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  1. As near as I can tell this is part of the game and can not be fixed.
  2. I'm trying to track down the cause of a graphics anomaly and some think it might be Scatterer related. I have previously moved my save file and deleted then reinstalled KSP with no change. Just deleted and reinstalled Scatterer with no change. If not Scatterer, then what else could be doing this? Graphics mods are: Scatterer, Waterfall, and EVE.
  3. I too have this glitch and others as well. This one is just the largest one. @10_Points could you repeat that, but in noob this time? I can not find "Kerbin".
  4. In CKAN it's Kerbal Space Ponies.
  5. Duna Base got a visitor. Just dropping off parts and crew swapping. Then taking off for the trip home. Note the mission time in the top left. Still managed to get back safely.
  6. I'm not having any luck with careful warping either. That 8 year flight was done by carefully going up and down warp speeds. This is just something I'm going to have to deal with then. Sigh. Taking 6000 m/s for a 2000 m/s flight is now SOP.
  7. I have become far more careful than that and always sneak up on the encounter at normal speed. I get close to it by warping slowly (warp 4) then stopping and checking because the encounter disappears when warping. Sometimes. Sometime it doesn't. And sometimes it is just gone and I can't find one. It is different every trip and is taking all the fun out of it. I have heard some opinions that it is Steam that is messing up KSP. Dunno about that, but am thinking about creating a non Steam install and trying it out.
  8. I've gotten to the point where I plan on doing corrective burns, but this time there was just no way. I tried prograde, retrograde, radial in, and radial out. No way. It had way more fuel than needed normally, but this time it didn't have nearly enough. MJ is slightly better than the built in thingy and way better than me. It usually saves a lot of time to just let MJ do everything with just some fine tuning by me. All i get on my own are flickering and disappearing lines.
  9. I play career with default settings and fully unlocked the tech tree a long time ago. I like the contracts as they keep me focused on what to do next and some of them are kinda fun to do anyway.
  10. It happened again. I use MechJeb and this time on a trip to Duna no encounter was generated. Ok fine, I'll get an encounter when I get close. silly me............never happened. Used MJ again and again. It took 3 tries to actually get an encounter, but did eventually get to Duna orbit. Was getting low on gas so went for Ike Base. again the encounter disappeared but I was able to manually find an encounter and landed at Ike Base. It took 8 years and 276 days to make the trip. Woopee.
  11. Uh ohh. You too? It is becoming more and more common to me, to the point that I expect it now and start making course corrections at least a week before hand. It really slows things down when I have to sneak up on it with a new burn every day. EDIT: I just went from Minmus to Ike and never had a problem. The encounter nodes stayed put even when warping. It didn't end up where predicted, but the flight went off without a hitch. More testing needed.
  12. Trudat! This particular example was this MK1 spaceplane traveling from Minmus to Ike. It actually needed 3 big burns to get the encounter to stick. I forget how much it weighs, 70 tons?, with 3 Rapiers and 2 NERVs. I made a return trip from Ike to Kerbin in a MK3 and used the slow up and down with the warp method and it still needed 1 small correction burn. Just under 200 tons and 5 NERVs. I guess this is just something I'm going to have to live with.
  13. That last one sounds like it is true, except when it is not. I can not trust it to be true based on past experience. Burns of over 1 minute when only 5 days out have happened just to get the encounter to Duna back.
  14. This happens about 15-20% of the time and it happened again last night. Two more burns were needed. I can only see well enough to make corrections when I get pretty close, so have gotten into the habit of over engineering the craft so they can make many burns. 2) just might be my problem as I always go straight to the big warps. MechJeb goes up and down the warp speeds slowly, so maybe this is a well known bug, except to Noobs like me.
  15. That is another can of worms. On one trip I had to make 3 corrective burns to get the encounter again, only to have them disappear again.
  16. I'm new to interplanetary travel and have run into a problem that is messing me up. I'm going to Duna now and when I get close the encounter nodes disappear, then reappear when I go to normal time. This was on my last trip. Other trips they disappear and stay gone until I redo the encounter and correct for any errors. Is this normal?
  17. I hope so. There are big problems in the traction department with vehicles sliding all over the place even with the friction set to max and the mod "parking brake" on.
  18. No, I get attacked almost every time I mention it.
  19. Rovers on Minmus? Not a problem. In 1.12, right click on the rover and select "friction" and turn it up until the rover is controllable. They turned down the friction to help with roll overs and now they slide around too much. Also, at least for me, if you leave the rovers there they will explode. I had to build carports to protect them.
  20. Unpopular opinions? KSP is not perfect but does indeed have bugs.
  21. Exploring Duna now. Heading out. Another successful landing.
  22. I completed my first round trip to Duna including landing there last night! Took a MK1 courier SSTO to Minmus and refueled, then went to Ike and refueled. Dropped down to Duna orbit and found a big canyon to land in like everyone says to do. Bad idea. Aerobraked then flipped to retrograde for the last part. As the atmosphere got thicker the NERVs got less and less powerful and i had to use the Rapiers. This used up almost all of the oxy just in landing. Lessons learned: More oxy! Ladders! After dropping it to the ground the Kerbals were able to jump up onto the wings to get back in. This also kept it from sliding around so much. This made the takeoff a real challenge as there was just enough oxy to get it off the ground and then the NERVS really struggled to gain any altitude and speed. I had to steer around that mountain. But it did actually make it! Upon landing back at Ike Base I discovered that the gas truck was overheating. This is the 8th one scattered around and none of them has ever overheated before. This made refueling take a very long time as it slowly cooled down. It was also generating very little electricity which caused further delays. The engineer aboard is level 4. After eventually refueling I headed straight back to Kerbin and landed just fine. Whew!
  23. Hmm. I have stuff that is not debris that is just laying around. It does not show up in the tracking station so can not be deleted. It would be nice if it could be removed permanently.
  24. Oh that? Some say that they reduced friction to stop rovers from rolling over so easily. This results in rockets sliding down slight slopes and planes rotating like that. Click on the landing gear and enable "friction" then crank it up until the plane stops rotating. Or just set it to the maximum. Also, there is a mod called "parking break" that works pretty well. It does not stop the rotation completely but does almost stop it.
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