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  1. Eh? I use mechjeb2 but only to hold a heading and altitude. I just recently completed the tech tree for the first time ever, and it sounds like I need to take a good close look at mechjeb.
  2. Wow, lots of answers. Thanks people. Yes the in game maneuver planner is doing all the thinking. I tried to do it manually and got exactly nothing. I have been playing around trying to find something and this probe can easily make it to Jool orbit from solar orbit. Can't find Duna tho. Keep getting flickering and disappearing lines, but nothing I can work with. Breaking the burn up is far beyond me now, so larger engines and more fuel is the answer. Or more stages. Right now getting into solar orbit first seems o be the most efficient way to get way out there to other planets. Most of the fuel goes to just getting away from Kerbin. I have gas stations on the Mun and Minmus because of this. Ha! Imgur has failed me in the past, but this new account is working so far. This is the Duna probe heading out to solar orbit.
  3. Well it's in solar orbit now and the planner says it needs another 7:43 in 167 days. The NERVs have over 2400m/s left in them so it won't run out of gas. Now I know to get into a solar orbit first.
  4. Thanks for the answers. Methinks I'll send it to solar orbit and go from there. The entire package in orbit now weighs 115 tons. The probe is some antennas and some science along with power and batteries. It has fuel and an engine to get it into a polar orbit once there. I got that path by getting it into orbit and then trying to find an encounter. Failed at that so used the planner and alarm clock. The window is still 145 days away so there is plenty of time to make changes.
  5. I'm planning to send a probe to Duna for the first time. Never been past solar orbit before. I found a window that says the probe will burn for over 25 minutes and the ordit's PE is 101k. It is powered by 3 NERVs. The longest I've burned before was over 6 minutes. I've heard that sometimes it is better to break up the burn into two or more burns. Where is the dividing line between one burn and two, and how are two burns planned?
  6. Yes I have been all over Minmus too. Dunno why it is only the Mun. I did uninstall and then reinstall mechjeb2 and now it is almost gone. Just the briefest of flickers.
  7. My question is about the nose. My MK3 has a generic nose cone on it (rated at 2400) that keeps overheating and even burning off. You say your heat shield needs to be set back and also have something in front of it, but I can see nothing in front of your heat shield. A nose cone in front doesn't seem to get much help from the heat shield.
  8. Checked ckan today and got some updates. Mostly Scatterer and I think one EVE. The update went normally and KSP runs ok. The thing is that now the dark side of Kerbin is white. Just wondering if this is a holidays theme.
  9. When running around on the Mun there is something going on. The screen will flicker and freeze and the mechjeb2 icon on the right side of the screen will flicker and disappear. I have only noticed this on the Mun and it happens very consistently pretty much every time I move around on the Mun. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  10. I have waterfall but not better time warp and it is not only engine sounds that go away. Other sounds go away too. So far exiting and restarting the game brings the sounds back, but pretty soon they go away again. Yes others with unmodded games have reporting this problem too. Version 1.12.3
  11. You are correct in that it is probably not EVE related. The sounds that bothered me are in chatterer and suddenly they got louder. They are turned down now, although they were not too loud until this latest EVE update. I could not find them until just now because I thought Chatterer was voices only and was looking everywhere else.
  12. Another issue that popped up after that last update. The "ambience" sound levels have gotten messed up. Now the wind sound on Kerbin and the mechanical sounds when in space are too loud and the engine sounds are too quiet. When I turn the sound level down to where those sounds are not too loud the engines are a very quiet hiss. I'm not a modder but just a humble end user. Is there an easy way to balance or mute individual sounds? My sound system: Creative Sound Blaster Z, Sennheiser 599 headphones.
  13. There is a sound when on Kerbin that I interpret as a gusty wind on a microphone. It is always present on land or flying and is really irritating. It seems to be in the "ambience" section, but I have to set it to "0" to make it go away which also mutes other sounds which I want to keep. I have searched for a sounds folder but it is empty. Is there any way to mute just this one sound?
  14. I have been using EVE, Scatterer, and Waterfall for a while successfully. Yesterday CKAN did an update to EVE that really messed things up. After uninstalling in CKAN and then reinstalling it was back to pure stock as near as I could tell. Uninstalled them all again and then went into gamedata. There I found ScattererAtmosphereCache still there. Deleted that and then reinstalled EVE, Scatterer, and Waterfall via CKAN, and all is back to normal again. Hope this helps someone.
  15. Yes, I found another suit that Jeb seems to like. Of course it about the ugliest one of all. He has no taste at all.
  16. I recently installed Kerbalized Suits and it works well. This made me look for Kerbalized Heads and I ended up here. Installed Texture Replacer and it works very well. The game not only looks better but runs better too. The base four Kerbals had corrupted textures until I changed their suits, and all was well after that. Until the next time I ran this game. Jeb went to a different suit with corrupted textures. I change the suit and he changes back at every restart, while the others are all fine. Any ideas on how to make him stay consistent?
  17. SOLVED! It is staging. When each engine type is in it's own stage, then each stage shows how much deltav that stage is capable of with the fuel available.
  18. I built an SSTO with 3 different engines. 2 whiplash, 2 nerv, and 1 wolfhound. Whiplash to get it into the air, wolfhound to get it into orbit, and nerv for everywhere else. This is the tech level I have. The problem is that when planning to go somewhere like the Mun, it will not change deltav for the different engines. It is the same for all of them. I set up the action groups to toggle the different engines and use the keyboard to throttle them. I just tried turning them on with one button and off with another button, but that did not work. There has to be a way to do this.
  19. Why does using the SPH or VAB cause dozens of corrupted files? And when will this be fixed. It is the same on 2 different rigs.
  20. What I DON"T want in KSP2? Please make it stable. In KSP1 the VAB causes dozens of files to be corrupted during every session.
  21. I have been having major physics problems with 1.11. It is to the point that I have lost all motivation to continue playing KSP. I like KSP and want to play it, but it is just plain broken. Will 1.12 fix the broken physics? Version 1.10 worked quite well.
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