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  1. Hey, so RF is good to go in 1.10, for a RSS/RO/RP1 install?
  2. @blowfish Hiya, I am playing a 1.8.1 install with RO/RSS. I am using the B9part switch v2.14.0 (for 1.8.1). Today I updated the BDB to the latest version (stated compatibility for ksp 1.7 to 1.10) but I get this B9PartSwitch serious warning now. It still loads the game fine though. KSP Log MMPatch Log ModuleManager Log Should I be worried about anything please?
  3. Hey, @linuxgurugamer I have run into a hiccup here. While loading the PartRecipe for USI Otter components, it gives a NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Was working fine a day back as in I was playing alright but today, ( even when far as I know I dint do any major change to the wildfire, that is my mod list). Log
  4. Not sure whether these are related to Parallax - but: - Whenever kerbals start running (Shift +walk) , a huge lag hits. becomes fine as soon as I release shift key to return to normal walking. There's some spark like effects on each step on the ground and so i thought may be Collision Fx or Reentrry Particle effect could be causing this?? Will update after removing those. - In Home Planet, my Kerbals appear to be waist deep in the terrain. - The landed ship seems to be hovering above the terrain of Lua (haven't been to any other body yet), like not exactly touching the surface
  5. Geez, thanks, that was quick. Instructions followed, and restarting the game. Will update.
  6. I dont want to sound a lazy buff, but is there a compiled list of mods that are known to work with different versions of KSP. The titles of some mods say 1.8.x but when you go through the thread u come to know that it also works fine with 1.9 or something like that. I just came across this game and looking to mod the hell outta it but keep on running into weird glitches because of this.
  7. Has the issue with the Fairings been fixed? or still need to go through the whitelisting process?
  8. helloz, I am getting these FATAL Warnings, (sounding pretty serious). The parts in questions are related to Contares Mod. The snippets from KSP.log are:- and then some parts from USI Construction: My KSP.log is too big to be put up here, it seems. Aint too tech savvy so any help for a remedy would be much appreciated. The log is here... KSP.log
  9. I have recently encountered this issue where i get an immense lag in the VAB. The good exception detector mod reads out: Throws per second: 5.8 TPS Unknown System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.InternalInvoke (System.Object obj, System.Object[] parameters): 2520 The number at the end keeps on increasing. This started after I installed MKS along with Global Construction and At_Utils mods. My KSP.log. (google drive link). Any help at all will be much appreciated. Warning: The log is long, over 300 mods in there.
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