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  1. next launch will do with turned on camera to improve performance and researches. Also ordered tracker gps only in case as this launch plan to do it on this site https://photogallery8.webnode.com/_files/200000124-4134141344/IMAG0008.jpg probbly withouth followers but hopefully will gain expeirence especially with seting igniters to launcher and hopefully movie from retrieved camera and after i publish here and at website. Keeps things together. It is possible also to build own spacecraft capsule or do bigger progress at youtube there are scholarship movies.
  2. I got 3-4 failures with first launches due to not fixing igniters properly random tenant fixed engine and igniters and big success. Obviously if no England or other wester or top worlds [America, JApan] probably i would not perform that great but support and encouragement from very begginning from people whom did not like me as I am immigrant [abuse i should leave " their county" ] gave me good words [this "well done michael at some stage of video is from this transformed enemy]. Big support, lifesgiving source, draw path where to go next [but i plan to contiunue many ideas not only that one(mathematics, poker, wikipedia,work ,car mechanic and others. Give likes support or if you really like follow at instagram ,youtube,twitter and anywhere. Much love:> Keep thigns together. in my opinion it is sign that people love things like rocket launches ,innovation, intelectual [neutral not aggressive connected with war] stimulation and other neutral not aggressive inventions behaviours [mathematics, computer science, books, poker, wikipedia and would find other fields.]. I got hesitate after 4 collapsed launches [due to not fixed correctly igniters with remote launch ] but random man fixed [ i did not ask him how he did as i went to find rocket [which i did not find and did not fix gps(navigation)).. I got support at this activity [and mathematics ]from very beggining from hotel workers and rommates [bravos from very beginning and support even at collapsed launches] I did not write how random man fix igniters correctly to remote control but i still believe if there will be simmilar challenge there will be some solution or if not i will ask this man to tell me how he did it or write it . Much Love :> Keep things together.
  3. Hi guys big progress today and even gor bravos ,claps and support from previous enemies and abusers. It is sign to progress more and keep going and develop new ideas as well. Much Love:> Keep things together.
  4. XLjedi, redacted .I just did test launch as received remote controller, launch [recoil] was much stronger than expect. Currently having 5 rockets waiting for launch [there are no propellers in estes model as engine rotor consist of rotor, igniters and lid. Recoil[ launch is strong] using remote launch controller. Next launch i will try on of the smaller rockets with launch controller pad and metal stick which will avoid rotational torque. Also i did not fit recovery wadding into payload and hell knows if parachute will appear . Currently postponing launch due to coronavirus, same postponing kerbal space program but every day read rocket and spacecraft propulsion and I try to make own ebook or articles basing on rocket and spaceraft propulsion also mixed with fluid mechanics. Much LovE:> Keeps things together.
  5. Hi guys big step forward today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egcZfOJDC2o&feature=youtu.be as 30 days guarantee period was due to finish i check launch controller and made video fortunately work stronger than i thought . Waiting for praise as for me it was great experience and audience from behind same was happy. Now only do more steps to grow bigger in this field as i have specified plan but will write later due to multitasking. Anyway I wait for praise, likes and good words. Much love:> Keeps the things together.
  6. Hi guys received today new samsung chromebook [price 100 pound]which works much better than lenovo ideapad 320 4gb ram, .Hoping that i will be able to play kerbal space program on above lenovo but lenovo is slow and playing almost impossible. I cant go with guarantee now as everything is closed.Moreover having launch pad controller + launch pad for my rockets which works gives courage to go make first launches but the coronavirus makes delays and good temporary accomodation + computer savy .Moreover at launch pad i cant connect metal rod t oanother would be good if you could help me somehow connect this 2 rods as they cant stick in hole [at unknown reason] I cant install steam on chrome book due to complications of running steam on chrome book. Please help as it is even more than welcome to play this game and develop in this field. Much love:>
  7. Hi guys remote controller to my rockets arrived today made picture of it and it works as light turn on after placing key inside. Made picture and movie of it but first launches think will postpone due to virus as marketing to stay at home is big and everyday's figure about deaths of it convince to stay at home. Moreover I have some caugh and items from nose go this same convinces to stay at home. If I was real brave I would make launches now but this virus give hesitations. Much Love:> Keeps the things together.
  8. Hi guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag_hUnz4ojl i tried to launch the rocket engine with igniter with lighter instead of launch controller but the effect is not correct. I have also battery charger with ending but I afraid it will same make not proper effect. I Ordered proper launch controller + another standing from ebay so will make launch probably on Thursday 09.04.2020 beside that again installed kerbal space program on notebook as one notebook broke due to screen problem. Much Love:> Keeps the thigns together.
  9. Thanks guys for 4,5 likes gives courage, motivation, life's will and all good. Still did not fix the parachute to the payload and moreover did not fix the recovery wadding founding that it is new thing and do not know how to fix it. Postponing playing kerbal space program due to multitasking and not having best computers in the world and the virus complicates many activities as 90 % are closed. Much love :> Keeps the things together.
  10. https://rocketlaunches.webnode.com/almostlaunchphotos/ hi guys this is my progress now only needs to buy 4,5 AA battery and fix the parachute to payload and progress it and make launch. I am waiting for constructive praise. Much Love :> Keeps the thing together.
  11. Hi guys still having the new rocket wit additional engines and set even more than welcome to develop, it has stalls, payload, parachutes and other. I made pictures of them and can publish at www.rocketlaunches.webnode.com Much love:> keeps the thingd together.
  12. do you know how long does it last ? because I read once it can last to 3 weeks but other sources says may be months.
  13. To have internet and electricity I had to move from caravan to the room in Ipswich now commuting long to work and have no choice to look for more jobs as if not having job soon will not able to pay rent and if the covid does not ends quickly not having power generator will ends in me having discharged the notebook and not having notebook. moreover most places are closed,councelling, citizen advice bureau if I do not get more work soon it can be real survival. with money and everything. Much love:> Keeps the things together.
  14. This covid is horrible destroy routine and make big changes to my life and wallet.
  15. Kerbal space program challenges: 1)Asteroid redirect mission: Orbital Rendezvous [ how to progress, what are next steps to make any progress. 2)Asterodi redicrect mission ready to capture: 2)Eva on dune [what are next steps, how to progress it ] Hi guys I stucked at this missions but fortunately purchased today 30 gb of internet a month for 28 pound so can develop longer as the internet finished 22:00 and now can do till sleep. Also at normal start new game i stucked actually as do not know how to progress hopefully extended now the time with internet can devlop more. Moreover at www.rocketlaunches.webnode.com one of my subpage second launches there are pictures of my new rocket waiting for launch as there is engine and other parts required for launch but postponing it due to multitasking but the power of space race pushes to make the movement into this devlopment Much Love:> Keeps the thigns together.