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  1. Can you show me the differences with a displacementOffset = 0.2 and without it? Just I'm not download parallax yet and probably will have this problem.
  2. Can be create several pavilions with a fixed number of parts (max. 1000) or turn craft into one part (I saw such a mod, but forgot its name. functional details stopped working).
  3. Will be space museum, with a old spacecrafts that was returned from space? Like National Air and Space Museum in Washington or The Museum of Cosmonautics in Mosvow. It can will be a good passive earnings for your Space Program and just place for memory and your soul.
  4. It need do tweakable, if it will be. Like a more realistic or hard option for gameplay, not mandatory.
  5. Guys, how you thinking will be in KSP 2 a advanced photo-mode (not like at KSP 1, but with a fully free and advanced camera)? Or even a video-mode for cinematic record a craft launch/landing/etc.? Something like in Ansel/ Forza Horizon 4/ GTA 5 Director Mode. It would be very cool.
  6. А смысл? Все равно в ближайшем будущем выходит 2 часть, а первую в оригинале и на английском можно понять.
  7. Моды от Nertea, SCANsat и DMagic. Остальные технические или на определённый тип деталей.
  8. Здравствуйте. Я тут решил перевести KrakenScience. Если кому интересно и кто-то хочет помочь, сделаю на гитхабе и скину ссылку. В лс не смогу кидать, недавно зарегался.
  9. Thanks, normally working w/o worldstabilizer, but very long loading with mods. I hope that in KSP 2 will be better mod compability and much parts optimization.
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