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  1. Thank you. In the start configuration my shuttle has up to 5000 m/s dV, the orbiter itself up to 900m/s depending on the payload. Yes, I will do a few more challenges, which first have to see exactly what can be done without major modifications.
  2. Hello everyone, I finally did it, the missions STS-5 to STS-8 are done. Are 4 "small" videos. STS-5 - service module and the Start of STS-6 STS-6 - first scientific modules on solar panel STS-7 - second scientific modules and the last STS-8 - habitation module and crew Hope everything fits. Togu
  3. Thank you, I'm glad you like the videos. In training and in the scenarios you will not find anything from the missions we fly here. Only a description of what / how should be done can be found here in this forum in the first post of this topic. How you implement it is up to you. @michal.don then decides whether it was right or wrong. He created the challenge. It is normal that you don't have that much at the beginning of a career, you have to unlock everything there is in terms of parts. There are many videos about it on YouTube.
  4. Welcome back from the holidays. And thanks for the badges. I also have a new mission ready, the STS-4T. Are two videos again, have fun with it. Almost finished with the planning for the STS-5 to STS-8, but it won't be as spectacular as from @QF9E
  5. "There was still enough space on the runway," Jeb would say. The Kerbals are just a little crazier than we are. I have just completed the STS-2T mission. During the test flight of a new variant of the S3 KS-25 "Vector" there was unfortunately a "small" malfunction at the start. Merry Christmas to you Togu
  6. Hello, @QF9E I find your reports really great, always with a little story that fits the task. I also ventured on a new mission, this time something simple, the STS-1T. I was able to land the carrier plane without Quicksave or a mod. It didn't crash when I landed the shuttle.
  7. Hello, I am glad that you liked it and thank you for the next badge. That with Canadarm worked better than I thought. One only has to pay attention shortly before docking SAS off and after docking "controlled by" on the Colpit, only then switch SAS on again. Otherwise it will be funny. The STS-4/4R mission is already finished. Togu
  8. Finally finished, have fun with the video for the STS 3 mission. My mods: KerbalEngineer KerbalAlarmClock Environmental Visual Enhancements Stock Visual Enhancements Planet Shine KIS (new) Navball docking alignment indicator CE Togu
  9. Thanks for the badge of the second mission This deployment method, three 120-degree maneuvers, was designed to prevent just what they did. Looked very good at first glance, did not pay attention to the time factor and distance traveled by the individual satellites. This only struck me at the same point as you. I was already annoyed. But can still adjust, the satellites have enough fuel for it. STS 3 is already finished, just has to finish the video.
  10. Thank you, I will certainly fly the STS 2b mission. But later, such a modification always takes a bit for me. Togu
  11. Hi, As already announced, the second mission. This time only the STS 2a, for the 2b I would have had to completely rebuild my shuttle to have enough lift for the landing. And I did not want that for the time being. Part 1 Part 2 Has become a bit longer . See you Togu
  12. Hello, Thanks for the first badges. Hope that there are a few more to come. The next mission is ready to go on the launch pad. Yes, the Woppeln, I just do not get away completely, no idea how many test flights I have done so already. Hope it gets better over time. Togu
  13. Hi, I'm still new to the forum, but I would like to participate in your challenge. I flew the STS 1 mission. Hope it is alright that I am the 1a and 1b flew together. My mods: KerbalEngineer KerbalAlarmClock Environmental Visual Enhancements Stock Visual Enhancements Planet Shine KIS Togu
  14. Hi, What do you mean by minor errors ? True it is only a simple space shuttle for Kerbin orbit and not 100% true to the original. But always safe to handle with design. A spin on re-entry is not possible with him, whether the tank is empty or full.