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  1. Thanks for looking into this, its much appreciated! Changes have been pulled in and a new release made which should be available. Additionally, this will be the last update on DOE - if @Lisias or anyone else would like to pick it up and continue working on it please feel free!
  2. You are on "Render Targeted Vessel Only" under Distant Vessel, if you press the button you can change the mode to render all unloaded vessels which should fix your issue
  3. Updated to KSP 1.12.x I'll have a look into this issue when i have some free time
  4. Distant Rendering will make it so any ship within the specified distance is fully rendered (i.e all the parts are rendered, it just disables the physics so your computer doesnt melt) Unfortunately Distant Rendering does not currently work with modded parts - if you want to just see flares on far away vessels you should turn off the Distant Rendering feature
  5. v2.0.2.0 is for KSP 1.11.x If you are on KSP 1.10.x you should be using v2.0.1.1
  6. Could you please post a picture of what you are seeing and i'll take a look? On my end it comets look the same as in vanilla. Cant replicate this issue myself, could you PM me your mod list and i'll take a more in depth look
  7. Yeah it seems to be modded parts, Stock vessels load fine (At least from my testing) i'll have a look into why modded parts break the vessel rendering.
  8. Could you please PM me your modlist? It might be DOE not liking some other mod Thanks
  9. Just had a look back at the previous versions, seems that a previous version of KSP broke that feature a while ago, back when it was managed by MOARdv. I'll see if i can track down what broke and and see if i can fix it *Edit* Ok, seems that this feature does work - at least on my test build for the newest version of KSP. Could you check your settings?
  10. @Shoujo Q Yeah, This is the correct setting. Play around with the settings to see what sort of look you want. Thanks @VoidSquid
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