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  1. I would love to see life on laythe. I just find it weird that kerbals can breathe on laythe without at least some form of life being there.
  2. I wish that they would add alien ruins on at least one planet in kerbal space program 2. It would add a lot to exploration and discovery. i am not asking for living sentient aliens, just the ruins of a long lost civilization.
  3. I mean it is WAY more plausible then a antimatter powered spacecraft or warp ship.
  4. I think Enzmann starships would be a great addition to ksp 2. a enzmann starship is a type of interstellar spacecraft that has a a three million ton ball of deuterium in the front of the ship which would power the fusion engines. the crew habitation would be between the engines and the ball of deuterium. the reason i think this would be a great addition to ksp 2 is that it is one of the most realistic starship concepts ever thought of. i also think the more types of starships we can build the more possibility's open up to us players.
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