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  1. this is my adjuted work according to elipses and firsts drafts of capsule [patterning on nasas achievement] https://rocketequations.webnode.com/rocket-equations-centered/ but not done at kerbal space program.
  2. hi guys did not play kerbal space program recently mostly focusing on being professional poker player, work researches, mathematics but almost everyday read space books and do retypings recently didi but not yet make pictures but encourages everyone to follow these retypings and if possible publish here or at my site www.spacecraftsandrockets.com [section forum] Much love:>
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiH3Fazqnxk here is second part of fitting model much coffee and flowers ;< Keep things together.
  4. Guys made this movie when folding rocket but as operating chrome os would be even more than welcome to edit it and put black hole covering my deciphering big bottom at beginning but i make rain check on this due to operating on chrome os . If you know any program how to edit movie and improve it as beginning is not professional at all. I publish like this without edits. HAving next stage to go. [hoping to get any likes and support] Much coffee and flowers :> Keep thigns together.
  5. here is unpacking of model parts much love :>
  6. https://photogallery8.cms.webnode.com/ At end there are pictures of new rocket model i wanted to give link for individual picture but were to lazy and decided firstl to give to all gallery in next stage plan to give more pictures. much love:> keep things together
  7. hi guys received todau atlantis model more complicated to fold it make it movie i upload them now at youtube but uploading is so slow its written 5-7 movies upload 51 minutes. Do you know how to fasten it. ?? Much Love:> keep things together.
  8. I wish to do same but even though i do not know name of most parts.
  9. Hi guys turned on going to mun mission[landindg on moon] stacked at doi burn [ go to the map view /press m)] and warp maneuver node as i taugh you. I am to lazy to write more but generally cant overcome that one, know that i can find tuition at youtube or google but youtube work slowly moreover i came into crazy, lazy period where i slept 11 hours last period and again lay on bed but hopefully will win with this lazinezz. Please help with landing on moon until i find solution on google youtube.
  10. Below I give you link to invite friends at steam in case you can send me your friend code as I am quite not experienced in this game and now will try to develop more [relying on youtube movies and scholarship]. Wish to do space station, landing on moon with rover and lift off with nice come back. https://s.team/p/frbg-jwdt/cfmgpcwr
  11. Having new laptop with windows turned on kerbal space program turning on quite slowly becose of various reasons but is much faster than lenovo ideapad 320 and after turned on (approximately 5 minutes of wait) it runs much faster and smooth than lenovo 320 but to make successfull launches and space stations builds i need to see youtube scholarship or other tuition but it is worth to do it with multitasking of other activities [visual studio, poker, ios developing and other programming[ Please support, motivcate.
  12. next launch will do with turned on camera to improve performance and researches. Also ordered tracker gps only in case as this launch plan to do it on this site https://photogallery8.webnode.com/_files/200000124-4134141344/IMAG0008.jpg probbly withouth followers but hopefully will gain expeirence especially with seting igniters to launcher and hopefully movie from retrieved camera and after i publish here and at website. Keeps things together. It is possible also to build own spacecraft capsule or do bigger progress at youtube there are scholarship movies.
  13. I got 3-4 failures with first launches due to not fixing igniters properly random tenant fixed engine and igniters and big success. Obviously if no England or other wester or top worlds [America, JApan] probably i would not perform that great but support and encouragement from very begginning from people whom did not like me as I am immigrant [abuse i should leave " their county" ] gave me good words [this "well done michael at some stage of video is from this transformed enemy]. Big support, lifesgiving source, draw path where to go next [but i plan to contiunue many ideas not on
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