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  1. *flex tape style* Well. I cant repaired it, but i placed an additional pad just on top of LC-39 and rescale this pad to 0.01 (almost imperceptibly). Then I changed the spawn point to this one. It seems like it work.
  2. Still nothing. But it looks fine if I move the rocket to the edge and building becoming hard. Moving up not help too. I'll keep trying to fix it. But what about spawn on this height? Can it be cause? Look, one smol command pod fit here without any problem. Of course i'm not a modder and these are just my guesses.
  3. No. Legs doesn't glow. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? How did you place the sites in your screenshots?
  4. I have problem with placing Saturn Launch Base and other huge launch pads. Rocket just shaking and falling apart with crazy speed. I've tried to move vehicle in VAB, but it looks like pads just stacked in texture (colliders was disabled). Does it count like a Kraken Space Program? xd UPD. Maybe the problem is in this spawn center? I dunno.
  5. Will it work fine with 1.8? Has anyone tested this?
  6. I have some problems with docking port (SC-GEN DP-1). Looks like it wont docking at all. Sometimes it working fine with several ports on my station. Docking port snap is disabled. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? UPD: Houston, I think I found a solution. It just needed to switch control on the required port. Silly me.
  7. Is it work with 2.5 scale system? Sorry if I didn’t see about this before.
  8. Hi. Is there a fix for broken launch pads from Tundra Space Center? I used 0.5 version of KSRSS instead 0.6.
  9. Thanks for the answer! I already solved the problem (I had to remove each mod separately). But I do not know how to remove this topic, since it is no longer needed.
  10. Hi guys. I have issue with Mk4 Rear Actuating Wings. They almost do not move, It looks like they are starting to move, but stop right there. At the same time Front Wing works fine. Angle of moving fine too.
  11. Ah, I meant the solution to the connection problem. It just doesn’t want join to connector.
  12. Hello. Recently, I ran into a problem that is indicated in the title of this topic. The day before, the game worked well, but later (it is possible that after launching the ship into orbit) the buttons from the interface cease to execute commands. If, after restarting the game, go to VAB and select a ship, the opportunity to launch it will remain, but after returning to VAB or the space center, this happens again. Most likely, one of the mods is outdated and causes these problems, but I don’t know which one. I will attach both logs of the last session. Output Log — https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P1E053XIz3VDfxgx-E1C0cM5zAt1rj_F/view?usp=sharing Log — https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NdLKCLXRh4IjefB2plagFzIAX-7xwNXl/view?usp=sharing
  13. Sorry for my English. I did not understand your answer a bit. I already have necessary mods. So i can't make only Tundra Exploration use Texture Unlimited? I mean to change config, add to exceptions or something, i don't know.
  14. Is there any way to get Textures Unlimited to work only with the Tundra Exploration? Without working with parts from other mods and stock games.
  15. Hey! Can you help me resolve a few questions? I would like to use KS3P, but I am facing a number of problems. Firstly, do you have blue part icons when using dx 11? And secondly, my settings in KS3P are not saved after restarting the game. And when I download a third-party profile, the settings change is not displayed.
  16. Hey guys. I have some problem. Most likely, there was already a similar question here, but my English is too weak to find an answer hidden among a heap of text. I downloaded KS3P for version 1.7.2, but nothing has changed in the game. I did not find any instructions, maybe I was looking badly. I dont know. UPD. Ok. I finally done with install. Gosh. Nowhere was it said that only DX11 should be used. Buuut. At the same time, changing the settings does not affect the display. Can I fix it somehow?
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