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  1. There are lots of ways to do that. I used a klaw for a long time just mounted on the nose. Now I use KIS/KAS.
  2. Kept running out of fuel and/or falling back into the atmosphere. Even tried it with a Mun rocket, thinking that would have enough fuel. Nope.
  3. Hi! I have been using Waterfall, Scatterer, and EVE for a long time and yesterday I installed Stock Waterfall Effects to get better engine plumes. Installed everything via CKAN. I got the plumes ok and was a happy kamper on Duna and Ike, but when I returned to Kerbin it looked stock from orbit. No atmosphere. As I got closer clouds appeared but they were not connected to the ground and looked like they were just another layer added over the planet. After coming down into the atmosphere everything looked normal again with the clouds and sky looking ok. The same after landing. All these mods are with stock configs, so I'm guessing that something got messed up, but what? EDIT: This only happened the first time I orbited Kerbin and has not happened since. Dunno why it happened at all but am happy all is normal.
  4. They are both good, but pistons and hinges for the win.
  5. The phishing that was blocked made me wonder why it is here. Comparing Parallax2 to KSP2? Mods can go where games can't as they can be more specialized. Personally will not use it as all my rovers would need to be redesigned and long journeys would be quite tedious.
  6. Why is Parallax 2 in the KSP2 forum? And why did AVG block a phishing attempt?
  7. Don't remember exactly, but it was 2 of them and they got a lot of science. Then of course I found out they didn't have fuel to return. After I got the 3 crew capsule Val rescued them.
  8. Too complicated. If you are going to do all that, then just use rockets. You are using too many Rapiers anyway. You could put a MK3 into orbit with 6 Rapiers.
  9. Is your objective to build Rapier only spaceplanes? That is pretty inefficient once in orbit. NERVs are way better once you get up there.
  10. Land it? Like any other big rocket. Those are the biggest things I've launched. A launcher. This one is on its way to Ike. A small one landing on the Mun. and landed Transfer fuel and decouple and it is ready to roll.
  11. I have the DLC. Dunno if it helps in this case, but. The claw on the nose works and transfers fuel just fine. The can't be seen in that screenie but there are fuel lines as well and they also work. Sometimes.......... More recently I have gone back to KIS/KAS and running fuel lines with that. That rover is an old and much modified one.
  12. I'm a lousy pilot so I built gas trucks. After the plane lands they drive over to it and refuel it.
  13. For me it is about staging with the NERVs in the 1st stage.
  14. I used to have that bug but do not have it now. I totally replaced everything over time and I suspect it was the OS change that made the difference. Currently on a newer version of win10.
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