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  1. Very understandable. Well I gotta say nertea I appreciate all you’ve done for ksp 1 and look forward to your ksp 2 work. And I personally think your “meh” work is better than 90% of the communities good work. as a follow up, what do you mean by forward compatible? Like porting ksp 1 mods to 2? And do you expect ksp 2 to not compete with 1 like I’ve seen some folks say, or do you think it’ll essentially have everything ksp 1 does and more?
  2. Nertea I apologize if you’ve been asked this a million times, but I was wondering if you plan to continue FFT at some point in the future. I don’t know the details but I know there is an issue with the thermal system. It would just be very much appreciated because I (and others) and looking at doing a JNSQ + GEP career and need some options for those 25k Dv missions. I don’t plan on running Interstellar Extended anymore because of the file size and it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore. Idk If you can dial some stuff back or what but it would be veeeeeeeery much appreciated. Thankyou for all you do, big fan of you and I’m looking forward to NFexploration.
  3. Understandable. Looking forward to your planet pack. If you don’t mind me asking what is the theme of this new planet pack? also would there be any way to use ad astra for the JNSQ system and regular eve configs for the GEP portion?
  4. Hey G’th, was wondering if you planned or would be willing to do any work on GEP JNSQ? It’s be especially cool if you were able to dampen down the GEP planets to make them fit with JNSQ more. Anyways appreciate your work. Have a good one
  5. Thankyou Bob. I was unaware 1.8 kopernicus was out unless it’s unofficial. Out of curiosity who is all on the JNSQ project?
  6. Hey Galileo. Was wondering (if you don’t mind) how long it will take for 1.8 update once 1.8 kopernicus is out? I know you push a quality product and you can’t control dependencies. I appreciate all the work you do. Have a good one.
  7. I gotta say this is one of the best things you’ve done yet nertea. Out of all the mods for ksp you just isn’t that many for basic probes. Thankyou for this.
  8. I can’t expect anymore, you’ve already made such a great product. Anything would be bonus. I was already excited to see the new moon. As far as Ksp 2, I thought they were saying they were putting in more tools to help modders and the nature of interstellar travel leads me to believe they’d support custom systems. But I don’t know the slightest about modding. Also, I thought you made kopernicus but I could be waaaaaay off.
  9. Hey galileo, wanted to say I love the work you and your team do. JNSQ is the best planet back ever imo. It scales the game to what I think is the appropriate difficulty while being a less complicated more complete project than RSS. Also the planets look better than anything I’ve seen. Ive got 2 questions: Is there any chance you’d add another gas giant or could you add a moon like Callisto. I know that’s a HUGE thing to ask for but I get jealous of our systems whopping 4 gas giants. Also is there plans to recreate JNSQ in KSP 2. Thankyou again