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  1. I timed my loading times not long ago and it came in at 1:25 to the welcome screen. Then a few days ago I replaced the AMD Vega 64 with an AMD 6750XT. KSP runs better with this newer and more powerful GPU and I'm happy with it so far as it is much snappier. But, I have not timed it precisely but now loading takes around 3 1/2 minutes. Dunno why replacing the GPU and its drivers would do this. I do have some mods, mostly graphics stuff like EVE, Scatterer, and Waterfall plus Kerbal heads and suits. During loading it says there are 319 items to load. The method I used to change GPU drivers was: DL the 6750xt drivers, unplug from the internet, delete the old drivers and do a registry cleanup, then delete the AMD folder. Restart. Change GPUs. Install new drivers and restart. Then connect to the internet. Everything seems to be working properly so there is no problems as near as I can tell, but I am curious as to what could be doing this. EDIT: Of course I had to wait until I posted this to find another AMD folder and deleted old drivers. The loading times are now back to normal. This post can be deleted.
  2. Mun, Minmus, and Ike. Full round trips. Just starting to research what will be needed to do an Ike - Duna - Ike mission. It would be interesting to know just what percentage of players have actually gone to the various places.
  3. Yes. I started out doing it that way with a klaw and hoses. It worked but was clunky so I enabled fuel flow through the klaw. Now I use KIS/KAS as it does not involve one craft crashing into another one.
  4. Went back and drove the rover over 2 k away and the stampotron dropped to the ground. It is now safely stowed away and so far the carport and rover seem to be stable. Thanks!
  5. Dunno. I will give it a try by driving the rover away and then restarting. In the meantime I have got it down to this.
  6. So I'm building up a base on Ike. Got a gas truck and science lab there, and landed a spaceplane to drop off a utility rover and swap crews. A similar base is on Minmus and it had problems with rovers exploding until I built "carports" for them, so I built a carport for this rover too. Then sent the spaceplane on its way home. Went back to see how things are going on Ike and found this. I exited the game, restarted, and then undocked the rover and it landed with no damage. Exited and restarted, then brought over an engineer who could not seem to do anything to that stampotron. Undocked the carport from the stampotron and it ended up like this. It seems there is no way to interact with that stampotron now in or out of engineer mode. Is there any way to get it down?
  7. Made my first landing on Ike! It is a gas truck. After dropping off the rocket stuff it sits level.
  8. Ah, those 2 fan GPUs are cheaper for a reason. They fit small cases and people who watercool everything can buy them and then slap their water block on them for a tidier system. In your case, right click on the desktop and open the Radeon menu. In "gaming" click on "global graphics" and then turn on "chill". This should help reduce temps. Also better case cooling can help keep the PU cooler. KSP is poorly optimized and runs worse for me than any other game and the culprit seems to be memory management. This V64 has 8gb of HBCC vram and other games use 2 to 6-7 gb. DX9 uses 2, DX11 uses 5-6, and the only DX12 game I have uses 6-7gb. Then there is KSP which uses all 8. In the control panel there is the option to use system ram and I tried giving it 12gb of ddr3600. There was an immediate jump up in quality and fps, but over time it went down to worse than before. It seems KSP was transferring more and more stuff into the slower system ram and using less and less of the faster vram. Hopefully a new GPU will correct this.
  9. As someone who is about to pull the trigger on a 6700xt this is very interesting. Which brand is it? I am running an old Sapphire Vega 64 at 1440 and it is currently averaging 34fps with Waterfall, Scatterer, and EVE. In the control panel I have adjusted the fan speeds so it doesn't overheat. It normally does not hit 80C.
  10. This happened to me also. The first time i used aoutostrut and the hinges locked up. Later I built another with no autostruts and it has been working as designed.
  11. Finally built a Starliner SSTO. It is different.......... Loaded it up, which took all but 2 of my free Kerbals and went on a small tour. Messed up on the Mun landing and am working on a rescue attempt with my 2 remaining Kerbals.
  12. Yeah, that is pretty much my experience. And that is why I have a refueling base on Minmus.
  13. I have discovered that other users here have much more knowledge about individual parts than I can find either in game or in the wiki. Better parts descriptions would be a big help.
  14. Trudat! There are more I forgot about at that time. KSP is very unique in the way it creates problems and at this point I'm just hoping it holds together until KSP2 proves itself to be stable. On my system the way it mishandles ram is the worst problem.
  15. I just quit playing ksp for a few hours because of a scary bug on Minmus. I have a small science base there with some rovers for doing contracts in the area. The rovers have to be stored in carports that lift them off the ground or they WILL explode. I have lost 4 to date. There are also 3 gas trucks close by for refueling spaceplanes. I have been careful to keep them well over 1k away from the base in case something bad happens. But, after many landings I am getting better and started landing less than 1k away and forgot to move the gas trucks back after refueling. They were still over 1000m away but slowly started coming apart while I was there doing other stuff. so I backed them away and after they got over 1.3k away they slowly started healing themselves. Very strange. The Mun base does not have this problem. Then there are things like the maneuver planner sending space craft to the center of Kerbin. Or Kerbol. Or completely out of the system. Or sending a craft to a rendezvous only to find after getting there that the planet is nowhere to be found. 2 out of 3 trips to Eve. Craft spinning in circles in place on the runway. Planes becoming unflyable and crashing when going into warp. Parts refusing to line up properly in the VAB and SPH. The list goes on and on.
  16. I will prefer the least buggy game. KSP is a good game with some very frustrating bugs. If KSP2 turns out to be buggy too, then there is no reason to buy it.
  17. All I really want is a less buggy KSP. All that other stuff is just more likely to add bugs than anything else.
  18. I'd say that base isn't quite heavy enough to stop it from flying off. My Minmus base doesn't launch but anything smaller needs to be anchored or it flies off (220 meters or so) or simply explodes. Ground anchors do actually work. At one time there were 7 rovers there but the others all exploded.
  19. This seems to work pretty well. It is easy to use and there was almost no movement at all.
  20. Methinks you need to place the anchor in engineer construction mode. I have done it but forget exactly how. I used them to build carports for rovers to keep them safe on Minmus. This pic shows them. There used to be 7 rovers there but the others simply exploded before I could save them.
  21. Yeah, with Subnautica they did that. They released it on an older version of Unity, then rebuilt it on a newer version and had to rebuild the world from nothing. It took them 2 years to do.
  22. Update: Hinges do work. At least so far in a test flight to Minmus, unloading, driving around, reloading, and going home again. Talking to others it seems the problem is autostruts. This time there are no autostruts and it works as it should.
  23. Never learned how to rendezvous or dock, so got into spaceplanes and gas stations on the Mun and Minmus. Currently have a gas truck on its way to Duna's moon. Never landed there tho.
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