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  1. Ey, Shadow, i Installed this and i Uninstalled it cause i didn't know what was going on, then i noticed you had Premade ships. I tried to Install is Via CKAN and it gave me this Error: Oh no! It looks like you're trying to install a mod which is already installed, or which conflicts with another mod which is already installed. As a safety feature, the CKAN will *never* overwrite or alter a file that it did not install itself. If you wish to install ShadowWorksStockalikeSLSandMore 2.0.3 via the CKAN, then please manually uninstall the mod which owns: Ships/VAB/ShadowWorks - Amun-Ra Block I.craft and try again. Your GameData has been returned to its original state. Error during installation! An unknown error occurred, please try again! As you know Amun Ra is your SLS, and i dont wanna Mess up my Files. Am i just being a stupid idiot, or is this a Real problem? Anyway, thanks for the Great mod.
  2. I used the Steam Betas and i went to 1.6.1, I loaded and it didn't work. Did i do something wrong? I used CKAN and it downloaded a frick ton of Mods that lagged everyone, why did this not work?
  3. I'm in Sandbox mode. I'll put Fuel tanks and send it to Eve.
  4. I have a Station here, and i don't know what to do. I have 3KMs of Fuel, and i don't know what to do with it, so I'm asking You instead! I'm sending up the Crew now, so hurry please.
  5. And plus, Mods like RSS aren't exactly a Piece of Cake to install. I tried Via CKAN, and it didnt work, and theres so many Dependencies and Other mods that make it Real, that its really Stupid to try Yourself, without CKAN.
  6. I didn't mean in KSP 1 i meant like in KSP 2 or a DLC. Since there not that far (Only about 1/8ths done), i'd say its pretty easy to be done, but ive never made a Game before. I was thinking more of a Toggle or somthing like that. And to solve the problem with Stock parts, they make Bigger Counterparts for this RSS. And i'd rather not have it require Mods, cause i didn't get Mods until about 300 Hours in and i have 650. I'd say (In KSP 2 only cause the Devs would have to make an entirely new game on the game that exists already, and KSP 2 is indeed in Development), no Mods, just like in the Advanced Options menu when you Start a Game in KSP 1. Didn't know this Topic was so Popular.
  7. I think Squad and the other KSP2 Devs should make it Possible to turn on a sort of RSS without the Mod. I hopse they do this sometime.
  8. ChrisSpace, i See your Point, if they were to add Aliens, they might as well make it a War Game, i don't think they should add Aliens. And if there is no Politics, and they just stand around and do nothing, then there's really no Point to Aliens.
  9. Thanks, i just launched a bunch of Dishes and spaced them apart, but that works.
  10. Ok, do i need a Relay anywhere else, like the Sun? If not then thanks for all your help!
  11. I do, but it says i have Limited Probe control... (I have limited probe control enabled when there's no connection).
  12. I cant post it, but its really simple: a Probodobodyne Rovemate, an RTG clipped into the Rovemate, 6 Small Photovaltic Panels, 4 Wheels, 2 Parachutes 2 Batteries, and a Communotron 88-88