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  1. hello, i am wondering what mods were used for hubble? (solar arrays and antennae specifically)
  2. this is genuinely cool! didn't expect a rocket company to do this officially
  3. about 25 minutes give or take, 137 mods
  4. astra standing down for the day, next launch window is tomorrow
  5. https://twitter.com/Astra/status/1461557789428379651
  6. kronal vessel viewer and a photo editing software afaik
  7. ovin will be really hard to get off of i am not ready for this
  8. there are some updated versions for the space shuttle and energia that are relatively easy to find iirc
  9. 180 counted on steam, more if you include non-steam installs for more modded stuff
  10. i still haven't gotten to any other planets yet
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