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  1. just after half way through the loading time. i havent had issues last little while of playing (well over a month) what should i download to hopefully fix this?
  2. yesterday i was playing just fine, now its crashing without changing anything log:
  3. im getting this error im using the version for 1.7.3 what should i do to fix this? ive already uninstalled realplume at the recommendation of someone and that has not helped heres my logs:
  4. here you go since my original post i tried removing the mod from ksp, load ksp, then reinsert and load the game. this unfortunately broke it even more
  5. today is the first time im seeing this error, and its happening with the version for 1.7.3 and the latest beta version. ive done fresh installs of b9 and nothing has remedied this any help would be great. im not using 1.8