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  1. The phishing that was blocked made me wonder why it is here. 

    Comparing Parallax2 to KSP2?  Mods can go where games can't as they can be more specialized.  Personally will not use it as all my rovers would need to be redesigned and long journeys would be quite tedious.

  2. 21 hours ago, MAFman said:

    Do you use the claw thing to refuel craft, since you can't use EVA construction for fuel lines?

    I have the DLC.  Dunno if it helps in this case, but.  The claw on the nose works and transfers fuel just fine.  The can't be seen in that screenie but there are fuel lines as well and they also work. Sometimes..........   More recently I have gone back to KIS/KAS and running fuel lines with that.  That rover is an old and much modified one.

  3. There is no such thing as "absolutely safe"  in KSP.   This game is all about experimentation.  You take the time to build lots of rockets, so take the time when building your rovers so they work well. 

    As for that video, you took a rover that needed repairs and then added a lot of stuff to it.  This made it have a high center of gravity so it flips easily.  Then you tried to mess with the wheels without lifting them off the ground first.  Much hilarity ensued.  :cool:   I use hinges to lift a rover that needs work off the ground to prevent flipping.

  4. About rovers, play with friction control and traction control to get a reasonable balance that keeps it from sliding while stopped and still lets it do fun stuff without flipping.  Sometimes it only takes a little bit of friction to let the rover work well.

  5. On 7/26/2022 at 6:28 AM, Vandest said:

    Hello @miklkit, this issue is due to "adjustScaledTexture" set to on. Personally, I set it to off (adjustScaledTexture = False) and I use another texture to Kerbin. I adjust brightness, contrast and saturation directly on this new texture and load it in game by a texture replacer mod named DiRT.

    Hi!  I've been away for a while and just got back.  I have gone into steam->steamapps->common->Kerbal space Program->GameData->Scatterer->config->Planets->Kerbin and found the atmo.cfg and ocean.cfg.  In atmo.cfg I found "adjustscaledTexture" and set it to "False".  It is not in ocean.cfg.  so after that one change I saved and started KSP and the problem is solved! 

    As a humble end user I have never touched any of the settings before and am now wondering why it is set to "True" in the first place.  This has been bothering me for well over a year now. 

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