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  1. I began making Kerbal Space Program cinematics in 2012, when Kerbal Space Progam was still on it's .vbullitin. I credit my channel growth to the parrellel between my understanding of editing and composition, while Kerbal Space Program began to really get going. Many people stuck around, and we began to see names connected to Youtube Channels on the subject matter of this game. We all offered something new and different to the community. This film was the pinnicle--for myself and the people who helped work with me. My channel slowed down for a bit, as I headed back to uni, for film
  2. Happy birthday! Nice to see someone else from Pasadena on the forums :)

  3. Here is a short clip from the 45 minute film my team and I are making! http://nassault.com/ Sorry for the delay everyone, but as promised the film is coming to Youtube during an August near you. Working away from home for two months. But can't wait to get back and finish this, as well as begin making some more fun films.
  4. That would be great! The closer we get to the release, I will share the transcript with some people who are willing to help. I think now would be a good time to gather some people who speak all different languages, who would like to help translate it for their countrymen. Great idea!
  5. Thanks everyone! Very exciting. I will be posting updates as we go on the Kickstarter, and here. Thanks @HatBat, don't think I have forgotten about your project either!
  6. Voyager is a documentary narrative by Nassaut, following the Voyager spacecraft on the Grand Tour, as well as Klara on her own journey A still shot of Voyager's centaur burnout scene As both travelers go further from home, phase two of their missions will begin. As they both lose contact their their home worlds, the two voyagers will endure forever. In the documentary style film, Voyager, Scott Manley guides us through the Voyager mission as it flies past each of the gas giants in the outer solar system - accompanied by music by Jonathan Franklin In the mean time, Klara Kerman sets out to bec
  7. Awesome, I have been waiting for this. Great work and nice style.
  8. Awesome, I have been waiting for this. Great work and nice style. btw your name is my brother and my name combined. Heh
  9. The responsibility would most likely fall into the person who originally ripped/applied and uploaded the textures to begin with, if it is fact a rip from the movie. If they were custom made textures by another user on the SE forums, I don't really think the creator has much say, as it is a replication of something already created by someone else. When it comes to non-profit mods, worst comes to worst the film studio tells the user to take them down. However, for free promotion and little impact I don't really think they'd bother to do so. However I make movies, not laws, so I am not 100% certa
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