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  1. Was wondering if anybody is working on configs for the newest version of scatterer. Right now the Jool and Lindor are pitch black and you an try different versions of scatterer which fix it but then other planets don't look as good as with other combinations of the mods. I apologize, I wish i had the technical know how to work on it myself. Thank you all.
  2. Any word on a fix for jool/lindor for JNSQ? I know that a previous release of scatterer works but then you lose some other features. Don't know if its a scatterer problem or JNSQ problem. Thankyou for this great mod regardless. tt
  3. Sorry you have to hear that stuff, I love everything you put out.
  4. IMO the including the yellow would provide some nice contrast to the rest of the catalogue for stations and kitbashing.
  5. Does anybody know of any good contract packs that mesh well with JNSQ in 1.1? I'm mainly looking for experimental plane and satellite packs but any good suggestions are welcome. I'm looking to do a heavily modded game soon that'll feature Nertea's FFT, tarsier, and tak life support. Thankyou all and thankyou to the people that've brought us JNSQ
  6. Will these be included in the next official release of Bluedog or is this a seperate prject you work on?
  7. I cant emphasize enough colbalt, These look AMAZING. Really some top notch work, some of the best texturing if not the best ever. Between you and baele on his product, you guys have made KDP alot better. I do have a question as Ive been out of the loop. is there any update on a official release and how are the probes coming along? thankyou again.
  8. @Jimbodiah to be fair I think we need to consider where ksp cape from. I can’t stand stock at this point either but I also remember putting well over a thousand hours into it. Ksp was unprecedented. Also, and I don’t mean to take anything away from the modders, but they get to focus on individual aspects and it’s out of passion. The employees have a whole game to manage and dead lines to meet. It came from nothing and it’s 10 years old at this point. I’m looking forward to 2.0, wouldn’t mind if they stopped there. And I think KSP 2 will be a lot better out of the box.
  9. When using GEP_JNSQ the gas giant with the rings switches to a real ugly texture. Is there a fix for this or a workaround? I’m using Eve and scattered
  10. @fragtzack 1) Galileo, Ohiobob, and the rest of the JNSQ team are some of the best modders the community has ever had and JNSQ itself is in my opinion, by far the best Planet Pack. I cannot play stock anymore. But that’s my opinion. However you shouldn’t be rude as you are. Especially when they do this work for free and your arnt obligated to play it. 2)You keep mentioning balance but I don’t get your issue. Do you think stock, where you can fly a Saturn 5 to Duna, is more balanced than JNSQ? 3)Stock parts are trash anyways for the most part. Download @Nertea’s catalog along with bluedog design bureau and Tantares. Knes, Redirect, Habtech, Fuji are all also good and all far exceed the stock parts. 4)When playing career on JNSQ, you have to Up the earnings and the comm network. It’s a must. 5) There is also the option of installing sigma dimensions and making it 10x and downloading Realism Overhaul and the mods that go with it if you want true balance. 6) If none of this means anything, you can download a Combo or Galileos Planet Pack (The first pack galileo made), Outer planets mod, and Grannus expansion pack. Those are all stock scale. And the Quality is almost as good.
  11. I’ve found 60-70% to be a nice balance. You’ll also want to scale up the comm setting anywhere from 2.5-3.0.
  12. Will the textures work based on if you have restock installed or not or will it be set up to where a person has access to every texture
  13. This is a Mod for JNSQ which is dependent on Kopernicus which is version locked to 1.7.3. Apparently both JNSQ and Kopernicus have the 1.8.1 update coming soon (1-2 weeks). So we are waiting on them and then Gth will have to do his work.
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