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  1. Here are some of my favorite part mods. They are all equally good IMO and I select what to use depending on what I'm in the mood to build. If you are new to mods I suggest just picking one so you don't get overwhelmed by new parts. You can mix and match parts from all of these mods at the same time if your PC is powerful enough. The "Near Future" collection is a bunch of mods from Nertea. "Stockalike Station Parts Expanded Redux" (SSPXr) is a notable one that doesn't have Near Future in the name but works well together. Most parts are modular and good for designing new craft. Bluedog Design Bureau (BDB) is a large set of parts for creating historic USA rockets. Tantares is a large set of parts for creating historic USSR rockets. Knes is a large set of parts for creating historic and some conceptual European (French and ESA) rockets. Mk2 Extension and Mk3 Extension are for spaceplanes. New cockpit, engines, etc. Finally, Linuxgurugamer supports hundreds of mods, some of his own and others that he's kindly adopted when other modders retired. Look at his stuff; there's some great quality-of-life convenience tools that improve how KSP works. He has some part mods, too, but they are less cohesive than the others I mentioned above (because if he adopts 10 part mods, they can have 10 different styles; that's not a criticism just how things work when parts are designed by different people). If you're brand new to modding, I suggest copying your entire KSP folder (from Steam or however you bought the game), then play and mod from that copy. That will make it easier to fix things if you make a serious install error or a mod bug damages your save. Consider the CKAN program to help install mods. All of the mods I mentioned above work with CKAN, except Knes.
  2. What mods do you have installed? Some screenshot mods will turn off UI elements, sort of like pressing f2 before the screenshot.
  3. It has no working parachute, despite the flavor text saying that it does. The container decelerates during Kerbin reentry and usually survives a hard landing.
  4. Tracking Station Evolved will let you rename ships. It has several other features.
  5. There's a game setting to auto-delete when there's too much debris. Look for "maximum persistent debris". Default is 250 but you can turn it all the way down to 0 to get rid of all debris. Note that if you leave it at 0 on a permanent basis you run some risks during EVA construction. Imagine detaching a part to adjust a base, leave the part on the ground, get distracted and switch to another ship, come back to the base and your part is gone.
  6. I'm sharing a past stupid thing I did that may or may not help you: I forgot that level 0 Kerbals don't know how to parachute in career mode.
  7. I don't think a mod can get smaller than this: one part. It's a very helpful part when a heavy 1.25m experiment can't fit on a small probe.
  8. Just an FYI. The thread owner hasn't logged in for 2+ years, but this mod still works fine with 1.12.
  9. Your original post read like you wanted to build rockets with only 0.3m parts, no 0.6 parts. If you are willing to mix sizes take a look at Bluedog Design Bureau (BDB). Some of its early stuff is a mix of sizes tapering to 0.3m and smaller payloads at the top. Leave off the wider bottom stages that can reach orbit and you'll get an atmospheric or suborbital sounding rocket. Samples from @Friznit's official-unofficial BDB manual:
  10. That rocket image looks reasonable. Flipping problems can be caused by too much drag near the nose, but it looks like you have a good design with what seems to be a parachute, capsule, heat shield, decoupler, followed by your rocket stack. Your find are at the back where they belong. It's not a very big rocket, so maybe the Vector is too much thrust and causing excessive acceleration. Even a streamlined rocket will get a lot of drag at the nose if going too fast in the low atmosphere. What's your TWR at liftoff? (if you don't know how to check, click the "///" for stage 2 near the lower-right corner of your screen image.)
  11. Tweakscale can scale stock and some modded parts down to that size.
  12. That was a good mod but has fallen behind the latest KSP versions. I think stock fairings might be able to do what you want. I haven't checked to see how wobbly this is in 1.12.x, though, and AFAIK 1.12.x broke Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Right-click the fairing to turn on the interstage nodes. Attach the lower part of your rocket to the fairing bottom, upper part of your rocket to one of the higher interstage nodes, and a free middle node as your inline parachute.
  13. You can sort of simulate that using alt-f12 set orbit and/or a mod like Hyperedit. Some would call that "cheating", but I think cheating is okay in any single player game, provided you don't falsely claim you did it without cheating. A mod that requires resources like ore, fuel, and electricity to teleport is unlikely to maintain game balance because it's trivially easy to obtain unlimited resources by building a base next to the KSC runway. So, it's okay to cheat, just come up with whatever house rules you like. Here's an example of how I might cheat in a playthrough with respect to mining: I build a mining base on Minmus, and a freighter for moving ore or processed fuel to orbit. I'll carefully land the freighter next to the base, and dock (or attach parts with KIS, or use SimpleLogistics). Timewarp while the base fills the freighter. After fueling is done, manually control the freighter into orbit and dock with an orbital fuel depot. After I've done that once, it costs zero additional funds to repeat 2-4, but it gets boring to keep doing the same thing over and over. So, I just use Hyperedit to top up the orbital fuel depot. The end result is the same except I save myself time.
  14. Thanks for letting us know. It's better to know that it won't be showing up, than falsely hope for something that isn't being worked on. As for base building, that's a fun part of KSP, too. Looking forward to it. I wonder whether it will be a complete set of standalone parts, interchangeable with SSPX or KPBS, or something else entirely. Surprises are nice.
  15. I don't have a fix for you, but here are some troubleshooting suggestions. Try to uninstall just Astronomers Visual Pack first to see what happens. AVP depends on EVE, so you can't remove EVE first. Some mods get confused by changes in Scatterer version 0.08xx. Try 0.07xx. Click the mod in CKAN and look for the "Version" tab on the right side. Post a link to your log file. Directions and other tips below.
  16. Are mini-shuttles or capsules "better"? It depends on my mood. Mini-shuttles (and all space planes) can be fun, offer more precise landings, and have a lot of interesting design options. Capsules are usually simpler, take less of my time to land (speeding up physics is safe for ballistic reentry), and are easier to launch. Your initial plane design looks nice but may be tough to fly given how KSP works: The lift is too far behind the center of mass. It may be too difficult to hold the nose up for aerobraking and landing. Are those angled wingtip stabilizers your only control surface for pitch, yaw, and roll? KSP usually behaves better with dedicated control surfaces, especially for pitch. The easiest improvement might be canards near the nose. Lift will shift forwards plus you'll have more pitch control. You don't have to use the large "canard" part; elevons radially attached to the cockpit may be enough. That plane is small and doesn't need double-wheel landing gear in back. Save weight and cost with single-wheel gear. If the plane sits too nose-up on the runway after that change, offset the front gear into the body, and the rear gear down a tiny bit from the wing.
  17. You don't have to dock to get that science. Alternatives to docking include: A Kerbal on EVA can get near the part that holds science, right-click the part while controlling the Kerbal, pick "take data". That Kerbal then holds the science, and it will get stored in a capsule when your board. Put spare fuel tanks on your rescue ship, use engineer EVA construction mode, move the tanks from your rescue ship to your stranded ship.
  18. Is there anything in 1.12.3 that breaks planet packs? I think most packs should work fine; if someone says that a pack worked in 1.12.1 or even 1.11.x it's worth trying in 1.12.3. Some packs may have issues with the latest version of Scatterer. I've seen it mentioned in the JNSQ thread and the fix is to use a prior version of Scatterer. Have you considered whether you want a stock scale pack or a rescaled pack? Stock KSP scale is at 1x. Packs at 1x will be around the same difficulty as stock. Several packs are at 2.5x scale and very few are at 10x scale. As you scale up, you need more speed to stay in orbit, and reentry heat becomes a concern. I prefer the 2.5x range because it's a good blend of fun and difficulty for my style of play. The packs linked below can be configured for either 2.5x or 1x.
  19. Congrats on your first mod. FYI, the Waypoint Manager mod includes distance and time to reach a waypoint. It displays it as HUD text. You may want to review the code to see how that mod does things.
  20. I think I found a fix. Delete both files. If BiomeDataDefault.cfg exists, CC creates an incorrect BiomeData.cfg for JNSQ's bodies that have water, and surface contracts default to "landed" never "splashed". If both files are gone, CC creates a better BiomeData.cfg with info for Kerbin, Eve, Laythe, and Huygen. This seems to work even for contract saves that are already underway. Existing contracts will remain wrong, but if I decline some and fast forward I can get contracts that appropriately require splashing down in water. @nightingale Why does BiomeDataDefault.cfg exist? Is it perhaps a holdover from early versions of CC that didn't autodetect biomes?
  21. Can anyone shed light on how to configure CC for additional Kopernicus planet packs? @nightingale hasn't logged in for 2 months so if anyone else can help it's appreciated. I'm new to CC and learning by reading the wiki and parts of the code. It appears that CC doesn't automatically detect whether a biome has land or water, and therefore incorrectly generates contracts that requires landed rather than splashed in biomes that are mostly or all water (JNSQ Kerbin has several such biomes). This CC behavior isn't a bug and I think I just need to provide CC with more info so it knows about land and water. CC's BiomeData.cfg and BiomeDataDefault.cfg might be a good place to focus. They list stock land and water ratios. I need to modify them or create a new one for JNSQ. Am I on the right track, or is there a better way to get planet packs like JNSQ to work better with CC? Is there any documentation for those files? I couldn't find it in the wiki. Do I have to manually create a file for a planet pack, or does CC have a way to scan the planet pack and autogenerate a new file? That file has landCount and waterCount variables for each biome, that are later used to detect whether a biome is land or water. What units are used? That file sets multiple LAND_LOCATION and WATER_LOCATION coordinates for each biome. What do they do, and are they optional? P.S. I don't think it's a CC or JNSQ installation issue, as the contract pack's author is getting the same landed/splashed issue.
  22. My initial research found that CC includes a cfg that has stock land and water measurements (unknown units but likely to be 2D area), and CC calculates ratio from that. CC has no JNSQ patch, and JNSQ has no CC patch. Therefore, the JNSQ biome ratios can't be calculated and CC defaults biomes to land. I'll experiment, then continue the discussion in the CC thread when I know enough to ask smarter questions, and also do a quick post in the JNSQ thread.
  23. @Morphisor I'm offering to help fix the JNSQ issue (sea biomes are getting landed rather than splashed situations) and would appreciate your opinion on how to proceed. After your feedback I can move further questions into the CC or JNSQ threads as appropriate. I have little KSP modding experience but do have programming experience. CC includes a BiomeDataDefault.cfg file for the stock planets. I couldn't find info about it in the CC documentation but I think I can figure it out by reading the CC code. Every biome has a landCount and waterCount, that is then used to calculate a landRatio, that finally gets used by GetPrimarySituation() to determine whether a biome should provide LANDED or SPLASHED contracts. I'm not sure what units landCount and waterCount use. For testing, I might just use "100" for one of the variables and "0" for the other in most JNSQ Kerbin biomes. The Shores biome will get set to 50/50 since that seems to straddle all coastlines. I am going to ignore the CC LAND_LOCATION and WATER_LOCATION coordinates for now since RAD and other contracts seem to work in JNSQ without that. I'll create a new CFG file, test it, post it here for further testing by other RAD users. After it works I'll offer it to the JNSQ team, and if they have reasons to not bundle it with JNSQ I'll share it as my own mini-mod. Do you think my idea is promising, or doomed? Is there a better way to do things?
  24. @Zarbon44 I just found the Tantares version of this a week ago. It's fantastic and thank you. Please consider adding the Tantares version to CKAN so more players it. See the prior posts from me and HebaruSan for more info. You might just have to flip a switch in Spacedock to get it listed.
  25. @linuxgurugamerThanks for maintaining all your mods for so many of us. I realize you can't accommodate everyone's play style, but this change removed flexibility when using SSPX with other station parts mods (Tantares, BDB, Knes, etc.). Before: Initial station launch contracts could be finished using any combination of mod parts. For example a Kerbin station could start with BDB parts, Mun with Tantares, Minmus with SSPX. After: SSPX is elevated to precedence. All 3 stations from the example must use SSPX parts to get credit for having a "core" and "habitat". If we want to mix-and-match other mods like before, then we have to completely uninstall SSPX or use alt-f12 to complete stations. Am I understanding the change correctly? Is this contract pack consciously headed in an SSPX-centric direction? What do you think of moving the change introduced in 3.7.3 into an extra or otherwise making it optional?
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