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  1. I need all your best KSP Memes! No, i cannot tell you what i will do with them. That's a secret.
  2. I personally just wanna warp around and build with NX parts, I think releasing IVA in another update would be a good idea, though its my personal opinion.
  3. On the topic of Impulse engines, will they work like Really powerful conventional rocket engines, or like a really weak warp drive?
  4. So, i found a small thing, not serious, lust a little bit odd. The Warp Nacelles have an Odd symmetry, only for mirror, it makes it a little odd to build ships.
  5. Understandable, still a great mod nonetheless. Looking forward to possible Warbirds sometime, weather by you or someone else!
  6. Wow, very ambitious, i love it! Can't wait for that. Edit: Are there going to be Weapons, like Photon Torpedoes, Phasers, and Disruptors? Also, will there be other factions ships, like Romulan? And will there be Shields? Lots of cool stuff!
  7. Quick question: Are the Engines/Propulsion going to be surface attach? Asking to know if i can easily make more little spacecraft.
  8. Parts: 434 (Without docked ship) Width: 53.4M Length: 92.4M Height: 25.3M The 3 tubes on the side are living spaces. I like the refit instead of a brand-new ship, i can see some cool combinations with that. Oh, and here's that docked ship, called the U.S.S. Caldrius.
  9. kerbalk


    Welcome to the Forums my good sir, i also have a Nation, the New Roman Aerospace Agency
  10. kerbalk


    if i do this will it display the image https://imgur.com/a/0rSy4BQ.jpeg
  11. Holy crud dude! I can't imagine how much hard work is put in to this! It looks simply phenomenal! And also, it is on CKAN now, so thank you for that. Really looking forward to new ships!
  12. Why can you not switch to other craft in an Atmospere? Not like Hot-keying to other craft in range, but midflight, from the map. Is it to stop some sort of exploit? Or to stop accidental switching somehow? Anyone know why?
  13. Wow, this looks exactly like what im looking for! Great work. Any chance it can be found on CKAN soon for people like me who can't install properly?
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