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  1. theres no new accompanying stocktextures file, so do i just use the old one or is that not a thing anymore? all the cool kids ask dumb questions B)
  2. After installing EVE, I started having the issue shown here: https://imgur.com/a/8Ra5O59. I'm in 1.11, the latest EVE install, and using the second most recent version of waterfall (only found the newest update when coming here to report this). appears above 20km and disappears below 20km. Hopefully this isn't a repeat, I only checked quickly. Thanks!
  3. this has almost definitely been asked already, but ill ask it anyway. what happened to the hammerhead crane? its still in the provided craft file (which is locked), but is literally impossible to find in the VAB. i figured before it was because i was using a dev version of the mod, but now that ive been forced to switch to the official release im surprised to find its still gone.
  4. youre right, my bad. i completely forgot i had used parts from other mods. i see youve sorted it out already, so ill get out of your hair. thanks for your help!
  5. heres the craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cksm9x7mxfu8m2/X-37B.craft?dl=0 when i try loading it anyway, it doesnt load anything and instead pops up the same little menu saying what im missing.
  6. i went from the last update on the old thread to the lastest update from you. heres what i mean by locked https://imgur.com/a/5g57Uli hopefully this can be helpful
  7. im glad this mod got updated, but now that ive installed the update its locked my craft files from the old version citing a part that is still in the mod. wouldve liked for this to not happen, as ive now just lost an afternoons work
  8. I've got the most recent KJR and autostrut + rigid attach and the stack still becomes a noodle. I'm not even physwarping, it just happens https://imgur.com/a/iXkgbzw any idea on how I could fix this?
  9. ULA said this, not Boeing. the RL-10 has been operated to high hell over the last ~50 years and wouldnt be a set back for man-rating vulcan. Atlas will fly as long as a customer pays for it, so starliner on falcon is highly unlikely.
  10. thanks! i was getting one of those "THIS WILL CORRUPT YOUR SAVE FILE" pop ups and last time i got one of those it was tweakscale being angry about something. will head on over to the texture replacer forum post.
  11. updated some mods and now tweakscale is throwing a fit and the game got really laggy. heres my log https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwq5m8yoqhv962h/KSP.log?dl=0
  12. even if we didnt get the octagrabber, the garage would be a god send. just built my own octagrabber and need to figure out how the hell its going to fit
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