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  1. Thanks for the heads up, i am using it fine in 1.11, i'll update this thread accordingly. I'm using Arturia's V Collection for the synths, and i try to add my Minilogue XD as much as i can. For the drums it's essentially the cubase default drum packs. I've also started to use my Touché for this project (the strings parts in Lullaby for a Planetarium are done with it for example). It's a mix of a lot of stuff as you can see ;D I tried to take a look at your music, but i couldn't find it on YouTube, turns out there is a lot of "Genesis Studios" out there.
  2. You can edit the playlists with soundtrack editor to include both mod's tracks i think. I'd say just install them both, install one of their's playlist files then add the tracks you want to it ingame (right click on the soundtrackeditor button). For 1.11, it works fine for me, but i can't officially support it unless @linuxgurugamer officially endorses STE for it. We'll just have to wait on this one, the man's got enough mods to maintain already.
  3. Well first of all thanks a lot I want to make tracks for every screen of the game yeah, but i won't have them ready for the v1.0.0 release. I'm recording the research station right now I'll try to look into that tracking station bug, i'll keep everyone posted on this thread. If by chance you find more informations on this please let me know !
  4. v0.2.0 is now out with some new tracks and proper file tagging for your sound libraries ! For those that want higher quality exports of the songs, i'll release them as an album after 1.0.0 so soon-ish Also, i tried a new mastering chain on the last track, "My Capsule, My Snacks and Me". I am curious to have your opinion on it. I plan to remaster the whole album with this new mastering chain as it sounds much cleaner and pro. Timeline for 1.0.0 should be the end of January. I wanted to get it done before the end of the year but stuff happened and i won't have time to do it.
  5. Yup, i made some mistakes in exporting the tracks for last version, i've already fixed all of that for 0.2.0. I'm not making a specific patch for this since it should not have any incidence on user experience.
  6. Quick update on how v0.2.0 is coming along : Two of the 3 tracks are now made, with the third being 50% done. I am currently trying to see if i can use ModuleManager to auto-patch the playlist file, i'll try to have it at least ready for v1.0.0 which should be the update after this next one. The ultimate goal is to be installable via CKAN. Anyway, here's a little preview of the tracking station theme that's coming in the next update :
  7. Thank you so very much !!! I wanted to contact you when the post went up, but looks like you found me before anyway! Thank you for putting it in your post.
  8. Transfer Windows - A Fanmade Soundtrack To Kerbal Space Program SoundtrackEditor Forked Expansion - 1.7.3, 1.8.X, 1.9.X - Current version v0.2.0 Download on Spacedock I. What is it? TRANSFER WINDOWS is a collection of tracks that i custom made for Kerbal Space Program. It's goal is to achieve a very soft yet grandiose mood, and to be overall more coherent than the default soundtrack. The archive download also contains a config file to use with SoundtrackEditor Forked setting up all the music ingame for you. This collection aims to grow bigger and
  9. I'm finishing up a new extension for this mod, i wanted to know : Is replacing the playlists.cfg file in the Playlists folder good practice or not ? How would you go about sharing a playlist configuration if you don't do it this way ? Thank you very much for your time.
  10. Hey ! Huge fan of the mod. I've been using it on my campaign and god damn does it make stations that look good. I'm starting playing around with modding myself, and i see you're accepting contributions on your github. Have you planned on integrating RasterPropMonitor And/Or ASET props/avionics ? I would like to try and add it at least to the 2.5m+ command centers as they feel a little barren for the moment. If i were to try, would you be interested ? Anyway thanks for continuing the mod, it rocks. I took a gander at what you had in store in the issues on the github and god damn i'm h
  11. Lately i've been making mission patches for my KSP missions. I've been in love with the style of the ISS Expedition patches for a while, and i wanted to make the same for my kerbals. I then use them as mission flags in-game. I've already posted them to r/KerbalSpaceProgram and it got a warm welcome, Thought i'd share them here too as my first post here ! I also include a quick follow-up of the mission afterward, adding a little to the "DEEP LORE" of my campaign. Some of them include custom Final Frontier medals that i design and mod into my campaign. RE:KIEM : Reconnaissance Expedition :
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