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  1. Another old one, my first successful plane design from years ago. It did not fly well but it was the best I could make back then (Pilots on the right, passengers on the left) I used this plane to rescue other (failed) attempts at planes.
  2. Here you see my favorite airplanes that i've made: The Manta Ray IV. It is VTOL capable and is extremely maneuverable, and nearly impossible to stall, its only downside is its limited range as it only has enough fuel to reach the desert. It is the 2nd VTOL in the Manta Ray class and has two variants (Manta Ray IV a&b) that are armed with different missiles, all of which are stock. It also has an ejector seat (also stock) incase it runs out of fuel before it can land. Finally, it can also fly at over 500 m/s when at full throttle.
  3. My small 'Light Sub', uses wheels to get into the water then decouples them and lands softly in the water. It has tons of fuel and ore tanks clipped in the body and can run continuously on its engine for about 25 minutes on the lowest throttle. It has enough space for 13 kerbals, and can have torpedos attached to the sides. It can travel a few km farther than the island runway. There is also a 'Heavy Sub' variant, however, it is only able to partially submerge and can't travel far. The heavy variant also includes an ICBM that is difficult to launch due to the vessel being only partly submerged. The heavy sub can only travel up to the island runway, but if you can get it to fire, the missile's range is much longer.
  4. Very true, very true. I don't know how to make a stock propeller that rotates, and doesn't sag either.
  5. Mission to Duna's ice caps. Inspired by a design on a Matt Lowne video I created a lander that cradled the rover during the decent portion of the mission. The lander was later used as a transmission tower for the rover. Btw I play on xbox so no screenshots
  6. While playing KSP I have recently been getting into unmanned missions with rovers and satellite probes, what are some of your most impressive/fun unmanned missions you have accomplished in KSP? Photos are welcome as well as mission logs.
  7. An attempt at a helicopter, it has paratroopers in the back, but does not fly well. I made a variant with bombs instead of paratroopers. Can't wait for breaking ground on consoles
  8. My recreation of the famous 'pale blue dot' picture by NASA, on my first landing on the mun (about 4 months ago).
  9. This is my first space station station over Kerbin. It has 1 science module, 1 cupola, 2 solar arrays, and 2 mk 3s with an escape pod. I tried docking an orange fuel tank but ran out of RCS thrust, so the station will most likely stay in its current form.
  10. I repeatedly bombed the KSC just because I wanted to. I also left 23 kerbals in a submarine for over 3 years w/out any sunlight, water, or food. They are still in the sub to this day because it is out of fuel.
  11. My first landing on the mün. Funnily enough, I visited Duna before I landed there!