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  1. A Quicksearch sounds great... but where would I do that? I'm guessing that you DON'T mean in the VAB - that doesn't show parts that haven't been unlocked yet... ANd I don't see ANY quick search facility in the R&D tech tree screen. I may be missing something obvious but then this IS rocket science!
  2. Dumb question but I looked and I didn't find it. What tech unlocks the basic RoveMate ?
  3. For what it's worth... I have set the standard orange suited Kerbal's to NOT need any of the Life support stuff. Accepted a contract to take 4 tourists into space. Got into a good orbit and the standard contract display showed all was well after letting them complete their orbit time. Landed and the contract didn't get completed. Checked the in flight contract configurator display of contracts and found that their orbit timers stopped with :14 left. NO matter how many orbits I completed that refused to change. Added a tank of noms and reran the mission and all was well. I guess even tourists get peckish enough to stop vacationing when the in-flight meals dry up.
  4. A link here (and maybe in the main page?) wouldn't be amiss then https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki
  5. I'm just gettin back into Kerbal Space Program and decided to try using this mod as part of my career play-though. Couple questions have arisen though... I thought that The Orange suited Kerbals, Jeb, Bob, Valentina et. al were immune from these requirements. I now have a Mun mission stranded because Valentina is homesick. Is there a good concise post that explains the Habitat and Home requirements and what will sustain my Kerbals? I did search this thread and didn't see what I was looking for.
  6. Actually, the Orbital Telescope isn't the right answer I'm afraid (unless I'm misunderstanding something else) Here is the contract https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935250136 It's asking for "Visual Observations" on various spots around the KSC. The Orbital Telescope says that it won't work when landed or in atmospheric flight
  7. Thanks for that! I did read the specs about submitting questions and I knew about including a log but felt that it wouldn't be much help in clearing up what is essentially a problem of disambiguating a contract wording from a mod. The mods all load successfully and nothing technical is wrong. It's more a question of what the wording meant and my not knowing specifically which mod added the possibility of such contracts.
  8. I've loaded a number of KSP Contract mods In fact my KSP Modlist is appended below I recently was offered a contract to do an experiment called "Visual Observation" on various spots around the KSC. It's unclear to me which instrument I'd use to do those experiments. Any Help please? "name": "Chatterer" "name": "FlagPack" "name": "Historian-expanded" "name": "IDFlagsandDecals" "name": "KerbalAlarmClock" "name": "KerbalEngineerRedux" "name": "TriggerAu-Flags" "name": "Toolbar" "name": "AutomatedScreenshots" "name": "ModuleManager" "name": "ClickThroughBlocker" "name": "ToolbarController" "name": "ABCORS" "name": "AdvancedTextures" "name": "Astrogator" "name": "AviationLights" "name": "BasicDeltaV" "name": "BasicOrbit" "name": "BetterScienceLabsContinued" "name": "LoadingTipsPlus" "name": "CommunityPartsTitlesExtrasNoCCKDup" "name": "KSP-AVC" "name": "BetterBurnTime" "name": "KaptainsLog" "name": "NavballDockAlignIndCE" "name": "ManeuverQueue" "name": "SpacetuxSA" "name": "UKS" "name": "USI-ART" "name": "USI-Core" "name": "USI-EXP" "name": "USI-FTT" "name": "USI-LS" "name": "USI-NuclearRockets" "name": "USITools" "name": "FirespitterCore" "name": "CommunityResourcePack" "name": "CommunityCategoryKit" "name": "Konstruction" "name": "GroundConstruction-Core" "name": "AT-Utils" "name": "ConfigurableContainers-Core" "name": "KAS" "name": "KIS" "name": "ScienceSituationInfo" "name": "EasyVesselSwitch" "name": "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" "name": "StationPartsExpansionRedux" "name": "CommunityTechTree" "name": "B9PartSwitch" "name": "NearFutureProps" "name": "BetterTimeWarpCont" "name": "CapCom" "name": "ContractConfigurator" "name": "ContractConfigurator-CleverSats" "name": "ContractConfigurator-CommNetRelays" "name": "ContractConfigurator-FieldResearch" "name": "ContractConfigurator-KerbalAcademy" "name": "ContractConfigurator-Tourism" "name": "WaypointManager" "name": "ContractRewardModifier" "name": "ContractsWindowPlus" "name": "ScienceAlert" "name": "ProgressParser" "name": "ContractParser" "name": "RemoteTechRedevAntennas" "name": "xScienceContinued" "name": "FlexibleDocking" "name": "Mk1CabinHatch" "name": "MSP3000" "name": "NearFutureElectrical" "name": "NearFuturePropulsion" "name": "NearFutureSolar" "name": "OctosatContinued" "name": "NearFutureConstruction" "name": "NearFutureElectrical-DecayingRTGs" "name": "NearFutureSpacecraft" "name": "NearFutureElectrical-Core" "name": "DynamicBatteryStorage" "name": "NearFutureSolar-Core" "name": "BDAnimationModules" "name": "InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core" "name": "OrbitalSurveyPlus" "name": "PilotAssistant" "name": "PreciseManeuver" "name": "CommunityPartsTitlesExtrasCategory" "name": "CommNetAntennasExtension" "name": "CommNetAntennasInfo" "name": "CommNetConstellation" "name": "SCANsat" "name": "CommunityPartsTitles" "name": "SpeedUnitAnnex" "name": "KramaxAutopilotContinued" "name": "AtmosphereAutopilot" "name": "MechJeb2" "name": "FilterExtensionsDefaultConfig" "name": "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-HR" "name": "TweakScale" "name": "NearFutureLaunchVehicles" "name": "kOS" "name": "FilterExtensions" "name": "CryoEngines" "name": "KerbalAtomics" "name": "CryoTanks" "name": "CryoTanks-Core" "name": "DeployableEngines" "name": "MoarFEConfigs" "name": "KerbalAtomics-NTRModSupport" "name": "KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems" "name": "Mk2Expansion" "name": "TarsierSpaceTechnologyWithGalaxies" "name": "DMagicOrbitalScience" "name": "TooManyOrbits" "name": "EditorExtensionsRedux" "name": "DockingPortAlignmentIndicator" "name": "ChampagneBottleRedux" "name": "CommunityTerrainTexturePack" "name": "KerbalGPSRevived"