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  1. Yeah, I was setting the staging in the VAB. But thanks for the help anyways!
  2. Ok. Thanks! I belive that for now I'ma leave Jool alone. Anyways, thanks!
  3. @Vanamonde. Also, is there a way for us users to move our threads between forums and subforums or is it just moderators or administrators who can move forums around when they are posted?
  4. Ooooooh ok. Thanks! Alssooooooo... do you by chance know a mod which gives Jool a surface??
  5. Alright. But then, how did the youtubers do what I explained?
  6. Hey! Yes, yes, I know this is my second post for today, but today I got some good questions: this one is pretty straightforward: let’s say I fire up some boosters with some radial decouplers between the boosters and the main ship’s body. The boosters run out of fuel, however my next stage isn’t the decouplers, let’s say it’s a parachute. If I press space bar, will the parachute deploy (because the staging scheme is being followed), or will the booster’s radial decouplers deploy first because the boosters attached are out of fuel? The only reason I am asking this is because I have seen some you
  7. Hi all. I was just wondering if there is any mod which is compatible for KSP 1.9.1 which gives Jool a surface. Thanks.
  8. Dude, I don’t know how to thank you enough. I have looked at the decoupler, repositioned it, and now it works perfectly. Thanks so much.
  9. I do, but I will post them tomorrow because in my country it is quite late. Thanks.
  10. Hi all. So I was building a rocket today, with a fairing on top. Inside the fairing there is supposed to be a small lander. The engine of the lander is positioned right on top of the fairing’s base piece, and this creates a “cylinder” around the engine. When I deploy the fairing, the lander is free, however the “cylinder” is still around the engine. Can you please tell me how to fox this problem?? Thanks.
  11. I know! I recently installed the new Kopernicus and played this fabulous little piece of artwork! But thank you, still!
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