before finishing her third jaunt on the surface of Minmus, she left a flag marking the biome. When Siwell returned to Kerbin a few days later, she had gathered over 600 science, even more than Jebediah had gotten. The science was used to unlock telescopes, one of which, would be launched soon and be used to take extremely zoomed in views of the planets from kerbin orbit.
  7. Part 12 - First Steps On A Minty World After launching the Moho probes, it was time for Jebediah Kerman to finally return to spaceflight. His next mission, would be another historic one, in two ways. It would be the first mission to land a kerbal on Minmus and return them safely to Kerbin, and also the first mission to try and recover a stage. The rocket, named Minven, was ready for liftoff. The launch was standard up until the first stage seperation. After the first stage seperated, it turned around and prepared for atmospheric re-entry. To keep the probe core batteries from dying, it had solar panels which were deployed. Unlike the Falcon 9 first stage though, it didn't use its engine to slow down during re-entry. Instead, it relied on the atmosphere and its fins on slowing it down enough for parachute deployment. The parachutes deployed on time, and the stage was successfully recovered from the ocean! With the successful first stage recovery, the rest of the mission continued into orbit. After reaching orbit, a burn to transfer to Minmus was done. After reaching Minmus, a burn to enter into a low orbit was done. Before landing, Jeb did an EVA to collect the science from one of the Mystery Goo experiments. After that, there was a Go for landing, and the touchdown on Minmus was a success. During Jeb's EVA, he planted the flag, and did some exploring around the landing site. Before going back inside though, he examined a boulder that wasn't that far away. With the landing objective of the mission complete, Jebediah returned to Minmus orbit. After reaching orbit, a burn was done to return to Kerbin in a few days, and Jeb watched Minmus as he departed from the Minty moon. Jeb then watched as Kerbin's size from his perspective grew, and he got closer to re-entry. During re-entry, Jeb's craft flew over a river, something other missions really hadn't seen before during descent. The parachutes deployed, and Jeb had a gentle touchdown. A tremendous amount of science from the mission had been gained! Also a large amount of funds had been collected, just over 1 million! With the success of Jeb's Minmus mission, the science gathered was used to unlock some new technology. Another transfer window was coming up, and the new technology would be useful for robotic missions to the planet. What planetary transfer window was coming up, you ask? Well, a transfer window to the Jool system! Like with the probes to Moho, multiple ones would be launched. Also, the claw/grabber was unlocked, so some more recovery stuff would be tried with that.
  8. SCANsat Maps Update #2 - Complete Kerbin Biome Maps On Year 1, Day 154, complete biome maps of kerbin were obtained using the Kerbsat 3 satellite, equipped with a SCAN Multispectral Sensor. The Kerbsat 3 satellite, in a polar orbit of kerbin. The complete biome map of Kerbin. The complete biome map and a low resolution elevation map of kerbin combined.
  9. Part 11 - Mohon To Moho The transfer window for Moho, was now only a few days away. Two spacecraft, Mohon and the Moho Interplanetary Communications Relay Mission (MICRM), were now ready for launch to innermost planet. Mohon would be launched first, and would be followed a few days later, by MICRM. With over 12 km (or 12126 m/s to be exact) in the vacuum of Delta-V, the probe had plenty of extra fuel in case something were to happen. The launch went well, and Mohon reached LKO with no problems encountered except for some minor power issues. A trajectory to encounter Moho was plotted and planned, and it would require over 2 km of Delta-V, which the probe had plenty of. About halfway through the injection burn, the second stage was dropped and the third stage finished the transfer burn. Mohon would leave Kerbin at over 4000 m/s! As Mohon left Kerbin's SOI, the probe's departure was observed. With the first of the two probes now on its way to Moho, a small correction burn would be done on the way there to adjust the probe's course. With an arrival in about 106 days, the space program's first interplanetary probe was on its way! The plan was that once Mohon reached Moho, it would do an orbital insertion burn, and collect scientific data about the planet to send back home. If the mission had extra delta-v left after that, they might even attempt a landing with the probe, which would make it the space program's first interplanetary landing. As the MICRM spaceprobe was prepared for its launch, the space program started thinking about sending kerbals to the surface of Kerbin's second moon, Minmus.
  10. Part 10 - Kerbin Station Crew Rotation After spending some time on the Jebediah Kerbin station, it was time to do a crew rotation. One new kerbal would be sent up to the station, and three kerbals who had spent some time there would return home. The mission was called Kerbion 1, and the new crew member being sent to the station would be Siwell Kerman. The launch went well, and in a few mintues, Siwell Kerman was in orbit. After reaching orbit, the maneuver to rendezvous with the Jebediah Kerbin station was done, and the craft made its approach the station. Since last time, a new module had been docked to the station, and it now had retractable solar panels and space for 12 kerbals. After docking with the station, Siwell did an EVA and boarded the new module, dubbed the Bob Kerbin module. The kerbals that would come back would be Tenand, Ribger, and Duoly Kerman. They had been part of the crew that had been launched with the station, and now it was time for them to return to Kerbin after spending around 28 days onboard. After undocking, the crew did the de-orbit burn, and re-entered through the atmosphere. The parachutes deployed, and after touchdown the crew was recovered. With the first crew rotation of the Jebediah Kerbin station now complete, Tenand, Ribger, and Duoly could prepare for future missions. Also, the Moho transfer window was happening in less than 30 days, and the probe, named Mohon, was now ready for launch. It would be the space program's first mission to another planet.
  11. SCANsat Maps Update #1 - Mostly Complete Low Resolution Kerbin Maps In addition to the parts, now I am doing SCANsat map updates as well, since that mod is now part of the ones used in this series. On Year 1, Day 107, mostly complete low resolution maps of Kerbin were obtained using SCANsat technology onboard the Kerbsat 2 satellite. The maps are more than 98% complete. When more detailed maps are obtained, including maps for other planets and moons, they will be shown. The Kerbsat 2 Satellite, In A Polar Orbit Around Kerbin To Maximize Scan Coverage. A mostly complete low resolution elevation map of kerbin. A mostly complete low resolution slope map of kerbin. The two mostly complete low resolution maps combined. The next part in this series will be Part 10, which will be about a crew rotation mission to the Jebediah Kerbin station, which should have a new module by then. Edit: A complete version of the low resolution kerbin map has now been obtained.
  12. Part 9 - The Start Of A Station... After the rescue of Jeb and Bob, it was decided to launch the first space station! The contract was signed, and construction was started. The first part of the station was named the Jebediah Kerbin Station, and it would launch with four crew onboard, all recently rescued kerbals. The rocket sat above the launchpad on clamps, so it would not fall over before liftoff. For some reason, during the beginning of the launch, the crew was scared. Even though nothing had gone wrong so far after liftoff The rocket consisted of two stages. The first brought it most of the way out of the atmosphere, and the second stage finished putting the station into low kerbin orbit The fairings detached to reveal the station, and the crew was able to see a glimpse of the fairing after it had fallen off After reaching orbit, it was decided to raise the periapsis and apoapsis to around 175,000 m to avoid a collision with any of the debris scattered around LKO With the second stage no longer being needed, it was decoupled and the crew observed it as it drifted away Before the contract was fulfilled though, it required the station to be in orbit for at least 2 days. During that time, the crew got great views of Kerbin and occasionally the KSC as well With the contract now complete, the space program could start adding new parts and modules to the station. The first addition, named the Bob Kerbin Module, would be launched and docked to the station in the near future. In the meantime though, the first interplanetary launch window was coming up, and a probe was already being prepared to be sent to the innermost planet of the Kerbol system, Moho.
  13. I don't know why this is happening, but sometimes, when I have a vehicle on the launchpad and either recover it and launch another vehicle or choose to fly it, the icon for the launchpad stays on the screen during flight and when I am in map mode. I've tried doing stuff like going back to main menu and then going back into the save, but it still stays there, even on the main menu. I know this is a bug, but i'm not sure how to fix it other than closing and re-opening the game. Below are some screenshots i took of this bug/glitch. And this is in Kerbal Space Program 1.8.0, if you're wondering what version. (Also, I can interact with it, but when I click the fly or recover button, nothing happens)
  14. Part 8 - Jeb and Bob's Rescue (Continued) This is the second of two parts that documents the rescue of Jeb and Bob and their return to Kerbin. After spending a few days in low munar orbit, the second rescue craft, Egmont, would bring them the rest of the way home. First, the Egmont's on board computer set up a maneuver to rendezvous with them. After that, the Egmont rendezvoused with the Eliot Green, where Bob and Jeb were currently (And in the process partially completing a contract) Then, Bob and Jebediah did an EVA and boarded the Egmont (which became the first dual EVA in space) A maneuver was then planned and executed which would bring them back to Kerbin On the way back home, they enjoyed the view, and after a few days, prepared for re-entry Like on some previous missions, the kerbals described what they were seeing as they re-entered the atmosphere Jebediah: "I can see flames outside as we are streaking through the atmosphere." Bob: "All I can say is... its very hot outside! I can see The Mun also." And finally, after spending around 40 days on the munar surface, Jebediah and Bob had returned home! They were glad to be back after what had happened It was found they had collected over 360 science from their Mun mission! With Jebediah and Bob Kerman now back after the rescue mission, the space program could start focusing on other things. Jeb and Bob would take a rest from going on missions, while other astronauts such as Val would continue to. Using all the new science, they could finish unlocking everything they would be able to until they upgraded the R&D to level 2.
  15. Part 7 - Jeb and Bob's Munar Rescue This is the first of two parts that documents the rescue of Jebediah and Bob Kerman, who were previously stranded on the munar surface with no way of getting home or even reaching munar orbit. The mission to rescue them, the Eliot Green, was finally finished. The rocket sat on the launchpad, ready for its automated liftoff After launch, the ascent to orbit was all automated, and done by a probe core on top of the vehicle After reaching orbit, a maneuver was planned to bring the craft into munar SOI. After that, another maneuver would be done to change inclination The second stage did most of the burn, and the third stage finished it The craft was now on a trajectory that would bring it close to The Mun A maneuver done at closest approach to The Mun to put the craft into a low circular orbit The de-orbit burn was done, and the craft landed within 1 kilometer of the Korven landing site After waiting for it to be daytime, Jeb and Bob got out of their craft, and made an EVA over to the rescue lander Jeb: "Man, it sure is good to finally get rescued!" Bob: "Yeah, it sure is, I just want to get back to kerbin with all the science we have collected!" After arriving at the lander, they got in, and prepared for liftoff After liftoff, they went into a low munar orbit, and were glad they were finally off the surface! The craft had just barely enough fuel to put them into orbit Now, as they waited for the next part of the mission to arrive and bring them the rest of the way home, Jeb and Bob enjoyed a nice eclipse