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  1. Just get the waterfall mod and the stock config. It has very nice plumes, no need to complain. Plus it gets updates more regularly since it isn't under Squads management and you can even create your own plumes if you so desire.
  2. IMO such a feature puts emphasis on the wrong aspects of the game. While yes, KSP is about managing your space program with funds/reputation the mechanic adds unnecessary complexity which distracts from the main goal, which is to launch and fly rockets, not wait for them to be built. You could even create the lore, that when you launch a new rocket, the point in time doesn't coincide with the moment where you launch it; i.e. instead of the designing and launching phase being right after the other, rather think about the design having been developped some time prior, same as production. (I hope
  3. I've looked at NFLV's extra folder for methalox patches on LFO engines, but the naming of the patched parts doesn't match any of the mods engines... am I missing something, or is the config not ready yet?
  4. Far Future adds a few awesome-looking "late-game" science experiments, it could be nice to have some for earlier, in contrast to the telescopes from FFT, maybe probe-sized, or more experiments specific to rovers (kinda hot topic atm no?). It could maybe integrate with NF Exploration?
  5. Technically it would meet the requirements for the first four nodes for vacuum propulsion, since 2-3 mods get placed in them, but the last one currently only holds cryogenic engines, which doesn't meet it. I don't have anything against integrating it into CTT (my icons are kinda bad though, and not really homogenous with the style of the rest). I hadn't thought of that, I might look into it. The mod was only a first try at ordering engines, but is open to improvement, and might expand to balance the tank placement; gonna need a new title then tho.
  6. Plenty of mods also make this possible already. Extraplanetary Launchpads, Ground Construction, KIS/KAS, Not so simple construction, soon usi construction just from the top of my head.
  7. Do you a have ModularFlightIntegrator in your GameData as well? It is a dependency, usually bundled with Kopernicus. Just asking, but I don't think this would be your issue.
  8. @VCamProbe You need to disable systems for it to run "smoothly", you can follow the instructions in the original post on how to do it. And it is possible to play without eve and scatterer, it just won't look as good.
  9. Some improvements to career exploration contracts? Like making it more sensible in terms of progression, don't ask eve for first interplanetary landing + return for example. Also cargo delivery contracts could be fun, like bring x amounts of repair kits or whatever to a station.
  10. I am aware of this, it is the FOR[ImprovedTreeEnginePlacement] which is with certainty misplaced. It still works though. Edit: fixed it in latest update.
  11. I'd recommend only the base game first and if you manage to land on the mun and get back you'll know wether the dlc's (and the game) is for you . Making history is great because it adds new parts, which aren't strictly necessary though. Breaking Ground adds robotics and surface science which is neat, but also not required to enjoy the game as it is. Also, there is a ton of mods which can shape the game to your liking, but it is usually recommended to play vanilla through one time before touching mods.
  12. Improved Tree Engine Placement // v1.2.1 License: CC BY-NC 4.0 The scope of this mod is to improve the order in which you unlock engines in the community tech tree. It does this by splitting the rocketry line into a lifter line and an efficient propulsion line, into which go booster engines and vacuum-optimized engines respectively. Nuclear and fusion propulsion lines are shifted up a row. Inspiration has come from the recently released BetterEarlyTree mod, which I quite enjoyed, as well as Unkerballed Start, where I liked the separation of rocketry lines. The logic behind
  13. I have no experience with pull requests, should it have a specific structure or anything I should know about? I've fixed the offset with the editor and would like to submit it. The Offset Config: position = 0,0.11,0.14 rotation = 0, 0, 0 scale = 0.3, 0.3, 0.25 Here is the result:
  14. My bad for posting in the ReStock thread. Tested only with waterfall and no realplume, but still getting the offset plume for the .625 torch engine:
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