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  1. I think Parallax will slow your PC too much but "it depends". What resolution do you use for KSP, and what framerate do you get with your current mods?
  2. KSRSS 2.5x and JNSQ are excellent and worthy of playing even if you just get to Mun/Moon and stop. Teleport to other bodies to see them. JNSQ is mature while KSRSS Reborn is coming soon, maybe do JNSQ now, and when KSRSS is ready you can reevaluate whether to change. I haven't used GPP and I agree it's dated. Notable differences between JNSQ and KSRSS: Main launch site inclination: JNSQ launches at the equator by default and you can fly to Mun/Minmus any time. KSRSS launches from Florida and the Moon orbit is inclined from Earth's equator, so you get daily launch windows for Moon missions. In other words, KSRSS can help you understand more how real flights work, it's a fun challenge, but adds a small extra step to each Moon flight. Alternate launch sites: JNSQ has developed extra KK bases around the world; you can fly from the KSC runway to other bases that each have a unique look. KSRSS only has 1 KSC; you can use KSC Switcher to teleport it to new launch sites but you can't fly between different airports. IMO this is a big JNSQ advantage *if* you like to explore Kerbin with planes.
  3. Are things just a little blurry? That might indicate an antialiasing conflict. Turn off AA in game settings and set Scatterer to use multisample MSAA rather than temporal AA. TUFX isn't in your modlist. Are you sure that's not installed? TUFX has a motion blur setting that can sometimes get stuck on, but changing to the KSC view fixes it and I've never had to restart the entire game. Share a screen image (by posting a link to imgur or elsewhere) with an example of the problem.
  4. Thanks. I remember seeing BDB parts in contracts but that may have been from BDB's bundled contracts rather than the stock part test contracts.
  5. Astronomer's Visual Pack and Spectra change the same things in different ways. I suggest picking only one by reviewing the relevant threads for: sample videos and screenshots, Parallax integration, and which Scatterer version to use (some planet packs need Scatterer 07xxx, others can use the latest 08xxx).
  6. Do part test contracts ever pick modded parts, or are they limited to stock parts? I started a new modded career save, and was surprised to see my part test contracts are only asking for stock parts. I thought I remembered doing part tests with mod parts in prior saves. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, or maybe my current part mods are incompatible.
  7. Rescue ship: Land nearby, move the crew to the new ship. Remember to grab science data, too. Engineer rescue: Land an engineer nearby to use EVA construction mode. The engineer can move a radial monoprop tank from the rescue ship to your fallen ship, or reattach 2 of the landing legs onto the capsule and try to vault upright enough where you can liftoff before falling back down, or attach excessive reaction wheels and battery if needed so you can torque upright. Save your game before trying any of those things because EVA construction is glitchy. Rover: Build a rover with a grabber, monoprop, and maybe lots of reaction wheel. Roll into your fallen ship, then use RCS and reaction wheels to get upright, detach the rover before liftoff. Cheat: Do this if your rescue attempts become frustrating and un-fun. Alt-f12 can put your fallen ship into Mun orbit, or decrease gravity so your ship's existing reaction wheel is enough to get upright. The Hyperedit mod can magically refill your monoprop (assuming that ship has an empty tank), or you can try its "land here" function to leap above the surface and gently settle back down. I spent way too much time thinking about all your options. That's part of the fun of KSP for me.
  8. I like a challenging yet fun game, and am okay with some handwavium in my games. My preference for consumables (breathable air, food, water, etc.) is to only track the usable portion and ignore waste as a resource. Recycling technologies can add parts that slow down the rate of consumption on a vessel. An advanced CO2 scrubber would decrease air consumption. Greenhouses might slow the rate for air, food, and water. Early stations should need supply runs. Advanced stations would need fewer resupply missions as more stuff gets recycled. After running a few resupply missions I like the option to automate them in the background to avoid boring repetition. Radiation should be a factor. Part degradation can be a difficulty option. Long term radiation on crew is trickier, and I don't want the game to turn into a grim cancer simulator. Kerbals have different biology than humans and maybe after hitting a radiation threshold Kerbals go into a protective hibernation. If the radiation-hibernation crew is recovered on Kerbin perhaps they get medical treatment then retire. That's less dark than having tumor-filled Kerbals.
  9. What do you mean by "unstable during performing rolls"? Do you mean that pressing the Q or E key to manually roll makes the rocket unstable, with flips or other wild maneuvers? Or do you mean that your rockets slowly drift around the roll axis during ascent, so that the navball rotates?
  10. @darthvader15001 Consider Bluedog Design Bureau (USA rockets from the start through Delta 4), Tantares (USSR historical rockets), and Knes (ESA and French rockets including some never-built small spaceplanes). Each of those mods are designed to replicate actual rockets, and can each be used standalone without any stock parts, or can be mixed with other parts for your own custom rockets. Due to the sizes of the mods (especially Bluedog) and part clutter I suggest using 1 of them at a time as you familiarize yourself with each mod.
  11. KSP Recall (which you already have installed) is supposed to fix that problem. Try to open and resave the "exploded" craft, then test merge again, and if necessary consult the KSP Recall thread.
  12. Uninstall Sigma Dimensions. When it's present it activates KSRSS' 2.5x patch.
  13. Would contract mode plus cheating funds meet your needs?
  14. That 5130 DV estimate is high in my experience. 5000 and maybe less is enough.
  15. In addition to the mods already mentioned, Near Future Exploration has some expanding reflector dishes. They use a unique game mechanic of a small antenna combined with a huge dish that magnifies the antenna.
  16. Do you already know how to rescale your stock system to 2.5x? Check that relevant mod thread for what it says about antenna. (All of my recent play has been KSRSS or JNSQ and I don't know how to scale stock with KSP 1.12) To buff antenna, press <escape> from KSC or flight, Settings, Difficulty Options, Advanced. There are sliders for Range Modifier (affects antenna strength) and DSN Modifier.
  17. BDB and Near Future Exploration have many good antennas. Maybe Tantares, too, but it's been longer since I've used that and I don't remember details. Your antennas and DSN might already be multiplied depending on how you rescale. Different rescale mods and planet packs seem to handle antennas in different ways; some rescales automatically multiply the strength of stock antennas, others leave antennas unchanged. I suggest getting all your mods and scaling set, then start a sandbox game to test. Make a probe with an antenna that you think should be able to reach from Mun to Kerbin, cheat it into Mun orbit, and see if you get a reasonable signal. The Antenna Helper mod offers a way to check antenna range from VAB without having to do math or test flights. If you are in the middle of a playthrough and you feel that the available antennas and DSN are too weak, you can go into KSP settings and increase the signal multiplier. (I don't use Rational Resources. When I do ISRU I stick to stock ore so can't help you there.)
  18. My $0.02 for larger diameter Agena: Agena with a 1.5m tank is fantastic. I sometimes kitbash it for a transfer stage or probe bus. 1.5m leaves room for radial accessories like solar panels, RCS thrusters, science experiments while fitting inside a 1.875m fairing. It's a good payload atop Atlas and Titan lifters. (Similiar performance to Agena SOT drop tanks but leaves less debris in orbit.) 1.875m Agena is great, too, but IMO less flexible than 1.5m if using Atlas and Titan. 1.875m Agena inside a 2.5m Atlas V lower stage would be interesting.
  19. Try reducing "radius = 6500". I think it uses meters so your island is currently 13km across.
  20. In general terms, use TJC to hide some parts (alt-click) in VAB and SPH. Then pick permaprune from the TJC menu button. It will delete all the hidden parts, saving memory and load times. Any vessels (saved VAB craft, and more importantly vessels in flight) that use those parts will break. Permaprune is risky if you accidentally hid some important parts. I suggest backing up your entire KSP install folder before using it. There's a TJC thread if you need more specific help.
  21. Congrats on getting "hired" by BDB. Regarding your question about long term ProbesPlus, maybe split it into 2 submods, one with a copy of parts that are in BDB, and a 2nd for your unique stuff. Non-BDB users could install both of your split mods to get Coatl. BDB users would just add your unique parts to their BDB install. I realize Coatl is a one person unpaid development team and this splitting of parts might be too much work.
  22. This is troubling for KSP2 because they are too far along to change game engines. Unity didn't spend a reported $4.4 Billion unless they planned to insert IronSource's stuff into a lot of places. IronSource concepts slow everything down, make unwanted changes to our PCs, weaken security, and/or generate unwanted network traffic.
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