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  1. Nope, its not been changed. The icon should appear in both the Stock Toolbar and the Toolbar mod (if installed) by default. There is also a setting where the button only appears when you are at the Space Center screen, maybe this is enabled?
  2. You can edit the value it uses in the settings for the mod, so you can make the skybox as light or dark as you want
  3. Good catch, my apologies that's the settings i used when testing the build - i'll update the file so the settings defaults are normal
  4. @Cynor no functionality has been changed from MOARdv's newest version, it's currently just been recompiled for 1.8.1
  5. Distant Object Enhancement Continued v2.0.0.0 Distant Object Enhancement Continued is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of MOARdv's Distant Object Enhancement bis v1.9.1.1, which is a update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. I have adopted the mod with permission of MOARdv Downloads CKAN SpaceDock GitHub This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  6. Nice, Thanks for updating this one - Feels wrong to play without it haha
  7. Hi @MOARdV, If this mod hasn't been picked up by anyone yet, i would be more than happy too.