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  1. Now it works... got to reinstall the mod again but now the things deploy in a propper way! Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hi! Anyone else having troubles in 1.12.2? Some experiments seems to work but others (like rpws plasma radio) don't. (Or at least does not show anything when i right click onto the piece of equipment)
  3. does your ship is unmanned and doesn't have enough electric power?
  4. One never get tired of thanking people like @linuxgurugamer. R E S P E C T!
  5. Buenas Kerbalianos, quería darle un tiento a Kopernicus + JNQS ahora quw esta actualizado a 1.8.1 para ver que tal. El tema es que tengo una partida con los planetas de stock bastante avanzada y quería saber si instalar estos dos mods me va a generar un estropicio en esa partida. Tendría que hacer otra instalación para evitar ese problema? Es posible hacer dos instalaciones si compraste el juego en steam? Si alguien ha probado a hacerlo y me puede dar un poco de info al respecto estaria genial. Saludos!!
  6. Today I sent a rocket to dock a new lab to my Kerbin's orbital station, this was a tricky one since I built a woobly rocket and when I realized it was a bit late for fixing it (I always forget about saving BEFORE launching). After few attempts I finally was able to dock the lab and went back to Kerbin after refuelling the Station (which now has a lot of fuel ready to transfer to a potential mission to somewhere!). Never get tired of KSP!
  7. This is a remix I did revisiting the classic of David Bowie! Hope you like it! :-D
  8. Today I finally scanned a Mun crater with a rover, but as always in my KSP space trips something always goes in an unexpected way. I left off Kerbin with Jeb and a couple of fellow engineers. Decoupling stage! Off to Mun, with a robotic arm to deploy the rover, those hinges and rotors bring a lot of possibilities. It was succesfully deployed despite the 10 meters of free fall :-D But that would be boring! We ran out of fuel to reach to mun orbit back again. So here we go again... Mun rescuer launched! Bariello Kerman got your back! I managed to land only 700m. away of the rover launch. The four rocketeers on its way back to Kerbin for partying!!
  9. Totalmente. Aterrizar en la luna aún me cuesta mientras que en minmus es un paseo :-D
  10. Amazing! Thanks @Nerteafor the time and talent you're putting into this to bring joy to the KSP community!!
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