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  1. Thank you for that information. I will be mindful of outdated mads in the future. Sadly that install of the game could not be salvaged and i had to start over with a fresh install of the game . things are working so far.
  2. Hello fellow kerbals .last week i reported a problem with the 1.8.1 patch. expansions would not load, then i updated the expansion packs and all was well until i tried to add OPT space shuttle parts then the game would freeze while loading expansion packs . Removed expansion packs it still froze while loading. I am downgrading to 1.7.3 when everything worked. 1.8 has some real nifty artwork while loading and some updated textures but i play in sandbox mode in that i'm an armchair test pilot at heart and don't need any of the advanced game play options. well enjoy your Thankskerbal day folks!
  3. good morning all. i reported a problem with my expansion packs not loading following an upgrade to 1.8.1 the expansion packs are packs are basicly groups of mods. and have to be updated like mods when ever you update to another version of the game . i have updated both expantion packs to the latest versions and now they load fine tee hee
  4. my copy of the game is a direct download . what is the game file verification process
  5. perhaps 1.8.0 is a beta test for elements of ksp2
  6. i have instaled the 1.8.1 patch to the game on my laptop running Widows 7 and now both the making history and and braking ground expansions will not load. Help!!!
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