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  1. For stock-alike play throughs this is a superb mod to have, and offers a different launch solution than that offered by mechjeb. It compliments the variable throttle function of stock really well, and I love that it integrates well with Nasa Countdown Clock. Sincere thanks chaps for updating it- one grateful kerbonaut
  2. Thanks Raidernick. That's great information. I really enjoy your rockets and probes mods by the way- superb work I never really appreciated the R-7 until I started using them. What a long lived and effective design that rocket has proven to be. Looking forward to using it some more
  3. Ahh ok, thanks very much for the reply. Given what you say I shall wait as you suggest. Also apologies for not spotting that in the thread- I did have a peek but obviously missed it. Smurff does a fine job of tickling that Real Solar System itch in the meantime, although as a relative newbie to RO, its such a fine piece of work that will be great to be able to use it again (my fault- I inadvertently updated KSP and now a lot of mods are not backwards compatible). Thanks again
  4. Hello everyone, just a quick one.. does anyone know if RO is functional with 1.8.1 given that Kopernicus was updated yesterday? Ive only just got RSS working with Smurff and so I wondered if anyone out there has dived straight in to see if its ok..? Cheers
  5. Huge appreciation to the folks who have been working on this. Very grateful for your knowledge and hard work!
  6. Hi Raidernick, I hope you are well. First thank you very much for a superb set of mods. The attention to detail is wonderful and Im having a huge amount of fun with them in my career game using realism overhaul and RSS. Im using unkerballed start with the Historical Progression contracts which works very well together without RP-0. Regarding the R7- is there a nosecone anywhere for the 8K71 Semyorka test vehicle in your Soviet Rockets mod? Thanks
  7. SMURFF- I use it with RSS and 1.7.3 It also means all my non RO mods like gravity turn are are still useable and tbh makes RSS an epic experience. You can make it as hard or easy as you want with Smurff.