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  1. Is it possible to retrofit the MK1-2 IVA replacement to the new Mk1-3 pod?
  2. Great, thank you! Will give this a whirl after work and let you know how I get on.
  3. Hello @Lisias I hope I'm not being rude by asking, but I could use some help getting a TweakScale fix for the NFS "Orion" solar panels to work (fix courtesy of @Jay The Amazing Toaster. Would it be best to PM you?
  4. Hi, thanks for the help. I've done this, but I'm not sure where to place it. I've tried adding it to the NF: Solar patch directly but that hasn't worked either. Is it possible to edit the part directly?
  5. Amazing, thank you very much. So I just add this to the MM config?
  6. Really great post, your images continue to amaze! I'm trying to recreate your Orion myself using the mod list for my own attempt at a Kerbalised Constellation play-through, but I've got a snag. I'm sure the round solar panels are from Near Future Solar, scaled up to suit the service module better. However when I try and adjust them with TweakScale I'm not given the option to edit the scale. Would you mind sharing how you did this? Thanks!
  7. Sorry to double post, but I was just reading through this fantastic thread again this morning and had a question regarding the Orion 1 mission. Do you think it is perhaps a bit risky for NASA to allow the first flight of a new engine (J2-X) on a rocket with 4 crew members aboard? Especially given the increased safety culture after Columbia, I wonder if they would perhaps go for an unmanned flight of the whole Ares I stack before allowing it to be flown with crew.
  8. This thread is wonderful, your images are just outstanding. It's almost as if they are real pictures from an alt-history timeline! Can you provide a modlist for visuals and parts? EDIT: apologies, I've only just seen the spoiler in the OP. Thank you for providing it!
  9. I understand the point of this thread and the innocent intentions behind it (I have a few KSP-related quirks myself), but I just want to add a personal note to the discussion for the OP and other commenters to reflect on. As somebody who has been diagnosed with OCD, takes medication for it, and fights an all-day every-day battle in my own head against the manifestations of it, I find it really difficult to see people treat it as a funny personality quirk rather than the awful, life-destroying mental illness it is for many sufferers. OCD isn't term that should be used lightly and I feel th
  10. I've noticed that the antennae used for Skylab will refuse to accept Extend commands until a crew docks with the station. Is this expected behaviour and I'm just missing something, or a bug? Thanks
  11. That worked a treat, managed to get an orbital-weight CSM to 250km orbit (JNSQ) at 50deg inclination with only a bit of SM fuel used. Many thanks!
  12. Hi, I absolutely love this mod. I just wanted to ask if I could get some help. I'm trying to launch a Saturn IB in JNSQ, to dock with a Skylab at inc. 50 alt 125. I use Mechjeb for most of my gameplay as I struggle with orbits and rendezvous (been playing for years, still not got the hang of it). Mechjeb is really struggling to get anywhere beyond 45km, which in JNSQ isn't even hitting the upper atmosphere. I've set the SM to Orbital configuration instead of Lunar, but this has meant that even if I can achieve orbit, I'm too low on fuel to rendezvous with Skylab. Any tips would be appreciated!
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