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  1. During a Duna mission I deleted old quicksaves and replaced with new ones, but after a computer shut down that all is suddenly reverted to old times, like quicksave 8 was at year 17 but suddenly after the computer shut down it reverted to YEAR 2???? I have a quicksave before a ssto descend into Duna atmosphere but when i return the quicksave is reverted to before that. All replaced quicksave reverted to older times, and deleted saves like a named one (Chester) and quick save 9 reverted. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN?????/
  2. Have you drove to the poles using bon voyage before? My Rover died there but I don't know if my terrain detail quality though
  3. Also, what mod do i need to make this mod at least able to build parts?
  4. I'm in 1.9 and i like this mod, but when I tried to harvest metal ore nothing happens. How do i Harvest Metal Ore??? I can't build crafts as well
  5. I believe it's AGL not ASL since this cheat works fine everywhere until I use it at the poles.
  6. I recently experience some weird stuff with the poles of Duna, Kerbin Poles are fine but Duna's Pole literally kills, my Rover that was very successful in the equator, but suddenly it got weird when I set bon voyage to drive it to the poles. First, I time warp a while for bon voyage to drive the craft there, but when I load up the Rover, it appears UNDERGROUND, and it exploded. So I decided to try again, (by set position the Rover in SPH to the poles). But even weirder stuff happens. First, I set altitude to 10 and latitude 90 (directly on the north pole) but a giant spike appear with land hitboxes, the cheat should make my craft above the spike, but it didn't, instead I find land inside land. So another try, I set position directly on a waypoint from a commission (also at the polar region), but when I set altitude 5, it's UNDER GROUND AGAIN! Luckily I have enough time to set a higher altitude, and I completed the first way point of the commission, but when I want to drive the craft, it barely move despite the craft is extremely successful in other places. So I use bon voyage again, but when I make the destination the activated way point (again in the polar regions), it says there's no route to the way point despite being extremely close. So I set the destination some where a bit south of the waypoint, and enter tracking station to time warp, but, a message from world first milestone appears, said that I SPLASHED DOWN on DUNA OCEAN?! And then loaded my craft again under ground. If anyone experienced this same thing please share how you dealt it. And please help, I want to build a colony at the poles but this I assume will stop me from doing so.
  7. I know that, but I've seen better version of the Poodle. Still, old poodle is not the best texture but it's worth placing one on my rocket rather using the new texture.
  8. 2.5m parts are commonly use as the most largest command pod outside the shuttle is the mk1-3 Command Pod, while the command pod itself is good looking enough, the fuel tank to attach with it isn't that well, most of them have stripes especially the Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank and Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank, which is medium size in length when combine together compare to the Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank, that two tanks combine with the Poodle has a relatively long range, I would like to recommend some plain white texture choice for these tanks. The Poodle is useful but the red double nozzle isn't that good looking compared to the old one I mean, have you ever seen a red colour nozzle?, for this engine, I suggest smaller and 4 nozzles like in the mod Restock. Maybe just add these new texture as choices for the parts in here.
  9. Great mod that I decided to never remove, but one question, my X-ray Diffraction Drill always says that unable to impact surface at this distance, how far should I put the drill to make it useful, and how does the X-ray diffraction equipment differ from other drill types?
  10. I'm playing KSP in the most recent version. I set the difficulty of research bodies to the max difficulty (Kerbin, Sun & The Mün). No, this problem was before I download Tarsier Space Telescopes. I have a level 3 tracking station before this problem occurred. But I did reinstall the mod due to the game crashing when I have to much mods.
  11. I have this mod before, but sometimes I just over timewarp and crash in to the surface or zip pass the atmosphere.
  12. Can you make a similar mod but without removing limits in different altitudes?
  13. I've got Minmus 10% research, and with a contract to explore Minmus I decide to go towards Minmus. After enter the SOI, Landed and planted the flag, I went into the map view to discover something weird: Duna, Eve, Gilly, Ike and the rest of the planets suddenly has their orbital line appeared and with full color and detail. I have a "explore the sky" contract still going on, and my telescope can't find Eeloo, and when I decide to go into the observatory, I cannot enter the facility. Please help.