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  1. yeah i just realized that nothing can be seen.
  2. I just tried that, it seemed to have worked, but I've had the option off for a while so I don't know if time will change that, so I'll let you know if it works in a few days or weeks. Also, its been happening ever since i got these mods, and since then I've changed versions, un/reinstalled the game, but that doesn't work.
  3. I have searched keywords for all the crafts, in my ksp folder, and deleted all, if not a noticable amount. as far as i know, they shouldn't be on my pc, i did not save them, they came with the mods, pre-assembled, ready to use with the "include stock craft" checked in the pre world gen options. They are not in the ladder, even as im looking at them in my crafts ingame.
  4. When "include stock craft" setting is turned on, My saved craft list is filled with ships (With Parts) from mods i don't have anymore, i.e. Mostly RN Soviet Rockets, Spacecraft, Stock Spacex Vecicles, Not the mod name). I have deleted Any trace of these mods in my files, but they keep coming back, even with the mods uninstalled, I do have CKAN, so maybe that has something to do with it? Please send help!
  5. https://imgur.com/a/STk77Sw What does Steer ki mean? I'm trying to tweak it so that i can have a bomber wing, and make allies not roll and pitch all over the place, and i need to know that this means.
  6. I think i'm being dump, but, with no mods, and a brand new save, these features don't appear on any part. Please help. Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/MXo4Vuo KSP 1.11
  7. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but 9 full thrust+ merlin engines give 1.01 TWR without payload, recovery gear, or anything else really. Is this intentional? https://imgur.com/a/5GgdgWY /\ Links to photos of the craft in VAB /\ Mass is 171.556t
  8. Less that, just a setting before you make a save that lets you toggle RSS/RO. Sorry for confusion.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not my issue, the diameter and length don't show up at all. Also, i noticed that in 1.10.1, they do show up, but only go to a very specific number, like 1.368 Meters or something. Thanks anyway!
  10. Yeah, same problem, but also half the time they justt flip the tank over. I did get it working work once though, so that's nice. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  11. I think, (if possible), they should bring on the devs of RSS/RO as paid, Full-time devs to develope it into a feature of the stock game. Sorry for the bad Grammar..?
  12. Huh, didn't know that. I'll have to do some more testing...
  13. I think this looks pretty cool. Shot with BDArmory (I think you'd like it.)
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