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  1. In 1.10 I used KAS and it worked great. With 1.11 KAS simply disappeared. Poof gone! At the KSP I made a proof of concept fuel tanker that worked using the klaw and the hoses. Sent it to the Mun and the Klaw works but the hoses don't. But fuel now flows through the klaw so it's all good. It still only fills one tank at a time instead of all of them at the same time. Hoses were way better in KAS.
  2. Dunno if this has been mentioned but on my install warp speed while flying on Kerbin is broken. Planes that used to be stable no longer are, and those that are stable go unstable over time. Contracts that require one to fly somewhere are no longer worth doing do to no warp speed.
  3. Thank you Stamp20. I found that file and uh ohh, they are large. It seems to me that highly Unionized Germany has been knocking the snot outta non Union Murrka for decades. living here is quite adventurous but methinks you would really not like it here.
  4. Just wondering how one does refueling now? KIS?KAS are gone and I mainly used it for refueling.
  5. Yes grouping them by suits is a fun option, and they do have their profession and level displayed, but I still need to scroll up and down the list to find the ones I want for that particular mission. It's anarchy.
  6. It indeed does not seem to be possible to organize and group the Kerbals. Apparently everyone plays sandbox where all Kerbals are maxed out, so there is no reason to go looking for one that is qualified for a mission.
  7. I have a number of Kerbals now and would like to organize them by careers. I want pilots together, engineers together, and scientists together. As it is now they are a jumbled up mess and I'm tired of going through them all to find the one I want. Is it possible to make this happen?
  8. I just tried to run CKAN to see if any mods had been updated and got an "unhandled exception" error stating "InvalidArgument=Value of "2" is not valid for "index"". It worked fine this morning when it installed Mechjeb2 into a clean new KSP v1.9 install. Since then I manually installed KAS/KIS which seems to not cause any issues. I deleted CKAN then DLed and installed it again with the same result. I'm guessing it is something on my end causing this. Any idea what it might be?
  9. Rendezvous. I built a special ship just for this and it still runs out of fuel before I even get close. I can land on the Mun closer to the target than I can get in LKO.
  10. Thanks. I went into my TEMP folder and deleted the ckan files from previous attempts. Version 1.27 then installed just fine.
  11. I'm using ckan version 1.26.10 with no problems and it now wants to update to v1.27. The antivirus says it is infected with IDP.ARES.generic trojan and will not let it install. Is this real or a false positive?
  12. Hi all, first post here. I installed KSB version 1.7.3 and all was well. Got updated to 1.8.0 and it was ok. Got updated to 1.8.1 and all was well again. The only mods were EVE, Scatterer, and Mechjeb2. No crashes, bugs, or glitches occurred. Yesterday I took a tourist to the Mun and back, did some test flying, and picked up another mission. I was in the VAB choosing which ship to take when I had to quit the game. When I came back I found that the last mission was incomplete! Checking showed we were sitting on the Mun and all progress after that was gone. S
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