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  1. Congratulations! Methinks everyone strands their crew on the first landing. I did. I fixated on rescuing them and put everything into hardware until I got them home. Oh, my favorite rocket for mun landers is the Thud. 4 of them makes for a shorter wider lander. The Twitch can also be used for light landers.
  2. The Thud. One gets it right at the start and I still use it for landers everywhere.
  3. Aha! A user guide! No how no way would I have looked there for it. Is that guide in the KIS User Guide book? It would be REALLY helpful if it was. I have been trying to read that book with no success. I have also learned that the stock containers and the KIS containers are separate and items can not be swapped between them. Been wasting days on this mess. EDIT: I just found KIS and it seems my problems are with KIS, not KAS. Now I have a guide even if it is not in the game.
  4. There is a book? I will look into that. So far this system in really clunky and only kinda sorta works after hours of trying. It worked fine in v 1.10. Currently I am stuck after dropping a wrench. I can not pick it up.
  5. Decided to install KIS/KAS again. They worked great in ver. 1.10 but not in ver. 1.11. On ver. 1.12.3 now. I need to retrofit my fleet with the refueling system. The hose reel and port attach fine both on a vehicle and in storage, but not the screwdriver and wrench needed to attach them to vehicles in the field. They will not go into any storage module I have tried, nor into a Kerbal's inventory. I tried to install the storage box that fits on a Kerbal's backpack but it will not. I need instructions on how to carry tools and can not find any.
  6. Or just fly to Minmus and refuel there.
  7. I have run into a problem which seems to be caused by DOE. I installed Poods skyboxes and they were too dim. He says to use DOE to adjust the brightness. I did this and all was well for a while. I turned the brightness up to 100% and turned the dimmer off. Then a problem cropped up. The skybox would get dimmer until there was nothing but solid black everywhere. My workaround is to install DOE, set it to 100% and dimmer off, then uninstall it. This seems to work so far.
  8. Ok, so DOE is the only way to adjust the brightness of skyboxes. And yes, deleting DOE is the only workaround so far.
  9. Eh? Having a completely black sky all the time would seem to negate the need for any skybox. Is there any other way to adjust the brightness of your skyboxes?
  10. Your skyboxes look great and worked great until I installed Editor Extensions Redux and its dependencies. Then the auto dimmer started working too good and it ended up with a solid black sky. So I deleted EER and the problem persisted. Ended up deleting your skyboxes and DOE as well, then reinstalling them. The problem persisted. Went into the gamedata folder and deleted everything from EER found there, and the problem persists. My workaround now is to install your skybox and DOE, turn the brightness up to 100% and turn off the dimmer, then leave and delete DOE. This gives a good looking skybox that does not dim to black. Leaving DOE installed causes the black sky somehow. Thought you should know.
  11. I deleted everything except the Editor and now have the skybox back. One of them was a distant objects thingy. Maybe that was the one.
  12. Sorry to clutter this thread with this, but it is relevant. Installed Editor Extension Redux and all the stuff that comes with it. Everything seems to be ok except that now the skybox is fracked. I use Pood's skybox and now the dynamic dimmer is on and can't be turned off except by leaving an SOI. Then it returns to normal, for a while. This results in a completely black sky. I've tried tinkering with other things and possibly Bizzy's thingy has something to do with it. Or not. Will continue tinkering with things I don't know anything about.
  13. Yeah I'm petty much set on a single basic design now. All the new ones are variations on a theme. The lighter ones lift off before the end of the runway and fly well, while the heaviest one struggles until it hits 165 m/s or so, then flies itself. Just added more wing to that one. How it does on the runway is not a concern to me as it is used for takeoffs only. How they take off and land on rough ground is much more important. And yes, I have been experimenting with different ascent profiles and have been getting some interesting results. Returning with more Ox than LF is strange.
  14. Setting the friction slider up helps and can even stop the sliding around, but at the cost of making things flip and crash. Setting brakes higher has no effect on the sliding around while stopped for me.
  15. Excellent question. I too have big problems with the slippery ground everywhere. Planes that can't take off and rockets that slide for a kilometer after landing. This is a failed takeoff attempt. By the time I got it all set to go, it was pointed off the runway.
  16. Further testing shows that 5 degrees is too much for this plane. The extra drag is noticeable and causes it to be sluggish taking off and it slows down quicker when landing. It is at 2 degrees now (I think) and takes off better and lands smoother. Gotta try these tricks on an ore carrier next as they have to land smoothly or they lose their load.
  17. That editor thingy is only compatible up to 1.12.2 but it seems to work ok. This planes wings are at 5 degrees. It seems that holding "shift" while tilting the wing puts it there. I also got a lot of other stuff along with that mod and don't know what they do. Anyway, it does fly differently now and more flying time is needed to get used to it. So far, once the Rapiers are set to closed cycle it does better when pointed up steeply until it gets over 30,000m, then hit prograde and turn off the Rapiers. Hitting prograde earlier just has it pushing air and burning fuel. The only fairing trick I'm using is on the nose and that is for its heat resistance and pointy looks. I also had to change the tail (vertical elevator?) for heat resistance.
  18. How do you find out what the actual angle is in degrees? I read somewhere (or saw it in a video) that holding shift while clicking on the adjuster gives it fine angle adjustments and that is what it is set to. It does "feel" pretty steep. It seems to help at low altitude and speed but faster and higher it feels draggy. Dunno how to make all wings the same without snap to. Guess I will have to look into that editor gizmo. @18watt Those are NERVs that have the small cone in them. There are 5. 2 on each side and 1 in the tail. The Rapiers have cones in them also.
  19. Been testing ideas on a new plane with mixed results. One question is how to angle the wings properly. I think I got them too angled. It flies ok like this, but differently. It needs lots of altitude to do its best. This seems to be my MK3 basic design now.
  20. Lots of information. Making small changes one at a time.
  21. Been doing lots of reading. On first glance I noticed on those optimized SSTOs is that everyone likes stacked strakes. Dunno why, but can use them to balance fuel types as well as weight and aero balance. Never DLed anything and don't know how to install anything. Hope it comes with instructions. Those ascent instructions are interesting. I may be wasting fuel by keeping the Rapiers on too long. Normally I'm done burning by 38000-40000 m and just coast up to 80 from there.
  22. The 1.25m AE-FF1 protective shell has less weight, less drag, and the same heat rating. It is serving well so far.
  23. I've got a bunch of different MK3s. There are ore carriers, cargo carriers, rover carriers, and passenger carriers. I just tried to build a different style passenger ship and it ended up pretty much like the one in the 2nd screenie landed in the grass. That one is a rover carrier. I'm stuck in a rut. I took it for a spin and let it stay down in the air, and it got over 1500, but it used a lot of OX getting up to orbit. Oddly the hottest things were 3 of the NERVs. They darn near blew! Methinks I'll hold the speed slower and climb steeper next time. I also relocated some of the engines so they aren't cooking each other.
  24. I like even numbers, and odd numbers end up asymmetrical anyway. Yuck. I use landing on the Mun as the benchmark. Some of them can't overcome the gravity with only 4 NERVs and playing with the rapiers makes things get hectic really fast. One has 6 NERVS and it needs them. In another thread some people were talking about the best flight path for SSTOs and they seemed to think 1300 m/s was about the max before going closed cycle. I was timing it so they only get to 1300 for a long time and am only now letting them run up some more speed. And yes heat is a problem.
  25. Ah, so one big rocket tank with 4 rapiers is more efficient than 4 MK1 stacks? That is where I'm heading, but for clean looks more than anything else. All those stacks look cluttered. Performance isn't an issue as the last screenie shows. That one has finished burning and is coasting up to space. They can go over 1400 m/s on air and the best fuel savings are found in the most efficient ascent profile. Still working on that. I've settled on 8 rapiers and 5 nervs with 4 intakes. Now to figure out the best combination while staying away from MK2 parts. They are kinda heavy.
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