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  1. FreeThinker I LOVE your mod. BUT I have one issue... When using the cargo containers and inflatable fuel/gas tanks they fill themselves up after being emptied in the editor. For example I'll empty them all, save, then reload the craft and they will be full again. The same happens if the flight is reverted to the SPH/VAB they go from empty to full. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you! Edit: should have been more specific. It occurs with the IFS inflatable storage tank for both liquids and gasses, the IFS cargo containers, as well as the IFS radioactive fuel container. I do hate to complain as I deeply admire the hard work you've put into this mod, which is time consuming and difficult, I've done a small amount of modding myself. But it's just a wee bit annoying to constantly have to empty about 2 dozen containers/tanks when editing my mobile miner/refinery. If it's a limitation you can't fix. No worries, I'll still love you. I'm not sure I could play KSP without KSPIE. You make the game worth playing!! Thank you for your hard work!!