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  1. I will definitely keep this in mind, and if it does get to be too much for my potato, I'll switch over to SNACKS life support. In the past, though, I've often looked at the need to keep part counts low as an extra challenge! "Hmm, maybe if I move these RCS thrusters from here to there, I won't need as many... Maybe these two solar panels can be replaced with a single large one in another location..." and so on. I guess attempting to play with this mod will be a good test of my abilities! Thank you, I'll try removing those patch files and see if that gets rid of the options! And if I can't get it to work, I guess it's not a big deal, since I'm not installing the MKS mod for now. I'm now also playing around with multiple installations to try out different combinations of mods, trying to see which ones cause the most problems for my system, and which ones I like the most... Of course, this creates the new problem of taking up space on my potato's hard drive, which I've had for years and as a result have already cluttered with tons of junk. It's all a careful balancing act... Also, this community is awesome. I didn't really expect this much information and this many replies when I started the topic! I greatly appreciate the help!
  2. I've sort-of kind-of got it working, woo! I ended up using CKAN, and installing the USI life support mod, the Stockalike Station Parts, Simple Construction and Konstruction's ports (deleting everything else from that mod's folder except its .dll and, just because it scared me, the database file), and I also got the Kerbal Inventory System and the Community Tech Tree! Woo. It takes forever to start up, but nothing crashes, and the game is playable. There's some slowdowns in the VAB especially now, I assume from all the extra parts, but hopefully that will get better as I figure out which parts to prune -- I also got Janitor's Closet! I did end up getting heappadder as well, and it turns out to come with a recommended config file for systems of 4 to 6 GB RAM, so I used that. Hopefully it's helping! I actually did try to do it manually at first, with the Community Tech Tree mod (I couldn't find it in CKAN until I figured out how to make it search for mods compatible with previous KSP versions). I put the mod's stuff into the Game Data folder and everything, but when I tried to use CKAN to install a couple of the other mods I wanted, it didn't want to recognize that I already had the Tech Tree, for some reason. So, I ended up doing everything through CKAN once I figured out I could include previous versions of KSP in there. DStaal might be happy to know that I did end up playing around with the mods' directories later on to remove all the parts of Konstruction that I didn't want, though, and I managed not to break the game while doing this! :D I tried it, and I believe I can confirm that it's working in 1.8.1! :D Thanks for pointing me towards it, I think this will be a very useful mod indeed. :) And yes, I went with the USI-LS, and no conflicts or problems so far! I do have one issue -- well, more of a matter of preference, really, with Stockalike Station Parts Redux: It adds a bunch of "cargo container" parts that can store ore and a heck of a lot of other resources, and these also have "planetary warehouse" and "local warehouse" options. I haven't played around much with these yet, but I assume this is like Simple Logistics' and MKS' ability to "teleport" resources between structures that aren't physically docked together? Can anyone confirm? And if so, is there a way to "permanently" turn these options off -- i.e. so that even the option to turn them back on doesn't appear in game? (Like, maybe some... file that gives the parts this ability that I can delete from the mod's folder, or even something I can edit in the parts' files themselves with Notepad or something?) The reason is that I've thought about it, and decided that regardless of costs to my system and added work, I'd prefer to actually have to dock things together (even landed ones!) to transfer resources. Docking things is too big a part of the game, and I've spent too much time working on it in un-modded KSP, so it'd feel a bit too "cheaty" for me now to gain the ability to instantly zap stuff between one station module/ship/whatevs and another... Plus, I got "Breaking Ground," and the new robotics parts can actually make it somewhat easier to dock things together on the surface of a planet, and I want to keep playing around with that! I realise this is a pretty specific request, though, so I'll understand if no-one has a particular answer on how to do this! In either case, thank you again, everyone, for the help and information! I feel much better prepared to continue exploring the world of KSP mods now. :)
  3. Thank you, I will give this a try. Another question: Is it recommended to use CKAN for mods, or should I attempt to install them manually? I doubt I will ever have very many mods running...
  4. Awesome! Thank you all for the helpful replies! Snack sounds adorable, and like a very Kerbal-appropriate way of abstracting life support! I think I'll give USI's life support a try, though (hopefully I won't have it conflict with anything...) because of that "living space" system that I want to try... It's good to know that there are multiple base-building mods that can work with USI-LS! If it turns out that my system can't handle USI's mod, Snacks will definitely be my "Plan B." I've just been using maneuver nodes, and checking in at the Tracking Station periodically, since it semi-helpfully lists the time left until the next node for all your missions. Then I'd decide whether I have enough time left to launch a new mission or do whatever else, or whether I might as well go fly the mission with the next upcoming node, and time-warp to it... Of course, I had to actually remember to scroll though my list of missions at the tracking station, and no, I wasn't always successful in doing that... I just looked this up, and it does look like a very intuitive way to prune mods -- I love the idea of being able to do that from right inside of the VAB/SPH. However, it looks to be out of date... I'm on version 1.8.1, and it looks like this mod hasn't been updated yet. Should I still give it a try, and hope that it still works? I don't want to downgrade KSP itself to a previous version unless I really have to... Still, it looks awesome. Heck, there's probably a few vanilla parts that I never really use, and would happily get rid of. Maybe I can just wait and hope linuxguru updates it sometime soon. Thank you, these are all pretty cool, though I'm not techy enough to really understand what the first two do (and I don't think I have enough RAM for that second one to be very useful anyway, sadly...) Simple Construction in particular sounds awesome, though; I've always wanted to be able to build spacecraft on other planets/moons, but I had no idea a mod existed that could make it so (seemingly?) easy to do! Very cool. And it seems that this, plus Konstruction's port, = bases that can gradually expand themselves! Very cool. Your SimpleLogistics mod looks quite interesting too! Huh! Well, this gives me some cause for hope, definitely. I am still not sure whether I should try MKS (I think I may prefer it over Pathfinder, from what I've read of both thus far) or go with Stockalike Station Parts (sans IVA, I guess...) Thank you for the heads up about Kopernicus. It's a shame -- it does look like a very cool mod. Thank you to everyone who replied! Lots of cool mod info here.
  5. Hi! I'm looking for advice on which mods I should try out (if any). I love KSP, but my computer is a potato. (Integrated graphics from Intel, 4 GB of RAM, Windows 8.1 x64) It actually runs unmodded, vanilla KSP reasonably well (or in a playable and still quite fun state, at least) as long as I keep the graphics settings low -- I've even been able to launch large space planes and the like; flying something with too many parts leads to some lag and low frame rates, but not to the point of making the game unplayable, and any simpler craft work with no trouble. But, I am guessing a lot of the bigger mods will be beyond my capabilites. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some recommended mods given this limitation. In particular, I've been interested in trying out a life support mod, and some sort of base building / colony-building mod to go along with it. RoverDude's MKS looks very intriguing from what I've read about it, but it also looks like it will make my computer undergo rapid unscheduled disassembly if I try to run it. Which is a shame, because I really like the idea of a complex, ambitious colony-building project, and also really like the sound of USI life support -- I like that it adds homesickness and the need for extra living space. (I've always felt bad about leaving Kerbals in small, cramped command pods for weeks or months at a time, and I like the idea of having that reflected in the game!) I suppose I could install USI life support without the rest of the Umbra mods, and try to find a less complex base-building focused mod... But are there any at all that I could have a hope of running semi-smoothly, and that would work with USI's LS? This is where I could use some guidance. I've also seen something called "MKS Lite" mentioned on the forum a couple of times, which seems potentially relevant, but it looks like it was maybe abandoned? And perhaps it would have still been too much for my computer to handle. Or perhaps I can get MKS or another "ambitious" mod and then edit the installation to cut it down and make it more handle-able for my PC? I think I've seen a few people mention that when installing a mod, you can delete individual parts from it to keep it from slowing down the game too much, but as you can probably guess, I have no experience playing with mods and have no real idea how to do this. Also, are there any mods that might actually make the game run faster, thus maybe compensating for the slow-down bigger mods might cause? And are there any non-colony-related mods that I should still get, that might not slow my system down too much? (In particular, I was thinking of trying out the Alarm Clock mod and the Docking Port Alignment Indicator -- would I be correct to assume that even my computer should be able to handle these?..) So, yes. If anyone could recommend any mods that focus on life support and the construction of outposts and/or orbital stations, and that could realistcally be playable and enjoyable on my terrible PC, that would be amazing, and I'd be grateful for the help. I'm also quite interested in hearing about any other low-spec-friendly mod recomendations anyone might have! Thank you for any help or advice y'all might be able to offer!