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  1. Right off the bat ill say im on 1.10.1, i can't (Likely just don't know ): how to use other launch pads. Other than that, looks great!
  2. good mod, really cool, 1 thing. what engine in what config goes on the 2nd stage of ITS? am i just being stupid?
  3. Great mod, super realistic, amazing, nice job with the craft files But how do i make some of this stuff, like N1?
  4. I have Soviet and US Parts by Raidernick, these mods have SO much stuff, and its getting annoying to scroll to find vostok 1
  5. Great mod. Loads Really quick for all the mods, especially RO. Bit tricky (for my stupid brain atleast), to Install. Thank you so moch for all the Work and Dedication in this Huge Project.
  6. thats pretty cool, thanks for clearing it up
  7. I tried to EVA from the LEM and i did everything including turning on its back and it said the hatch was blocked
  8. For a while, Everytime i Stage or Undock in Space, either it Flings my Craft into Suborbital Trajectory, or just Blows it up. Please Help!
  9. Ok, I don't do well with SSTO type things, and i don't like complex things like having to do the propellor aproach.
  10. Cause i suck and i only have 30 seconds ill explain tomarrow bai
  11. I have This aswell as KAS and KIS, How the frick do i build this in EVA?!
  12. While it is no Economical, who would want that when you don't know how? I agree fully with you, and i'm not trying to argue, however, it's a little like SSTO, Some people can get some to Duna, some people can't get to Orbit. I'd say use all the Fuel you need and have, then learn to use Less.
  13. I love this Mod and Literaly Can't live without it, i was away in a place with no Internet to Install and i crashed half my Rockets. This is Easily my Favorite Mod, I know people think it Cheating, but how many real life Rockets were Guided Manually? I do have 1 Problem: Can you Autostage without Deploying Fairings? This is a small Problem when i do an Apollo Recreation and it stages the Fairing (Apollo staged the Fairings when it was on TLI). Is there any way to stop this, or is it not added yet? Also i learned how to dock via MJ, so i'd reccomend it if you can't and wanna learn .