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  1. the tank is black,and i dont want to uninstall TR what I can do
  2. but i want a mod that allow me to record INSIDE KSP without need of download a recorder
  3. hehe, looks like a cornet, or a stereo, just look at the inputs at the bottom, they are like for stereos: D I can't wait for you to launch the version with the new barquetta
  4. not so much, since the probes + mod adds more experiments than Dmagic orbital science adds
  5. and also a question, where can I get the LAST version of probes + i am from venezuela,I dont speak english very well so....
  6. Also, I think you are making a mistake with Oddisey, since in real life it looks diferent
  7. HURRY !!, calm down friend, you should do the updates little by little, I think you should be accumulating renewals so that I can update, BIG, not small updates, I am stressing installing and updating them Also, help me, I'm in 1.4.4, do you think that in all your updates you could also make it compatible with 1.4.4? PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE