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  1. Here is a link to my "Minimus 6 Voyager" I posted screenshots for last month. I was just looking at some old builds and realized this one has a lot of design quirks I made and I'm interested in any feedback on improvements. I'd like to make something larger capable of landing and leaving planets with atmosphere. This one was only designed to land and take off from bodies in vacuum (no atmosphere). (Steam Workshop Link)
  2. I used a hinge and kept max q under mech jeb default. Basically limiting take off m/s while pushing through lower atmosphere to about .02 atm before opening full throttle. I put a heat shield on the other side to protect it during re entry.
  3. I really like Flight Simulator X. I enjoyed the missions in the original quite a bit and I think I completed all of them, including a sighting of a UFO in the area 51 private vip flight. I played a newer flight simulator from MS that kinda flopped back in 2011/2012 time frame. It was pretty good. There is a new Flight Sim that is coming out, I believe it uses ML (machine learning) generated terrain with some gorgeous terrain assets. It sounds like they are hopeful for some level of VR support as well. Likely for the PC, as I believe the Xbox One management is still avoiding the VR investment. Your PC sounds great and I think it will handle almost any of the flight traditional flight simulators out there, as there hasnt been a new great one in a while. The new MS Flight Simulator will likely do great things on PC.
  4. I'm bingeing on audible & sci-fi titles and KSP this weekend. Book 1 - Steel World Book 2 - Dust World Book 3 - Tech World (Currently listening)
  5. A 21 Year Journey for an Ion Probe Launched from Kerbin "TAG" (Temp, Atmo and Grav science collect) each body during flyby. 56 Parts in 4 Stages: $101,000 - Total Cost 3.543 Ton (Probe Payload Only) Departed Kerbin Orbit @ 75,000 km with ~8000 d/v Flyby Dres (Tx Science) Flyby Jool, Vall & Laythe (Tx Science) Flyby Eeloo (Tx & Store Last Science Experiments) Return to Kerbin using Hohmann Transfer flyby (w/o capture burn) ~71,000 km @ ~4000 m/s!!! Limit 2 of 4 Ion Engines to 10% Thrust due to lack of Power from Sol. Disable other 2 engines. ~ Entering Kerbin SOI from beyond Eeloo. Coming in too Fast w/o enough Xenon Gas to capture Kerbin! Launched NERV "Golden Retriever" ($51,036) from KSC Launch Pad with Claw/Arm to Rendezvous and grab Ion Probe. Let's call this, "Claw 1" Away "Claw 1" to rescue the fast moving Ion Probe Rendezvous Claw & Probe in Kerbin SOI Use remaining Fuel from Claw 1 to reduce speed as much as possible, then release arm and mark as debris. Launch ANOTHER, ("Claw 2", +$50K), leave Kerbin SOI with same trajectory as Ion Probe, and Rendezvous in Sol Orbit nearest Kerbin possible. Repeat Hohmann Transfer to Kerbin w/ Capture Burn, warp 4 years... Reduced d/v to Circularize @ 70,000 Km above Kerbin Reduced d/v to sub-orbital trajectory targeting land mass east of KSC, decoupled "Claw 2" (NERV Engine , tanks, reaction wheel & solar array) Activated RCS Retrograde, retracted probe's solar array Popped chutes and had a safe water landing near KSC. Recovered $64,478, 136.3 Km from KSC (91.6%) of Original Vessel Value! Temp, Atmo and Grav Science from Eeloo just above Babbage Patch! Vessel Recovered Total Science: 1,845.12 Transmitted & Recovered Total Cost: ~$100,000 (Image Source URL is 4K Res) Summary: I probably could have used the ~8000+ d/v I started with more efficiently when flying by Dres, Jool, two of her moons, and Eeloo. Nevertheless it was a great trip and my first legitimate use of Ion thrust engines.
  6. Completed the "Minimus 6 Voyage" and more-or-less completed my Career Mode Tech Tree & Upgrades. Over 40 Experiments collected during the Minimus 6 Voyage! Now I don't know what else to do.
  7. Hi, @Starhawk! Thanks for the reply. In my post above, the two craft were launched separately with large re-usable stage 1 engines like the falcon 9 v 1.0 lower stage. After I rendezvous the vessels on the 2nd launch, both sets of docks could not be docked "simultaneously" while in Kerbin orbit >70km. I aligned them almost perfect w/ RCS. In the example you give, it appears you have configured the docks in the VAB. Are you able to separate and then "re-dock" those vessels once in orbit? Here are mine in orbit, the port on the right docked successfully, and the one on the left (from camera perspective) is "loose" as if the magnetic field is disabled. The images above are this vessel, only zoomed-in to get a better camera perspective. A friend gave me some 0.x beta ~2016, and so I am aware of the various changes. I included the version I am using in my OP because I wanted to show that I am using the latest version and cannot multi-port dock in orbit. Just updating the thread because I ran in to this issue and it was the first result I found when searching on the web, and I was hoping someone else had tried this.
  8. [Moderators Note: This thread was split from a very old thread under the same title] No. KSP Windows x64 + 1.8.1 Making History + 1.8.1 Breaking Ground First Docking Port Successful and has option to undock. Other docking port is misaligned and context menus show them as decoupled/ready to dock. The craft wobbles at the undocked ports and you can see them sliding back and forth. Both craft are duplicate from VAB, so distance apart/alignment is same on both.
  9. Thanks @Geonovast I just reloaded a quick save and was able to land and complete the mission! Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to complete a contract in KSP on PC from Steam (with recent 1.8 upgrade). I've been a 'vanilla' user (no-mods) for about 2 years. I finally broke and installed mechjeb sometime last month, and havent had any significant issues beyond failing to use mechjeb properly and crashing. I just received the 1.8 upgrade but I've also never successfully captured a component with a shuttle before, so I don't know if this bug would have happened before the 1.8 upgrade or not. I finally got the component back to kerbin, but never "completed" the contract, and now the component is gone from tracking station. EDIT: I figured it out! Needed to be landed at Kerbin, and then switch to the component. Afterwards, click recover vessel. I really thought I had tried this once before and the menu didnt appear at the top of the screen when trying to recover. I had an autosave file, so i reloaded that and landed. It seems to have worked so mission complete!